Saturday, December 10, 2011

PADA to Vasu Murti prabhu

 Dear Vasu Murti: No, the reason the children of ISKCON are alienated is because they were mistreated by the current leadership and their abusive regime since 1977, not because these leaders do not attend interfaith meetings? The ex-kids are upset that many of the original leaders of the abuse infrastructure are still in charge. These ex-kids tell my kids this all the time, i.e. the leaders who created the abuse system are still in charge, that is why they are so upset. For example one child commited suicide after he saw that Dhanurdar was still being allowed into ISKCON and worshipped like a saint, what does this have to do with interfaith? What does this have to do with vegetarianism?

And the children are still being frozen out of posts in ISKCON. And to make matters worse, the GBC has cheated them out of their settlement funds by declaring bankrupt. And a number of ex-children wrote me saying they are mortified the GBC just buried a known molester aka Kirtananada in Vrndavana, and local Brijabasis were upset as well over this. Are we going to discuss the merits of burying a convicted criminal and molester in the holy dham, at interfaith meetings? -- And how this type thing is upsetting to the children of ISKCON? One of the Brijabasis wrote me and asked "who is this white guy being buried here," and when I told them it was Kirtanananda and who he was, they were totally freaking out. If we go to interfaith meetings, none of this is going to be addressed?

And the main reason the ordinary common people of the West are alienated is because they read all about this mistreatment of children issue in the details of the $400m lawsuit which was in every Newspaper in the USA, as well as from 1978 about all kinds of other newspaper accounts of other crimes, drug mules arrested, Laguna PDI drugs bust, abuses, lawsuits, gurus going crazy shooting at occupied buildings, etc. How is interfaith meetings going to change the fact that the same people who promoted all this behavior as acharyas and their regime are still in charge? Now you are telling me, we need to address all this at interfaith meetings? Yes, you have gone off the reservation. And when I was in Los Angeles the GBC leaders there asked me what they needed to do to satisfy me, I said, write a one paragraph letter saying that child molesters and their supporter infrastructure are not, were not, could not have been messiahs of God. They refused. And you want to bring this up at interfaith meetings? Well good luck there! ys pd


  1. Amazing how (many) people are in such denial regarding the ITS A CON child abuse/molestation. Of course the leaders want to keep it covered up, but other people who were in ISKCON? Is it that they don't know? (How could they NOT know?) Or just they want to also "push it to the side?" Here is Nandini revealing her heart, and it's as if a reader is "seeing nothing" other than whatever it is he wanted to state. That's what adds the insult to the injury; ignoring what happened, minimizing it (if even acknowledged), or pretending it "didn't happen," and "going on to other 'business'," (other "topics").

    Personally, I think it's going to take a major collapse of the world around us to "wake up" the "Hare Krsnas" as well as those who so many of us condescendingly refer to as "karmis."

    Regarding K's being buried in Vrndavan. (Somehow Krsna allowed this...) Being buried somewhere is one thing, but given a samadhi??? (for HIM???) that's a total OTHER!!! thing! (Talk about Kali being the age of hypocrisy; a child molester, an abuser of aspiring devotees and a murderer given a SHAM or SHAMEadi.)

    Who knows, if its on the pariram path, someone might just throw a bomb on occasion to break it down...

  2. @ Radha-Govinda: "Amazing how (many) people are in such denial regarding the ITS A CON child abuse/molestation."

    Fact is, Prabhupada wanted his movement in good standing ("Our Krishna consciousness movement is genuine, historically authorized, natural and transcendental" ). Whenever there was mismanagement Prabhupada's line of action was to locate and correct that individual who caused chaos.

    You cannot allow that the culprit escapes without punishment and in return blame Prabhupada's movment as a whole for being a hotbed of corruption. If you are unable to arrest the rascal you have to admit defeat, this is the plain and simple truth.

    To reason now we transfer the guilt upon Prabhupada's movement as a whole, is this good intelligence? Basically this is what happened with the Windle Turley Case. All those individuals escaped and instead the blame was shifted on Prabhupada's movement as a whole.

    All responsible leaders got away scot-free and the final judgment was executed on Prabhupada's movement, pay 400 mio. In other words, people in general got that message that Prabhupada's ISKCON society as a whole was exposed to be criminal.

    Therefore any big company immediately hands a black sheep over to police in order to not have the whole company discredited. This did not happen, people figured to run the Turley case to compensate the damage of child abuse with money.

    So far those gurukulis report, what they received was ridiculous, too little to live, too much to die. The reputation of Prabhupada's movement in USA pretty much destroyed. Only hope, Krishna will correct it.

    As usual, we humans create chaos and Krishna has to put our humbug straight. ISKCON leaders pretty much aware, no need to beat a dead horse, come back in future, relocate to Asia, India, Russia, South Africa. Since Europe is tightly connected with US, they also were roped in. Same situation there.


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