Friday, December 30, 2011

Message from Niscala dd

NISCALA DD: Ironically, the GBC are supporting the ritviks, by such disregard for their valuable work (such as Akshaya Patra), for an objective viewer thinks "who should I follow? These (GBC) guys spending millions to sue people who are helping millions of Indian villagers - or the guys doing the good work?" It wouldn't take long to figure it out for anyone with a moral compass. 

If the GBC want to support a philosophy that anyone qualified to be a guru, can be one and spread KC all over the world, which is LC's philosophy, then they should provide an example of saintly non-envious behavior, non- sectarian equal vision, soft-heartedness, freedom from possessiveness and other qualities described in sastra that indicate self-realized souls, capable of becoming spiritual masters, spreading KC in a non-dogmatic fashion that attracts the intelligent and soft-hearted person who is best qualified to become a genuine devotee of the Lord, Who resdes in everyone's heart. 

Otherwise all they attract to become their disciples are people like them- self-centred, possessive, sectarian and blind. A devotee is described as a kind friend to everyone, so gentle in dealings that even rogues and rsascals become attracted. He does not have to sue opponents to become successful- the seeds of his own success are within him. They become self-effulgent over time, like SP did. 

Such internally qualified souls do not need the approval of the organization they joined to become qualified gurus, nor are they hampered by non-approval of ritvik guruosophy. I don't mean, by all this, to detract at all from the issue of child abuse, but clearly the two are linked. When the dynamic is to crush opposition- regardless of whether it is doing good work or not, by protecting kids, feeding kids, or speaking unpleasant truth- when institutionalized rubber stamping has replaced internal qualifications such a soft-heartedness as an indication of purity, then all devotional service becomes tainted and turned into something else. Then no one is helped- neither devotees in their spiritual quest for enlightenment, nor the general public who would have been benefitted, materially and spiritually, by their association. NDD

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