Saturday, December 31, 2011

PADA reply to Niscala dd

PADA: OK right, the gopis were previously sages who had prayed to have Krishna as their paramour, so their lives here were a stepping-stone of training to attain that level on the eternal abode of Krishna. Their lila here with Krishna is not the same as their lila will be when they are in Krishna loka. However, since they were with Krishna directly while here, I doubt they had any concerns for chiding and chastismements, of anyone. They were (and are) in eternal samadhi internally, so the externals did not really bother them much. The main point is: that simply advertising oneself as a "nikunya yuno rati keli" -- "pure devotee assistant of the gopis," does not make one such an associate, its not a title, its a post of internal realization. That was my actual point. Sorry if I did not make this clear. So this was my first complaint, how can we worship Jayatirtha as a "nikunja yuno" (gopi assistant) prabhu, when he is smoking pot and having affairs with female disciples? That was the first problem I had in the latter part of 1978. ys pd  

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