Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vasu: GBC attacking children "un-avoidable."

PADA: Dear Vasu Murti: OK, let me get this straight: The GBC targetted children for mistreatment as were sued for that. And now, instead of learning that is wrong behavior, they are continuing to target children by suing the managers of our free food program in India. And instead of spending millions to pay their victims here -- as they were ordered in the courts, or paying millions to feed children in India, they are instead spending millions on lawyers to sue our free food program devotees. 

You say this process of the GBC's targeting children -- cannot be avoided because this is Kali Yuga. Well it can be avoided, even in Kali Yuga, because no one else is suing the managers of our "free food for children program," except the GBC? This is like a criminal who says, I cannot avoid robbing banks? What you seem to be saying is -- the GBC individuals involved are psychopathic, they have to attack children, they cannot do otherwise. 

No, they have made a conscious choice to attack children, but they do not have to attack children programs, rather that is their desire. Now this begs the question, why kind of persons "cannot avoid" targetting and victimizing children? This is good progress however, you admit the GBC gurus cannot do anything other than target children because, "its unavoidable" and that is because -- this is who they are. You thus compare the GBC to Kali Yuga-ites, terrorists, children exploiters of all sorts, and Saddam Hussein. OK, we finally agree on something. ys pd

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