Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another ex-gurukuli suicide

PADA: Manjari dd, Please give me the details of the ex-child Kunja who commited suicide.

VASU prabhu, Your pal Umapati was molesting his disciple "boys" in China for the past 15 years. I was given many reports of that offense for over a decade from my associates in China, and I forwarded that myself. Nothing was ever done, except my associates were banned from ISKCON (just like I was banned for opposing their molester messiahs).

Only reason something was done later about Umapati -- i.e. he was "suspended" from the post of messiah -- some of the victims said they were going to report this to the China authorities. He is still floating around posing as a ISKCON messiah, no legal action is being taken to check him and this is the problem, these molesters always get a free pass, but the GBC will sue the last drop of blood out of us by spending millions on their lawyers against us.

Hrdayananda reinstated Bhavananda as Vishnupada in 1986 after tons of reports came out that he was having homosexual acts in the holy dham and kids were getting molested in Mayapura. Nandini is right, this looks like stereotyped, bigoted towards molesters and deviants posing as messiahs cult, and the kids cannot identify with such a cult. "ISKCON World Review" was the worst culprit, they were given tons of reports and they just tossed them in the trash and covered all this up, ask the original Nandini. Mukunda swami was one of the people who excommunicated me and Sulochana to cover up the molesting. It seems to me you support these people and their actions? Is that true? If so, you are the stereotyped supporter of the child molester messiahs program that has tortured our children that Nandini is complaining about. And some of these ex-kids are still committing suicide because none of this is being corrected, i.e. the victims are being re-victimized seeing the "predatory towards children cult and its leaders" are still being glorified as agents of God messiahs. ys pd

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