Friday, December 16, 2011

Narasimhadev rap song

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  1. On Dec. 19th and 20th the court case in Russia trying to declare "Bhagavad-gita as it
    is" as an extremist literature will resume.

    A lot is at stake. If they lose the case, the consequences will be very
    dramatic, long-lasting and very gloomy. It may put under question the very
    existence of Hare Krishna in Russia.

    The fact that two days are alotted for the hearing from the beginning makes
    devotees suspicious that they plan to finish the whole process within these two
    days. It is a bad sign.

    Also they practically did not give the devotees time to prepare, just this week they got the
    news, and it is already practically weekend, and the court will start on
    Monday. They still do not have the copy of the so-called expert opinion
    submitted to the court....


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