Sunday, December 25, 2011

Denial is an ugly thing

Right, Vrajendranandana dasa (the guy who was so depressed trying to work under Tamal that he tried to commit suicide by beating himself on the skull with a hammer, it did not work), told me the whole problem in ISKCON is that “everyone is in denial.”

Agreed. Thats it, we have all heard these slogans: head in the sand, mushroom siddhanta, etc. indeed we’ve all heard these things a thousand times.

The devotees of God need to be more aware of what is wrong and what is right — than the ordinary citizens, lest we risk looking compromised, and unfortunately at the moment, devotees have created the public impression of looking severely lacking in discrimination.

This hampers the preaching of all of us. The only good news is that at least some folks woke up early on, they rang the alarm bells — at great peril to themselves, and many others are now waking up. “Maunam samyam raksati,” anyone who remains silent is protecting (raksati) — the evil doers. ys pd

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