Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ole Petter: silence means complicity

Ole Petter Høie: It's just to make discussing abuse a taboo and "offensive against senior vaishnavas" (yeah, right), and brush ex members who talk about these things under the carpet, so present and future members don't know about this when they join ... when they find out about some of it after taking initiation, they may ask their local leader or their guru, and be told that yes there have been some cases, but it has been dealt with blah blah ... and that one should be very careful to avoid offenses and think bad about "superior" vaishnavas, that is the most important of all, otherwise one will go to hell for ever!!

It took getting to know gurukulis personally in my case until I saw this clearly, as the buddy-buddy brotherhoods are there just like in the Catholic Church and society's leading under-cover brotherhoods.
And anyone defending the system or people in top positions in ISKCON are just supporting the problem, plain and simple. If one is on a high level and doesn't talk openly about the abuse nor try to stop it, one is participating in the abuse, whether one understands that or not.

Mistreatment and belittlement of children and women (and also men) has nothing to do with spirituality, shows a corrupted consciousness and further corrupts the consciousness. Anyone arguing for the abusers or trying to get the attention away from the abuse mentioned in this excellent article are disrespecting everyone who is and was abused in ISKCON, in my opinion. 

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