Friday, December 30, 2011

RE: Gaudiya Matha

Dear prabhus, In the latter part of 1978, when I said that Jayatirtha is bogus, Sridhara Maharaja said I was the bogus person for "disturbing the sraddha of the sisyas." 

Sridhara Maharaja then went on to defend Hansadutta after he was arrested with a machine gun; Then SM supported Bhagavan telling Ramesvara he could not give up his vyasasana; Then SM supported keeping Tamal and Hansadutta during the Topanga episode, at every step SM supported keeping deviants in the Vyasasana. Even after Hansadutta told SM that he was taking drugs like Percodans and he was having sex with half dozen "disciples" SM told him, stay on the Vyasasana. SM has no idea what a Vyasasana means.

Of course SM was the person who said we need to worship Ananta Vasudeva in 1936, another bogus messiah. And then Narayana Maharaja's folks handed me their Guru Tattva booklet in 1997, which says "there was nothing wrong" with Ananta Vasudeva being made the acharya. "There is nothing wrong" with bi-sexual deviants posing as acharyas? So this may be in part a Catholic Church idea (voted in Pope), but many folks from India supported these bogus gurus, and they still are their biggest supporters. This is why Srila Prabhupada told his followers: "Do not make my mission into another Gaudiya Matha or Catholic Church." ys pd

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