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Mistreatment of children issue

PADA: Thanks Gaurahari. Right, the problem is when we have maverick self-styled "pure devotee" acharyas there is no accountability, even when it comes to the treatment of children. Hence: Most of the money that was meant to give education, school buildings, food, clothing, supplies, housing, soap, etc. for the ISKCON CHILDREN was siphoned off (stolen) by the guru sabha so they could live a jet set lifestyle.

And we thus found many of these "gurus" doing things like: Eating fifty course meals; Going to the French Riviera to lift weights in the Hilton gym; Gambling in Reno; Buying $5,000 usd gold and diamond writing pens; Having their own seperate private house with 30 servants; And of course riding around in Chauffeur driven big Cadillacs,... I recall Jayatirtha who wanted to buy Hugh Hefners Boeing 747 "because it had a swimming pool," ad infinitum. Meanwhile the children in their "care" were eating rotten moldy oatmeal, they sometimes had no blankets, soap and so forth. Some kids died of medical neglect, some had teeth falling out from malnutrition, and many were given low class teachers with no education training -- i.e. anyone that would work for the lowest dollar amount, then the molesters were brought in to be "advisors," etc. 

Some children told me: there was only 4,000 kids in the whole movement, and of that amount -- we estimate around 2,000 of us were molested. So what kind of "gurus" are orchestrating that? So this is what happens when there is no accountability in any "absolute" tyrant's regimes, people suffer. So this was not the system Prabhupada intended, he wanted a management system, not independent maverick self styled un-accountable "acharyas." Many of these acharyas and their sycophants STILL live like jet-set Kings even today. So we really had no other option but to help the victims file a lawsuit, even though many of the parents of the molested children sometimes still beat on me with shoes for helping their children, saying I was "destroying ISKCON." 

So this is the real reason the children are so badly alienated, there was a molester infrastructure and then another deviation of massive denial by the so-called leaders, parents and elders, and unless this root issue is addressed, all the rest is simply adjusting the window dressing. ys pd


  1. The parents meant to say that what those kids got below the line, after lawyers/court fees, was a real joke. Basically they got a kick up the backside and thats it. Huge court case, Prabhupada's movement as a whole was convicted as hotbed for perverts and the real culprits allowed to escape. Where all those 400 mio actually went remains a myth till today. Nobel prize for PADA, great accomplishment!

  2. Puranjana Prabhu,

    Hare Krishna!All Glories To Srila A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada!

    From you I need a honest clarification. In one online book I got this information which is written below regarding the molestation of ISKCON Children when ACBSP was alive.

    The founder of the institution, the late Prabhupada, was allegedly told about the physical and sexual abuse of minors in 1972, a time when he totally controlled the institution. The victims allege he and others conspired to suppress the alleged crimes, fearful that the public exposure would threaten the viability of the movement (S. Das, 2003).

    So please clarify, if Prabhupada was aware of this problem and chose to ignore this deliberately fearing the collapse of the movement.

    Colonel Zaysen

  3. Dear Colenel, There was no widespread molesting going on in ISKCON before 1977. In 1972 we had hardly had any devotees at all, there was maybe 40 of us in the whole of India, not one kid was there. There was hardly any kids at all in ISKCON? Most of the devotees at that time were not married or newly married and had no kids at all in 1972.

    By 1977 Yasodananda and Dr. Sharma were very strict people who were running the Vrndavana gurukula, again a very small operation with a few dozen kids. There was no molesting reported there that I know of. Mayapura did not have much of a gurukula since it was under construction even by 1977. There was mainly the Dallas school, some weird things happened there, but it was closed.

    And there were some isolated instances of molesters in temples, but it was not a widespread epidemic. A molester in France was charged with that and he went to jail. So far as I can see, this molesting really developed on a huge scale after 1977.

    As for RM, many kulis told me that the lawsuit helped relieve their depression, it validated their victimization, as such -- almost completely stopped the suicide epidemic that was brewing in 1997.

    RM is not happy because he clearly wanted to see many more children commit suicides. I wonder about RM all the time? Why is he rooting for children to commit suicide all the time?

    I think he watches too many friday nite horror shows, he wants blood all over his shoes and will not be happy until it appears there. He now says, he wanted to see many more suicides of the children and he is upset we put an almost complete halt to that, he wants to see the blood of children, plain and simple, and he is angry that I stopped that blood from flowing. IS this guys a devotee at all? What kind of devotee takes delight in children commiting suicides? ys pd

  4. Children committed suicide because Puranjana was afraid to clean up that hoghouse right at the beginning of that nightmare. Hiding like a real coward and fully aware of whats happening he waited and waited and waited till all those perverts posing as gurukula teachers had left US territory.

    Notice, suicide happens when people get the runaround for years of hopelessness. Only then Puranjana gradually woke up and told police, hi folks, the molesters escaped long ago, we are hippies, we usually never go to police, but we want now Prabhupada's movement to be convicted and asked to pay up.

    What is this called, real morons?
    Today all those child abusers peacefully live at the nicest places of this world posing as respectable senior Prabhupada disciples, officiating as this and that ISKCON directorate.

    And when someone has a problem with this, Puranjana shoots with tons of swearwords. What an idiot!

  5. Puranjana Prabhu,

    Hare Krishna!All Glories to Srila ACBSP,

    That is all that I wanted to know and I fully believe and accept your words. Our Great ACBSP would never have allowed and condoned such heinous crimes in his ISKCON if he was aware of the same.

    Colonel Zaysen

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  7. No I could not clean up the nightmare, no devotees helped me. I told the GBC there were problems in the gurukula in 1979, they did not listen. What elese could we do, RM never says? Did he want me to start myself on fire like the Buddhist monks? What exactly could have been done, he never says. The only thing RM ever says is, he is sad that we saved some children from suicide, he wanted to see their blood. RM has not save one peanut from anything as far as we can see. ys pd

  8. I am the person who was being chased with aluminum baseball bats while RM was sitting around eating Captain Crunch cereal and watching re-runs of Bugs Bunny cartoons. Hee hee! ys pd

  9. "Never says", "Captain Crunch", "Bugs Bunny", PADA'S vocabulary because they look all day Hollywood entertainment?

    We were in Europe distributing Prabhupada's books at -10 deg F.

    Just trying to go to the initial cause why things remain stuck, why European governments are putting Prabhupada's movement on the list of radical groups like Hizbul Mujahideen, Islamic Jihad Union, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

    So you say that train has left long ago, Prabhupada's movement was turned into a dead horse - PADA: "Hee hee!" - We shouldnt be surprised anymore what happened with Prabhupada's movement in the West?

    Prabhupada wanted that his movement in USA becomes prime example for the whole world to follow. Instead brainiacs figured to have it convicted in USA as example for the whole world to follow - as hotbed for perverts, criminals and other shadowy figures...

    And if someone asks, why those responsible individuals got temple laxmi/ airtickets to re-start on other continents: PADA: Er, he wants to see children's blood.

    Not funny. Not cute. Nonsensical. Not relevant. Oh, and did I mention puerile? Save your keystrokes.

    Got it, lets focus on ritvik, Prabhupada and Krishna will clean it up. Check Puranjana so he doesnt go to police and have the ritviks convicted, hee one knows how he ticks.

  10. Dear RM, You think that me risking my life to protest child molesting is a Captain Crunch picnic. You think I did not do enough, but even Srila Prabhupada could not fix the Gaudiya Matha bogus gurus, and Jesus could not fix the Pharisees, and Krishna could not fix the Kauravas, the Kauravas even would not listen to Krishna. Now you are saying I am more powerful than Krishna because I could have convinced the Kauravas? You sir are an idiot. You think a $400m lawsuit is stupid because it was saving children from commiting suicide. You are one of the GBC's biggest cheerleaders, because they say all the same things you say. And the fact you oppose me, and they oppose me, means you both wanted the suicides to continue, its that simple. And you and they are still opposing me and this is how all this molesting occured and is still a problem in Vrndavana. We did something, you did nothing. No I am not bigger than Krishna, He could not turn the Kauravas around, and I cannot turn the Kauravas around either. You think I am greater than God? Of course meanwhile you and the GBC protesting me caused all this to go on in the first place, and is still causing troubles in the schools in India. You are one of them, you say the same things they say. ys pd

  11. Ok got it, it all was meant as a gesture to have those kids given back their dignity and honour. Well yes, this makes sense, sorry, things arent easy to understand. In Europe we hardly had any kids whereas in US there were thousands, totally different situation.

    There should have been more letters of thanks from those kids' mothers then. Why all those women like Bhumi dd, Urmila dd etc are so hostile towards PADA? Seems like a realy complicated situation....

  12. Well its pretty simple really, the ex-kids were commiting suicide at an alarming rate in 1997, the Pritilakshanam magazine run by ISKCON sympathizers said: there was a developing suicide epidemic, I helped start a lawsuit which almost ended the suicides. Yes, lots of people did not like that, and this was the problem all along, they did not support me from the get-go. Still do not, they prefer suicides, plain and simple. ys pd


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