Friday, December 23, 2011

Banned book sees increasing sales

[PADA: Yes thanks Vignesh, the banning of the Gita is increasing the sales of that same Gita. ys pd]

Vignesh Krishna: A very serious situation, but as they days go by it is also clear that the potential banning of the Bhagavad Gita in Russia, due to the foolish accusations of the Christian Russian Orthodox Church, is the best thing that has happened to Krsna Consciousness in Russia since Srila Prabhuapda went there 40 years ago. More Gita's will be sold in Russia then ever before and Krsna's name and fame is being heard around the world on TV, radio and internet.

Raktadhar Das Rajesh Attry: Yes Prabhu ji . more people will come forward to buy Srimad bhagwat Gita as it is by Srila Prabhupad to find out what actually is written in it and in this way they will get the message of Lord Krishna.

Ananda Venkata Subrahamanyam: Very very true. This is Lord's plan. I am happy to see Gita name and Prabhupada name in front page of news papers...!!! This is the grand marketing plan in this Book Marathon season...Now everyone in Russia will buy this wonderful book...really nice. :)

Kathie Noga The Catholic church bans books, too. But they only promote the sales of every banned book.

Chandra Dasa: Srila Prabhupada said demons when they try to stop our activity than be assured you are doing doing the right thing Krishna consciouness is working,he said just like your jesus Christ was crucified by demons,and other devotees, like Haridas thakur was beaten up, like bhakta prahalad was being killed, so therefore know that surely with faith you continue Krishna will protect you.

Syama Priya Devi Dasi A book is not considered great until it has been banned.

Mani Parmar: its a great thing that the Bhagavad Gita has become more famous. this was just another way that Guru and Gauranga spread the name of this Spiritual litereature. No one has the power to out do Krishna's power...Krishna has special arrangements that we will be able to realize gradually. All glories to all the vaishnavas fighting for their rights.


  1. they should ban jayadwaita gita and promote Prabhupada's. If the government relates bogus gurus to Bhagavad gita, they may have a point in banning Jayadwaita's gita

  2. They attempt to ban the revised edition where it says, those self-realized souls - plural - can impart knowledge unto you, because, they - again plural - have seen the truth.

    In other words, the revised edition is meant to authorize those voted-in gurus - to highlight that rubber-stamped gurus who were not authorized by Prabhupada, are seer of the truth.

    Take it for granted, if Russian devotees would be ritviks who consider Prabhupada as current link, this whole dispute would have never started.


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