Friday, January 4, 2013

Women abuse culture in ISKCON? (Malati dd)

Malati Devi Dasi: Doesn't anyone pick up on the cultural affect of the "all mighty male is right" paradigm that is also reflected in ISKCON? You can be sure that this victim will also be "blamed." In the recent India rapes, even women are commenting on how this would not happen if women weren't "going out of their homes!" Which is ridiculous because there is a high percentage of women who are sexually molested right inside their own homes by their wonderful fathers, uncles, brothers, male care takers, etc. 

And there is no where for them to go..... In ISKCON many men, esp. of Indian origin, want to deny "pastoral abuse" exists and if it does happen, it is because the woman is "unchaste." So you get a high profile pujari abusing a women over a prolonged period of time, right inside the temple, and when it is finally outed by the victim, she is blamed, her life is threatened and nothing of any consequence happens to the wonderful male perpetrator. All glories to Kali Yuga.

Greg GuruKrsnadas Bechtol Are we in the 'shower' to get clean? Or are we just 'hanging out'?
Maybe we should all have 'report cards', graded every 6mos?

David Liberman -- Malati Prabhu, if this is still going on in ISKCON, let me know. In any event, send any victims -- women, children, anyone -- who is a victim of sexual abuse to me, and I will make sure that the legal system holds the perp 100% accountable. I promise! The ladies have done as much, if not more, to build this movement than ANYONE, and do not deserve, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, to be subjected to this (or similar) kinds of abuse, harassment, and treatment. ys, Amar


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