Friday, January 18, 2013

GBC guru followers are bullying this woman

FROM ANONYMOUS DASI: Every time I visit Iskcon Temples in the West or in India, the devotees first question is "who is your Guru"? So you have to have one of their gurus, otherwise you have no position in their group. If I say, "I follow only Srila Prabhupada who is the only Jagat Guru"! That is not very satisfying answer to them. If I say my so called GBC guru is fallen, they say: “Why not take another Guru"? 

Just like, if you buy from the store a bread loaf, and find out it is rotten and has mold, you return to the store and they give you another fresh bread. I will not trust the second bread to eat either? I have a strong answer for their idiot logic, but I keep my mouth shut, and pray to Lord Nityananda, "please give them some intelligence to understand the truth some day." 


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  1. When an Iskcon devotee asks who your guru is, they are trying to get to know who you are, they are trying to see what category you fit into, that's all. If you tell them you only worship Prabhupada you are giving them the answer you are ritvik. If you tell them someone else they are still testing you, especially if that someone else has fallen.


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