Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Glastonbury UK Prabhupadanugas report

Iskcon Inc Prabhupadanugas Glastonbury,UK Update

Jasoda dasi-

Glastonbury update..15th dec 2012

We did "Food For Life" at the local frost fare and fed around 100 local people with dal soup and khichdi and distributed some Higher Taste books with Dipesh Sid from London, Lewis (13), Gem (13 ), and myself Jasoda dasi. We also distributed prasadam at sustainability meeting in Wales and fed 82 year Eco scientist with revolutionary and colleagues on their project for revising architecture with 'Eco linear towns' and detailed passive solar energy systems..They had mung khichdi, bean / tomato soup and sponge cake from the Krishna 'Egg free cake book.'

Hari Bol and happy new year from Glastonbury UK!

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