Saturday, January 12, 2013

Amoghalila's "Prabhupada dreams"

Dear Santosh, Amoghalila and his “Srila Prabhupada” dreams created quite a stir in ISKCON when he was writing them out at the time. His dreams seemed contrary. At times, his dreams of Srila Prabhupada were saying that the GBC gurus were creating major problems — and as such they were not fully qualified to be gurus. Therefore these gurus needed further “guidance” (from Srila Prabhupada via media Amoghalila). While at other times, these dreams were saying we need to work with these GBC gurus, which is why the GBC’s own gurus like Trivrikrama were reading these “Amogha’s dreams” in classes at ISKCON temples, to bolster support for their guru process.

Amoghalila was actually saying that Srila Prabhupada was guiding and chastising these gurus through him — by use of these dreams. So at the time I was asking the obvious question, how could the GBC gurus actually be gurus when they need to be controlled, chastised, rectified and instructed by Amoghalila? That would make Amoghalila the over-lord / spiritual master of the acharyas, because he was saying he was their mentor and adviser. This is also what Rocana has been doing by the way, he was part of the “50 man committee to reform the gurus” and this begged the question, how did Rocana become the overlord adviser, spiritual master and director for the acharyas, so he would be in charge of “reforming and correcting” — the acharyas?

Lord Krishna says: He dictates to the acharyas (chaitya guru), acharyam mam vijnaniyam, whereas Rocana says that is totally bogus, who needs Krishna anymore to do anything, because the new masters of the acharyas are me, ok Rocana and his 50 man committee, and they are going to kick out Krishna and they are going to dictate to the acharyas and get rid of Krishna and His bogus dictating.

Of course anyone who thinks they are going to kick out Krishna and take over His position is someone George A. Smith idolizes. Yes, Rocana has replaced Krishna as the dictation to the acharyas and this is why George has been the vociferous advocate for this ship of fools headed by Rocana. So my question all along to them is, can any of you take over one banana spider and make it act like you want it to? OK, nope you cannot, did not think so, so how are you same class of idiots going to take over control of the Lord and His acharyas and be their advisers? And Amoghalila has had the same disease, he is going to fix and repair the acharyas with his dreams … dream on! Krishna HIMSELF dictates to the acharyas, not the crew of the ship of fools!

Of course when you asked Rocana and his side kick George how they are going to take control of the acharyas with their 50 man committee, or with Amogha’s dreams, or whatever other acharya fix it program they have, you hear the sound of crickets, ok silence, they have no idea how they are going to do that, its all bluff. So Amogha was one of the co-founders of this bogus idea that people need to dictate to, and fix and repair, the acharyas. And of course Amagholia was hanging out with these GBC leaders and gurus at the time and for that matter, he still does.

Amoghalila has in sum been the co-founder of this bogus idea that the guru needs to get corrected when they are deviating, and Amogha is such a fool, he thinks Krishna is dictating dreams to him so he can dictate to these deviating / often debauchees / posing as acharyas. So this is like the Church janitor claiming he was getting visions of how to correct Jesus from doing bad things, he is going to reform Jesus? And idiots like George are worshiping these “messiah fix it masters” aka cracker pot janitors like Rocana.

Anyway, Amoghalila was taking sanskrit classes and he did at least back me up when I was arguing with Prahladhananda swami, which basically made the swami have a nervous breakdown here in Berkeley. He has done a few good things but overall he is considered as a nut job around here. After these dreams quit, he has sort of fallen off the map, no one ever talks about him anymore, ok he had his 15 minutes of fame with these dreams, but many others began to see the contradictions in his dreams and so they said, this is not what Srila Prabhupada would have said.

I also had a dream of Srila Prabhupada just today. He was saying things in modern English, he said to us “Yes, I took all my disciples to India, and then people wondered why I did not want them to associate with my God brothers, yeah right”! And we were all laughing our heads off. I laughed so hard it woke me up. So this was also the Gaudiya Matha’s idea, they were going to “sit and wait” as their acharyas deviate, then later correct him, and reform him, and all that, same nonsense idea was there. ys pd


  1. Where is Amoghalila now?

  2. Srila Prabhupad was asked if he was present in our dreams and he answered"no"

  3. Amogha lives in Berkeley, but he has been keeping a very low profile lately, I think he knows people do not take him too seriously. His wife is one of the people seen in the IRM videos attacking the Prabhupada devotees, but they have divorced since then, not sure where he stands now on all this. ys pd

  4. If Srila Prabhupada said he was not present in his dreams, why were all the GBC reading Amogha's dreams then? That means they did not follow another item, thanks for admitting. ys pd


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