Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bhakti Vikas' program fails to protect women.

The Need to Catch Up with Our Philosophy


In response to HH BhaktiVikasa Maharaj's recent article, "Feminist Rhetoric on Dandavats."

I apologise in advance. What the Maharaj speaks is true, the unfortunate thing is that the male devotees including myself are not up to scratch -- we have failed to protect the mothers and children, big time! So should we be pointing at the "Feminists"-- we created them by our lack of protection. The horror stories are there, no need to go into it.

All the "anti-feminist" quotes from Srila Prabhupada should be followed to the letter, but I suggest we do this after we have protected the women and children, and have stopped protecting the child abusers. Otherwise how different are we from the Taliban? We can make 2,000 changes to the Bhagavad-gita, but we cannot put a footnote to the "women like to be raped" verse.

In India especially temple brahmins have a tendency to "touch up" ISKCON female devotees, and they are fully convinced that it is the women's fault. In Vraj, a massive percentage of village women have STD. We used to have a team of doctors and vets accompany the Padayatra. The pious women were always blamed.

I can guarantee you that the 7 people caught for rape in Delhi last month were convinced that it was the girl's fault. So are our ISKCON mothers feminists, or are they trying to protect themselves?

Your servant,
Parasuram das

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