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Bhakti Vikas mj admits he violates the shastras

Justice, Chicken Coups, and Bitterness
Jan 19, 2013 — INDIA 

[PADA: First of all, Bhakti Vikas Swami (BVKS) and his ilk are saying that since we Prabhupadanugas are worshiping "the departed guru"  -- Srila Prabhupada -- we are bogus. Of course, in the BVKS program, they worship the dead body of their DEPARTED PEDOPHILE messiah named Kirtanananda swami, whom they buried in a "samadhi" in the Hare Krishna's holy land of Vrndavana. And the BVKS guru program STILL has that odious worship program going on in the HOLY LAND of Vrndavana today! 


So, we and others cannot worship a "departed" pure devotee like Srila Prabhupada or Jesus, that is bogus. What is bona fide for the BVKS clan then? Right, their system, which worships departed pedophiles as the bona fide "samadhi level" successors to GOD almighty in Krishna's holy land. 

And of course if anyone thinks worship of departed pedophiles is bogus, then BVKS calls them "ritvik tripe." OK, and that is how BVKS folks get us banned, beaten and killed, by calling us ill names like this. And our crime is, we do not want to worship their departed pedophile messiah's pooja program in the holy land, and we prefer to worship a real devotee of God like Srila Prabhupada. 

In short BVKS' program is making worship of departed pedophiles the only moral, legal and justified program, whereas worship of pure devotees is immoral, illegal and unjustified -- in the BVKS program's scheme of things. Notice that BVKS sannyasa guru Jayapataka swami is recently glorifying Radhanatha swami, the "founder father" of the dead pedophile's pooja program (and that means the BVKS program defends the worship of dead pedophiles process). 

Then again, one has to wonder what kind of trance samadhi a pedophile is having, either alive or dead? And why would the BVKS program want small children all over the world to worship a departed pedophile in the holy dham, and not have people worship a pure devotee instead? And is it not BVKS who is doing something highly immoral by forcing children to worship dead pedophiles as their "departed messiahs" all over (hi-jacked) ISKCON? And hasn't the BVKS program of worship of pedophiles and deviants already produced a huge program of rampant child abuse in ISKCON?

Also notice that HH Bhakti Vikas Swami (BVKS) often complains bitterly that the other GBC gurus are all nonsense because they are mainly preaching in India, and making "Hindus" into their followers. And therefore ISKCON is being gradually "Hindu-ized." At the same time, BVKS is almost always in India himself preaching to -- the "Hindus." And almost all of his followers are -- former Hindus. In other words, he is doing the same exact thing that the other GBC gurus are doing, i.e. concentrating almost all of his preaching efforts on converting Hindus in India. 

At the same time a leader of the BVKS guru program, an ISKCON leader here in the USA, was arrested for importing HINDU people into the USA to exploit them. He was sentenced to jail for visa fraud. So the exploiting of Hindus / Hindu-ization is going on globally by the bogus GBC gurus, not only in India but here in the West as well.

SRILA PRABHUPADA: I don't want a Hindu temple. Our constitution is different. We want everyone. Krsna consciousness is for everyone. It is not a Hindu propaganda. People may not misunderstand. And actually, till now in our society there is not a single other Hindu than me. Srila Prabhupada in Moscow, June 22, 1971: Conversation with Professor Kotovsky

BVKS also complains there is hardly any varnasrama (communities of farms and so on), but he is not creating any realistic alternate programs? How is BVKS trying to re-start the varnasrama farms programs in the West, for example programs like Gita Nagari (which Srila Prabhupada wanted for Gita Nagari). Most people see very little difference between BVKS's "Hindu-ized" program and that of the other GBC gurus? In other words, his criticisms of the other GBC gurus seems to be mainly show-bottle and lacking substance: "I am not with them, but I am doing exactly as they are doing"? In short, "Do what I say, and not what I do."]   

BVKS: In response to Gadadhar dasa: I sympathize with many of your concerns and I am not an apologist for everything that ISKCON does, but the way you have phrased your "queries" is in the manner of "Have you stopped beating your wife?"

[PADA: Yet BVKS does support the GBC's guru program and its main (bogus) pillar "siddhantas." And BVKS is a card carrying member of their program. And BVKS is voted in as one of their co-"guru" members. BVKS is therefore -- responsible for what their program is doing, because the GBC's guru program is also his program. And he is one of the GBC guru program's leading and prime participants in that program. If one is a leading member of the MAFIA, then one has to answer for all of the activities of that organization. That is also how karma is decided, people who support a bogus operation are held accountable for the actions of the entire operation.]

BVKS: Obviously sastra does not state what the GBC should do, so it is silly to ask "Where does Sastra say that a group of GBCs can rubber-stamp Gurus?" 

[PADA: This is getting very interesting, BVKS is now finally admitting openly -- the Vedic shastra does not guide him nor the other GBC gurus? Who or what does guide them, perhaps Satan? BVKS is saying the GBC are exempt from following shastra? Indeed it is silly of us to expect that either BVKS or the GBC will follow shastra? The atheists are also saying they are exempt from following shastra too? Why is BVKS telling us, his guru party has no obligation to shastra, and it is even silly for us to expect the BVKS program would be committed to, and even remotely connected to, shastra?  

For example: The GBC has voted in gurus like BVKS and many others. Why can't BVKS answer the simple question here, if the BVKS "guru voting system" (2/3 show of hands by the GBC members) is authorized by shastra, where is his "guru voting" process found in the shastra? OK, BVKS is now admitting, his entire program is not even found in the shastra. BVKS and the GBC borrowed their idea of "voting for the Pope" from the Vatican, then they borrowed their idea that acharyas are often debauchees from Sridhara Maharaja and the Gaudiya Matha, and so on and so forth, in sum -- none of their main ideas has any basis in shastra -- as BVKS admits to herein.  

Notice that BVKS' admission (that his program is not following shastra) is confirmed on BVKS' ONEISKCON web site which says the same thing "gurus are not voted in," and their own web site says their own guru process is not found in any shastra. However, Srila Prabhupada says people who do not follow the shastra are pasandis and atheists. Yet the BVKS program is far worse than "not following shastra" because they are modifying the shastra, and conducting all sorts of ad hoc: additions, subtractions, concocting, plagarizing bogus sources, and so on, and then enforcing that we have to follow these bogus ideas by their other contrived process, namely banning, beating and assassinations of us "dissenters." 

So BVKS and his program admits themselves, they are making up their own shastra with their own concocted ideas, such as guru voting, and they admit this openly -- their bogus ideas are not even found in ANY shastra. Is this not the number one thing Srila Prabhupada warned us about, do not concoct things? 

The guidelines for the actions of the GBC are not found in shastra, amazing, that is a full admission from BVKS that he is not following the shastra!

Of course BVKS also cannot answer: Which previous acharyas were "2/3 show of hands voted in" by a managerial committee? Which previous acharyas were engaged in illicit behaviors? Which of the acharyas fell into taking drugs? Which of the acharyas had their heads chopped off for having illicit sex with the wives of their disciples? Which of the acharyas was arrested with a machine gun? Which of the acharyas was taking percodans and sleeping 23 hours a day? Which of the acharyas was a homosexual pedophile?, and so on and so forth ad infinitum. 

We will never get any answer from shastra, because as BVKS now admits, the reason he does not have to explain any of this from shastra is, it is silly for us to even expect that he has to cite any shastra to explain his activities -- or the activities his program participates in. He is above shastra, he does not need any shastra, and it is silly for us to even expect he will need or even cite any shastra. OK, there is no shastra to back up all these deviations being found in the parampara, it is all BVKS' and his party's concoction, and none of this has any basis in shastra, and BVKS finally admits that.  

The BVKS guru project and its / acharyas / messiahs are deviating into all kinds of bogus unwanted behaviors (anarthas), but where in shastra do we find that the people who are mostly full of highly sinful anarthas, are ... worshiped as the gurus and messiahs of the Vedas? Rather the Vedas say: Those who have multiple anarthas -- like the main body of BVKS messiahs -- are at best -- neophyte kanisthas. And if these anartha - filled neophytes pose as gurus, and juxtapose their anartahas with the acharyas, then they are the most obnoxious persons in the universe and destined for hell. Ooops, and so are their supporters, ok that would be BVKS and his ilk.   

Is this why BVKS' main spokesman Jayadvaita Swami says many of the members of the BVKS' messiahs program have fallen, and many of them have engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children, and other deviations, because they no longer have any need to heed even common morality, what to speak of heeding any shastra? Sorry, shastra says that the BVKS program's main idea: that the acharyas are severe deviants, that God's successor messiahs are constantly falling into illicit behavior, ... this is ALL a great offense to God, the acharyas, and to shastra. To say that GOD's perfectional gurus are often debauchees, ooop, I forgot, you folks do not care for any shastra, so you can attack God, guru, sadhu, shastra and the post of the acharyas -- the writers of the shastra?] 

BVKS: In fact, sastra gives little or no guidelines for organization of religious groups. 

[PADA: OK, so BVKS is giving himself a license to concoct whatever he wants to do without any basis in shastra. Thus, the BVKS child molester messiahs program is bona fide, because shastra does not tell us that process is forbidden? What shastra is BVKS reading? Shastra says: worship of deviants will take one to hell, that is found all over the Vedic shastras, indeed any scripture in the world will agree with this.]

BVKS: Nevertheless, all sampradayas and organizations that profess Vedic culture have procedures for choosing or appointing who will represent them as gurus. 

[PADA: Right, BVKS admits herein that in his system they almost usually "choose and appoint" as their messiahs, ... persons inclined towards illicit sex with men, women and children and other deviations. That is whom he and his group hand select as their messiahs. So that means their worship of illicit sex with men, women and children as their messiahs' program, in ISKCON, is not an accident, that is what the BVKS party desires, wants, selects, chooses, and enforces, as BVKS admits herein.  

Good admission, so the worship of illicit behavior is what -- the BVKS program has hand selected as their choice for the policy of ISKCON. It is his choice to support that regime, which says we all have to worship illicit sex or face being banned, beaten or killed. This did not happen by accident or chance, it is BVKS desire, his decision, his choice, his policy, he wanted that, he has hand selected this policy for ISKCON. Since he hand selected that program, and this is his choice of policy for ISKCON society, he is responsible for all the molesting, murder and mayhem that has resulted, because as he admits, he chooses and selects this policy. 

In short, BVKS still wants your children to worship his child buggery messiahs program, and its odious messiahs whom are being "selected and chosen" to be buried in the holy dham. The BVKS guru program has mass molested children, because that is the policy that his party has "appointed and chosen." Good, that means he is finally admitting he has chosen that process, and not us, and not Srila Prabhupada, and not Krishna, its his deviation, he owns it.  

Which Vedic procedures state that the messiahs are illicit sex with men, women and children, and anyone who disagrees that this is the standard of the messiahs, has to be kicked out?] 

BVKS: It is not that just anyone can claim to be a guru and be recognized as such in an established tradition. So in having a system, ISKCON is not unique or deviant from sastric tradition.

[PADA: Right, worship of departed pedophiles is "the established tradition." OK, at least according to BVKS program.]

BVKS: You have amply pointed out some of the severe problems with gurus and guruship in ISKCON. What is your formula for continuing the parampara?

[PADA: Now BVKS says that the messiahs from heaven have "severe problems"? What kind of problems? OK, illicit sex, gambling, meat eating, watching porno movies, this is what the messiahs from heaven are up to --- in the BVKS "tradition." Srila Prabhupada says it is the mad elephant aparadha to consider the guru ordinary, but the BVKS gurus are not even ordinary, they are criminals and perverts, way worse than the ordinary pious and humble man on the street.]

BVKS: Your concern with justice is laudable. Considering that ISKCON is (according to you) riddled with abuse, torture, molestation, and murder, you should inform civil authorities. Otherwise you will be guilty of abetment. You should be able to get evidence of at least one instance of these numerous crimes.

[PADA: Correct, while most of the ISKCON devotees are being banned, and some beaten and killed, and the ISKCON children are being mass molested, BVKS is "chosing and appointing" the orchestrators of all these crimes to be his messiahs, that makes him the "aid and abet assistant" to all these crimes.]

BVKS: Your calling on me to "correct the situation" is childishly simplistic, as if correction could be done just by wishing it. You might consider that you are not the only one who knows that ISKCON has problems, and that various devotees are doing what they can to serve and reform Srila Prabhupada's mission. If you or anyone else has a practical plan for quickly rectifying the situation, let's hear it.

[PADA: Well to start with, your party's idea that worship of a departed pure devotee is bogus, but the worship of a departed pedophile is bona fide, should be stopped, thats the bare minimum you folks need to have stopped if you want a shred of credibility. If you cannot be bothered to fix that, then never mind our other suggestions, it would be a waste of time if you cannot fix these odious out croppings.] 

But don't bring in that Ritvik tripe. Apart from their appalling ideology (which DOR has thoroughly dismantled), the Ritvikites' inability to work together, their splintering into multiple groups, demonstrates that they have no solution to ISKCON's troubles. 

[PADA: It does not matter if the ritviks are all gambling in Reno, the parampara is eternally uncontaminated, that is the eternal principle, it does not matter if this earth explodes into dust today, that principle will continue forever. Our appalling ideology is, we do not worship departed pedophiles and we want to worship pure devotees instead, yes how appalling is that. And now you are raising small children into the process of worship of dead pedophiles? What is that all about? It means you are the killers of the soul mentioned in the Isopanisad.]

BVKS: Your mention of chicken coups is alarming. Do you plan an insurgency of militant chickens? Thank you for wishing me well. You might think that you are well, but your writing is laced with bitterness. Bitterness is not a Vaisnava quality. None of the numerous sastric accounts of devotees being mistreated describes them as becoming bitter. For instance, although the Pandavas had all reason to become bitter with Dhrtarastra, they didn't. Similarly, although he strongly criticized his godbrothers, Srila Prabhupada was never overcome by lamentation (socati iti sudra), nor did he let the misdeeds of others obstruct his service. Bitterness clouds the vision, saps the vitality, and means the end of bhakti.

You may take this letter as a generic response to any future points that you might address to me. I may not reply to any more.

[PADA: We do not really need your further reply, you are a defender of the worship of dead pedophiles messiahs program, which hates the worship of pure devotees, you choose that, you select that, you want that, and you want to contaminate children of the world by forcing them to bow down to your dead pedophiles pooja process, we got it already. ys pd]


  1. its all bullshit! HH BVKS is one of the most ardent and true followers of srila prabhupad and a true saint in the right spirit and all his words actions and deeds are absolutely in line with what prabhupad and bhakti siddhant saraswati thakur taught! so this is just a malicious article to defame a true vaishnava and guru in the league of the most sincere spiritualist and devotee!

    1. Show me one sentence that is not correct and we will apologize and fix it. We cannot fix that which you do not specify? ys pd

  2. Excellent rebuttal Prabhu. Excellent.

  3. It astonishes me that the above refers to pedophiles so many times when so far as I know Kirtananada was not charged with pedophilia. As far as the charge he was homosexual we have heard that before he became a devotee he had homosexual tendency-but Krsna Consciousness is very owerful and we are admonished in Bhag-gita by Lord Krsna not to find faults with devotees' faults, especially past faults. There are some problems still regarding how leaders are "chosen" , but why constantly Tim pulls out every rumor as if it is true. Tim told me himself he was there with Kirtanananda so if he saw such activities why he did not report them to outside government agencies? Besides all this, Tim's real motive is not reformation but the adoption of a "new" process. Though he does not see it, this "new" process will result in persons who have never met SP or his disciples claiming to be bonafide. This Tim does not mind.

  4. We did report things to the government? That is why the GBC gurus killed Sulochana and would have killed me if the police had not intervened. The police intervened because they knew about us before hand. ys pd

  5. >>Also notice that HH Bhakti Vikas Swami (BVKS) often complains bitterly that the other GBC gurus are all nonsense because they are mainly preaching in India, and making "Hindus" into their followers

    Please prove to me when Maharaj said these exact words

  6. He has lectured about the Hindu-ization of ISKCON. I do not have a specific reference at the moment, but I have heard him say that more than a few times. ys pd

  7. >> I do not have a specific reference at the moment, but I have heard him say that more than a few times

    That proves it, either you are free from the four defects or you have not heard correctly. "I have heard him say" and all don't carry any value in Vedic reference

  8. OK this simply proves you have no idea what he is talking about or what you are talking about, he says ISKCON is becoming secular and hindu-ized many times, here is one example:

  9. I very well know what he is speaking about. Maharaj mentions that lot of devotees in ISKCON are resorting to Hinduization. He gives example of devotees promoting themselves as Hindus in Britain etc. But nowhere is the example given that most Gurus are preaching to Hindus in India. He is also travelling everywhere and preaching, not only in India. Only those sentimentalists who have full faith in you and don't go out and see what is happening believe in your statements, and so indirectly you accept them as your disciple instead of Prabhupada's. So My Krishna1008, you are doing what you are preaching ISKCON Gurus as doing?

  10. Yes, Bhakti Vikas is "preaching" -- but preaching what? -- BVKS has been "preaching" since 1977 that the GBC's guru program is bona fide. BVKS is himself voted into the GBC guru's system, a system that reinstates the worship of homosexual pedophiles as Gods' messiahs.

    And BVKS even says he cannot leave that program, and we have seen BVKS is putting his face into Jayapataka's lap (JPS is the founder father of the homosexual pedophile messiahs program). And in sum BVKS promotes the GBC's guru program, a program which promotes the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children as God's messiahs / gurus / acharyas.

    Even cannibal witch doctors do not worship illicit sex with men, women and children as their gurus? BVKS is not as advanced as the cannibal witch doctor's society?

    BVKS says he follows the tradition, and he does, he follows the tradition of less than the cannibal witch doctor's society? Witch doctors worship wonderful creations of God like the sun, a mountain, a lion, something nice, they do not worship pedophiles and deviants like the BVKS program does since 1977?

    So you are right, BVKS is preaching everywhere, he promotes the worship of deviants everywhere, and you are right, he preaches that everywhere, he is promoting these pedophile pooja people everywhere.

    He was also sitting around with Prabhavishnu smiling with him recently, another illicit sex messiah. So you are correct, BVKS is very strict, he only promotes less that cannibal society, he avoids those of us who worship pure devotees, he is with the worship of perverts society, which is less than the cannibal society.

    Some of his gurus are also touching children, I know one of his victims personally. And then we see BVKS offering obeisances to these children touching deviants posing as messiahs, he loves them.

    Again, cannibals do not worship illicit sex, thus BVKS has a long way to go -- to be as advanced as a cannibal. So we are preaching at least that we have to worship something nice, such as a pure creation of God, better yet a pure devotee, of course even the cannibal witch doctors are doing that (worship the pure creations of God).

    ISKCON in the West is dying out, the temples are empty, we have our local Berkeley temple almost bankrupt, oooops, that is because BVKS is spending 15 million dollars suing us in India. BVKS wants rats in Krishna's temples as they have in one on the West coast, because he wants chicken eating lawyers to live in mansions and not God. BVKS wants God to live in a ghetto and his lawyers to live in marble mansions. BVKS hates to see God being worshiped nicely, he has to sue that worship so he can bring in his rats on the altars program.

    I almost forgot, BVKS wants to kick out more devotees and empty more temples so Krishna can live in more ghetto conditions.

    BVKS wants his lawyers to live in mansions so he can keep Krishna living in a ghetto like conditions of some US temples. Why does BVKS envy Krishna like this? Her is so envious he is spending 15 million to make more rats on the altars programs?

    BVKS worships lawyers, he is spending more money on lawyers than he is on Krishna. He is a lawyer worshipper, that is, when he is not worshiping illicit sex with men, women and children as God's successors.

    I am going on a national TV show here in the USA, unfortunately that is what we have to tell them, these people worship illicit sex with men, women and children, and this caused major children molesting problems, and when I protested, they wanted to kill me. That is the BVKS program in a nutshell. At least I am preaching something better, and we are getting lots of people on our side. ys pd


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