Friday, January 11, 2013

Bhakta Jerek's guru is Kailash Chandra

Jerek Prabhu says he is accepting the authority of Kailash Chandra as his "guru vani." Kailasha's site is “The Real Explanation.” KCD was here with us in Santa Cruz in 1981 (?) and he predicted (because he claimed he is an all seeing astrologer) that California is going to fall into the ocean, and the mid states like Kansas are going to be the new coastline. He was holding emergency meetings here, to tell us we had weeks to get out of town or else fall into the ocean.

Of course, we are still here in California, and we have not fallen into the ocean. KCD now lives in Moab Utah, … the only place which will be on solid ground when we all fall into the ocean apparently. OK its a teeny town with nothing going on there, ok except there is a bunch of beef ranchers around and its a ski resort with almost nobody there.

Kailash took half of the money from the California farm and went off with half of the cows, where are those cows now? He has been living in various apartments, but no sign of the cows he took? The other half of the cows went to Advaita, and he used the money and bought a farm for his half of the cows and he took care of them. Kailasha’s cows have disappeared, along with the money for their care?

And KCD was married to Jadurani and he treated her far worse than dirt, which I saw personally, and is one of the reasons she ran off to Narayaana Maharaja. For the brief time Kailash returned here, he stole one the people we had made into a Prabhupadanuga and initiated him as “Riktaharsana.” OK that is the only known disciple he has, the one he stole from us.

Other than that he is like Rocana, no temples, no current guru, no books, no programs, no public kirtananas, and the guy has a tendency to grow a big beard and look like a mountain man, …. ok from Moab Utah. Hah hah, so this woman abusing non-guru idiot who is known locally as the money stealing cattle thief, who lives in fear on a mountain waiting for the flood to come, so he is not preaching in the cities anywhere, this is the guru of Bhakta Jarek, thanks for letting us know. Yes, Bhakta Jarek worships women abusing cow rustlers who are living in fear on a mountain top. That says it all! ys pd

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