Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bhakti Vikas / Rocana/ George program crumbling

Dear ******** prabhu, Thanks for your idea to have George "moderate" a discussion between us and Rocana. Fine except, George A Smith is a partisan and not unbiased? George for example still says Rocana is serving Srila Prabhupada nicely (Because Rocana supports the GBC’s guru program members like Bhakti Vikas Swami). And Rocana says all along that our idea of worship of a "departed guru" like Jesus or Srila Prabhupada is bogus and is "the posthumous guru worship deviation."

In fact, Rocana says we are like the Christians, so he is attacking the worship of Jesus as bogus as well? Of course, worship of people like Bhakti Vikas swami is fine for the Rocana project. And Rocana’s twin brother pal George says Rocana is doing nice work by promoting the BVKS molester messiahs program.

In sum promoting BVKS program is good because — BVKS is voted in by the molester messiahs project. And George just loves Rocana, because Rocana is still promoting the BVKS / homosexuals / misogynists / child molesters/ criminals /  messiahs project, because how else would the GBC / Rocana / George regime have had children mass molested, and have us dissenters murdered and so on, unless they promoted this odious regime?

They are unitedly promoting the leaders of the molester messiahs program like BVKS, who is being worshiped like Vyasadeva because he needs a Vyasapooja, ... all because BVKS is voted in by the re-coronators of the molesters as messiahs program? And we are not promoted by the GBC / BVKS / George / Rocana program because we say the promoters of the worship of the homosexual and child molester acharya's program are -- evil.

Yep, anyone who is voted in by the re-coronators of the molester gurus program are bona fide. And anyone who is voted in by a program which has as its "gurus" those who are engaged in homosexual acts with taxi drivers in the holy dham are bona fide. And the BVKS program, ... which is burying other homosexual molesters in the holy dham — ok as the BVKS program is doing, they are all bona fide in the Rocana and George scheme / program. They love the program that worships child molesters and deviants as messiahs, and they promote that program on the Rocana site. No wonder they do not like us, we are exposing them. Worse, they are now worshiping dead child molesters in the holy dham, so they can worship "departed" homosexual molesters but we cannot worship "departed" pure devotees. Notice: this is called hypocrisy.

So look at the hypocrisy of George here, on the one hand, any can worship a departed person, and in the case of the GBC / George / Rocana / BVKS program, they worship dead homosexual pedophiles in the holy dham, and that is fine for the GBC / BVKS / Rocana / George program, but on the other hand, in the case of Srila Prabhupada, we cannot worship him? Only the program that worships dead pedophiles in the holy dham is allowed on the GBC / BVKS / George / Rocana / SAMPRADAYA SUN web site?

George himself says he worships a departed woman guru from 500 years ago. He is against Srila Prabhupada being worshiped at the present time, but anyone else can be worshiped? In sum, George is a partisan who is simply against Srila Prabhupada and in favor of other gurus, including the GBC / Rocana / BVKS molester gurus. George does not even mention the name of his alleged female guru from 500 years ago, because he is not even promoting that guru either, he is basically promoting nobody, because worship of nobody is better than worship of Prabupada (which is Rocana’s idea also), that is, when they are not promoting the molester messiahs program of BVKS.

Apart from that, saying two contrary things at once is what everyone else calls “liars and hypocrites.” Which is of course why Jesus says, “Oh ye hypocrites, sons of vipers.” All this is good news, it means their arguments are crumbling, so they are basically down to name caling (agumentum ad hominem -- the last refuge of rascals). ys pd

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