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Is Bhakti Vikas mj inciting more vaisnava violence?

BVKS sannyas guru, his royal fatness.

Shameless Ritvikites


Jan 12, 2013 

The Final Order by Krishnakant Desai has been perhaps the most influential post-1977 publication in the Vaisnava world. It is the "Bible" of Ritvikites, accepted by them as the final word on guru-tattva, superseding all sastra and tradition prevenient to it.

[PD: The good news is that this shows that Rocana has been working for the GBC guru program all along, just as we figured. Its just that now: they are admitting. 

In the Rocana and Bhakti Vikas swami "guru tradition," their gurus and alleged "messiahs from heaven" have mostly fallen into illicit behaviors. If we look at the "public" comments on recent "web based" newspaper articles -- regarding the BVKS flagship program in 1986, namely New Vrndavana (West Virginia), we will see that the general public has really horrible things to say about the BVKS "guru tradition" of worship of illicit sex and criminals. In short, BVKS's program has ruined the good name of ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada and Krishna all over the world, ... is this not what is shameless

Bhakti Vikas Swami is the former "Ilapati dasa" who took his "sannyasa diksha" as "Bhakti Vikas swami" from Jayapataka swami. Isn't Jayapataka swami the original 1977 co-founder father of the odious debauchee and pedophile "acharya's" program? Was not the BVKS / Jayapataka swami "guru program" successfully sued for $400,000,000 for starving, beating, and mass molesting many of ISKCON's children after 1977? Didn't Jayapataka come to England to kick us out of ISKCON because we refused to promote the Jayapataka / BVKS program's "illicit sex and drugs messiah" namely -- "His Divine Grace Srila Jayatirtha Tirthapada Maharaja" --- whose head was later chopped off because he was having illicit sex with a disciple's wife? 

Isn't Jayapataka swami the same person whose program was orchestrating many of ISKCON's children to be starved, sometimes eating things like rotten old moldy oatmeal, and have hardly any soap and blankets for cold weather, while he was stuffing his face with 52 course feasts every day and living like a big fat slob king? And was not Bhakti Vikas Swami not far away applauding all this, and kissing the feet of the founder fathers of this pedophile messiah's project, and begging them to make him a co-member of their program

Never mind that many children in the Jayapataka swami / BVKS regime were also being physically abused, if not beaten and molested? Why would BVKS surrender to that odious program and agenda? 

And isn't Jayapataka swami one of the prominent persons who helped reinstate a known homosexual pedophile to be worshiped as their "Vishnupada" messiah in ISKCON in 1986? Isn't Jayapataka not suffering TODAY from a huge stroke illness because of his pig-like habit of eating huge multi-course feasts every day, that made him balloon up to nearly the size of an elephant, and his maybe 300 lbs of weight caused him to have this stroke? In other words, he almost killed himself by over eating like a fat slob, while children in his charge were starving. And where was BVKS while all this was going on? He was kissing the feet of child abuse program's orchestrators, and promoting them as his co-messiahs. 

And this Jayapataka swami is the person BVKS worships as his sannyasa guru, a huge fat slob who forces teeny children to worship deviants and even pedophiles as their messiahs, and whose program orchestrates that us dissenters to the BVKS / Jayapataka swami process be -- banned, if not beaten and killed

Of course Srila Prabhupada says when a guru has sex with a follower, it is the same as a father having sex with his own daughter, that would make many if not most of these post-1977 BVKS program's messiahs lineage child molesters by that definition.

Srila Prabhupada and his scriptures (shastra) say that the Lord's diksha gurus (acharyas) are always considered to be the pure representatives (personal associates) of God, just like Jesus. This of course begs the question, why is the BVKS program always saying the exact opposite of shastra? The BVKS program has been saying, basically since 1977, that God's gurus (aka personal associates) are constantly being found engaged in illicit sex, drugs if not criminal actions. The BVKS program idea is not found in any religion anywhere in the world, that the messiahs from God's Kingdom are constantly found being engaged in debauchery. In fact, even in cannibal society we do not find them worshiping debauchees as their messiahs, they are more advanced than the BVKS project. 

And yet if anyone disagrees with the BVKS program, which is vociferously insisting that God's messiahs are often debauchees, then one is a called a "shameless" deviant (and these alleged "shameless" dissenter folks have been banned, beaten and sometimes killed by the BVKS program). BVKS cannot even say he does not know his program is inciting violence and murder by calling us shameless deviants, because I told him in person that this was going on RECENTLY. 

The only good news is that on some rare occasion, the BVKS program agrees with us and the shastra and says, that is correct, the messiahs from heaven / God's personal associates / parampara acharyas / are always pure. The bad news is, at almost all other times, the BVKS program says: acharyas are often falling into illicit sex, drugs, criminal behavior, and even -- child molesting / pedophile behavior. Why is the BVKS program  saying God's personal associate acharyas are often deviants and even child molesters, and then branding anyone who disagrees as "shameless," if not rascals, offenders and so on, which can (and does) get us dissenters -- banned beaten and killed? And now BVKS wants more of that process, after the previous name calling got us people banned, beaten and killed ALREADY?

The BVKS program is for starters, promoting hypocrisy against the shastra. They are saying anyone who agrees with shastra, and the tradition of the acharyas, i.e. that the acharyas are always pure, is a shameless deviant who is then summarily banned, and can be also beaten, constantly sued, and some of these dissenters have even been killed by the BVKS "debauchees are gurus" program, simply for their crime of -- agreeing with shastra that the acharyas are pure. In other words, anyone who agrees with God, guru and shastra, that the messiahs are as pure as God, is a shameless deviant, who can be -- treated viciously, and violence has been used by the BVKS program to violently enforce their idea that debauchees are their messiahs.

This is why we call the BVKS program "The Enforced Cult Ritualistic Worship of Homosexual Pedophile Messiahs Program." This program is violently ENFORCED, and BVKS is one of their scriptural writer ENFORCERS, and Rocana is their side door ally. When the BVKS program is saying that anyone who agrees with Srila Prabhupada and shastra --- that the guru must be pure -- is "shameless" (i.e. a rascal, deviant, renegade, offender, demon etc.) -- this is how these ISKCON leaders like BVKS can get anyone who agrees with Srila Prabhupada -- banned, beaten, sued and sometimes -- killed. In sum, BVKS is like the Joesph Goebbels of post-1977 ISKCON, he is writing their defense arguments. 

Already BVKS has the blood of countless vaishnavas on his hands for his promoting this bogus regime, apparently he wants us to give even more blood by his calling us shameless deviants -- which he knows very well can (and has) gotten our people killed, his hands are not full of enough of our blood already? Is this not shameless? 

And according to BVKS best friend Jayadvaita swami (Jay Israel of Alachua Florida), many of their acharya / messiahs from heaven have fallen and "engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children." In other words, in "the tradition" of BVKS, most of the time, the acharya is a debauchee. The GBC also voted to reinstate a known homosexual pedophile as their acharya in 1986, and those are the same people who voted to make BVKS a guru. 

That means BVKS is certified as a guru by accepting his guru title from the SAME identical people who are the founder fathers and enforcers of the worship of deviants, and even pedophiles, as God's messiahs. Hence, the only reason BVKS is a guru today is that he accepts the authority of, and guru certification of, the same identical people who founded, established, enforced and even reinstated the worship of deviants and even pedophiles as ISKCON's messiahs and acharyas after 1977.

And for the record no, Krishna Kanta's work is not the Bible of the ritviks, there are dozens of papers that have been written on this topic starting at least a decade before the TFO, and TFO is simply one of them. TFO borrows from hundreds of articles that were written in the Vedic Village Review in the 1980s and so on. The idea that the acharyas are not engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children is not soley the idea of Krishna Kanta either, it is the idea of billions of religious people all over the planet?

BVKS: In August 2012, Rocana dasa published Defeat of Ritvik-vada, a comprehensive rebuttal of Krishnakant's Final Order (actually it is his so-called final order, and not that of Srila Prabhupada). Employing the same legalistic style as that of TFO, DOR thoroughly exposes the convoluted illogic, speculation, and outright dishonesty that comprises TFO.

[PD: So Krishna Kanta and all of us do not want to worship BVKS program of illicit sex with men, women and children as the Lord's successors and gurus / acharyas / messiahs, rather we want to worship the pure devotee Srila Prabhupada instead, so we are "dishonest"? Well that makes almost all the entire world population dishonest, because none of them want to worship BVKS illicit sex as their messiahs project either?]

BVKS: So far there has not been a formal reply from any of the various Ritvikite camps. If any of these camps -- or Krishnakant himself, as the prime apostle of Ritviksm -- has any response to DOR, then let's hear it. Or please let it be known if you are in the process of framing a reply.

[PD: False, the ritviks have posted many replies to Rocana on our own sites, he does not allow posts of our replies, its a kangaroo court.]

BVKS: Totally ignoring the fact that their manifesto has been trounced, the Ritvikites continue to spout their dogma as if it were axiomatic truth, and to viciously berate anyone who does not accept it. Undoubtedly there are serious problems in the Vaisnava world today, and those concerning the role of guru are prominent. But DOR has shown that Ritvikism cannot be a solution, but simply adds to the confusion. Ritvikites should admit defeat. That they continue to flaunt their doctrine simply attests to their fanaticism and shamelessness.

[PD: Yep, anyone who does not want to worship the BVKS molester messiahs program is an offender, does not follow shastra, is dogmatic, is a fanatic, is shameless, is a rascal, deviant, and in sum, is a person who should be, can be (and has been) banned, beaten and killed for being an offender. Why does BVKS think he is authorized to have vaishnavas banned, beaten, sued and assassinated -- by his use of this rhetoric? PADA thought the GBC was going to pull back from this rhetoric, instead, they are doubling down? Actually this is good news, it means, they cannot touch our arguments, all the can do is call us names, same as they have done all along since 1978. ys pd] 


  1. Jayatirtha left Iskcon and proclaimed himself Jesuas Christ. That has nothing to do with Iskcon. Similarly there are countless faults with the article. In Iskcon when a Guru or sannyasi is found to have fallen he is never really trusted again-and occasionaly this is sad because his fall was one breif accidental fall with woman-but in Iskcon it is taken so serious by rank and file devotees you can hardly imagine it. If the devotee writing above knew this...but his motivation is to wipe Iskcon away.

  2. I am talking about way before he left, he was taking drugs and having sex with followers, I protested and the GBC kicked me out. I was also not reinstated, that means they still think they are right to promote illicit sex and drugs as God's successors, they never even apologized. ys pd

  3. He fell with more than one woman, he was killed for having sex with the wife of a follower. ys pd

  4. The mismanagers of Iskcon will try to justify themselves by any number of really ridiculous defences which on the surface one could believe if they are not grounded in Srila Prabhupada's instructions. They are easily swayed by smooth words by these propagators of their own positions as "authorities". They are basically USING Prabhupada's writings and twisting his meanings so that THEY can exploit the new devotees for as long and as much as they can before spitting them out if they dare to want to really know the truth.

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    1. Your name says how serious we must take your comments

  6. Karma is real. Isnt it ironic that big fat Jayapataka who stuffed his face with 52 course meals while children were being starved now cant even feed himself OR CLOSE HIS OWN MOUTH... his mouth now wont close, his face is twisted....OH THE IRONY! Thats what happens when you overeat and deny children food- the face you stuffed is now paralyzed. That is karma. .......

    Pada writes: "[...] Isn't Jayapataka swami the same person whose program was orchestrating many of ISKCON's children to be starved, sometimes eating things like rotten old moldy oatmeal, and have hardly any soap and blankets for cold weather, while he was stuffing his face with 52 course feasts every day and living like a big fat slob king?[...]"


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