Sunday, January 6, 2013

BEWARE! Mayapura Apartment Scam!


I just wanted to give you a heads up on a couple of local bengali indian "devotees" in the Mayapur area that both have apartments they are renting out to western devotees. Feel free to post this warning on your website so that honest people can be warned about them.

The first "devotee" is named Rasabihari dasa and he has a new apartment building in the Gournagar area of Mayapur (about 5 minutes walk out of the main gate, towards the Yogapith side). His apartment building is named Nilamadhav Bhavan. I was staying in his building for a year, and he tried to extort money from me in various ways, and towards the end even threatened to file a false case against me if I did not pay him a huge amount of money. He also claims to have connections to the local mafia. It is sad that there are so many cheaters in the holy dhams but this is the reality we have to deal with. Many of the local bengali indian devotees are very dishonest people, but I am just giving my own experience with the two that I had the most interaction with.

And then the second devotee is named Madan Gopal dasa, who is a longterm resident of Mayapur and is well known amongst the local bengali devotees. He has a house in the same area called the Gour Nitai Bhavan. His wife is the sister of Rasabihari dasa, which is how they are connected.

I had believed that Madan Gopal dasa was an honest person but I turned out to be wrong on that count. He not only did not defend me from the criminal corruption of his brother in law Rasabihari but actively supported him later on in his campaign to try to extort money from me.

This is the nature of modern India, most indians have no character or integrity at all, they only care about money and will do anything to earn it. India has a reputation for being one of the most corrupt countries on earth and it is well deserved.

So I am just giving you this warning so that other devotees will avoid these two criminals and feel free to post this on your site, if you'd like.

Thank you.

With regards,
Krishna dasa

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