Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gaudiya renegades / Bhakta Jarek

Puranjana dasa says: 

Srila Prabhupada: There are many renegades from the Brahma-sampradāya whose only business is to make men more forgetful of the Lord and thus entangle them more and more in material existence. Such persons are never dear to the Lord, and the Lord sends them deeper into the darkest region of matter so that such envious demons may not be able to know the Supreme Lord.

Anyone, however, preaching the mission of the Lord in the line of the Brahma-sampradāya is always dear to the Lord, and the Lord, being satisfied with such a preacher of the authorized bhakti cult, shakes hands with him in great satisfaction.

[PD: And this verse above we cited here augments the quotes Mahesh prabhu gave, i.e. these renegades are trying to get people to forget the Lord and his dear most servant Srila Prabhupada. And so we find that these renegades, ok like the GBC folks, their writers like Ravindra Swarupa, many Narayana Maharaja folks, and of course Rocana and his clones, they refer to Srila Prabhupada as: posthumous, post-samadhi, post mortem and and so on and so forth.

As Srila Prabhupada says, these Gaudiya Matha’s “living guru” renegade folks idea has been “kill guru and become guru.” So this “killing of guru” may be performed with their poisonous preaching that the guru is posthumous, dead and gone, …. so follow me, I am the living Mr. GBC guru or Mr. Rocana, I am the wonderful living body.

However, as George A. Smith pointed out quite nicely, even a primate has a living body, however that does not make him a guru. The quote above and Mahesha’s quotes are all stern warnings on all this, these renegades who preach that guru is dead are “kill guru and become guru,” they are not only very sinful people, in fact they are the most sinful people on the planet “these rogues are the most dangerous elements in human society.” They are destined for the lowest regions, for their process of “making people forget” God and guru. ys pd

bhakta jarek says: The whole ritvik ferment needed of course it’s time to be born out of B.R. Sridhar Swamis mind (it took whole 10 years, ....

Puranjana dasa says: Thanks Bhakta Jarek. Yes, this is getting a little ritvik-diculous, these folks never EVER tell us whose “worship of the sum total of the demigods acharya” system they do follow? We are at least worshiping a pure devotee, whereas the GBC and Gaudiya Matha folks are saying that is complete madness, ok, but they are apparently worshiping nobody whatsoever? They always forgot to tell us — who or whom should be worshiped instead of our idea at the present time?

If our promoting Srila Prabhupada is not the correct idea, then they have to prove that by showing us the correct instruction and current example of the system they are describing, but they and their parrots like Rocana, George A. Simth and all their assembled living guru’s King’s hoses and King’s men, cannot put their living guru humpty dumpty together, at all, they never show us where the right idea is being implemented. Ever!

And thanks for agreeing with what we are saying about Sridhara Maharaja — in fact what we said all along about Sridhara Maharaja, that means you are agreeing with us. You say that the GBC gurus are all totally bogus because all the GBC’s gurus went to Sridhara in 1978. We agreed with that a long time ago, we never said we supported Sridhara Maharaja and his zonal guru ideas etc. Yes, you are agreeing with what we say.

So now you are with us, both Sridhara Maharaja and the GBC gurus are all bogus for stating that the founder father (SM) of the 1936 homosexual guru imbroglio is their “Higher Authority” — as the GBC gurus did in the 1978 documents. Incidently the GBC gurus never officially recanted all these documents co-penned between them and Sridhara Maharaja, for example, their joint 1980 paper the GBC wrote with Sridhara “The Mahajanas Have Difficulties,” perhaps the most offensive document ever produced by anyone.

We already said a long time ago that the GBC agrees with Sridhara — and so they are bogus? You are agreeing with what we said the whole time. That also means you are agreeing with us, both the GBC and the Gaudiya Matha living gurus are bogus, since they collaborated together. Yes, you are right, Sridhara’s telling the GBC to vote in gurus is bogus, and so we are not connected to Sridhara and his promoting of the GBC’s zonal gurus etc.

What we are asking everyone now is, who should be promoted as the acharya instead? How come these people never, never, never, never, never — tell us the name of the guru we should now be promoting? Sorry, we are not going to worship, nobody and nothing as they are promoting. Thanks for giving credit to the ritviks, yes, we are the original people to show that the Sridhara / GBC guru system is bogus. We exposed that way back in 1984 with mine and Sulochana’s writings. No one else was exposing this bogus connection — except us. Thanks for giving us credit here. ys pd

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