Monday, January 7, 2013

Open Letter To Bhakti Vikas Swami


January 8, 2013

from Brahmananda Puri das
At what point does it become “One Iskcon” when two very diverging forces collide, the force of disobeying Prabhupad’s GBC directives regarding the DOM by the GBC, and the force of those who would have them strictly obey those directives. In the first instance the GBC stands clearly guilty of gross rejection of Prabhupada’s orders and of abusing the whole of Iskcon even to the present day.

You, Bhakti Vikasa Swami, are among that GBC number.

Yes, you are now making overtures towards those who are presenting the “opposition” to GBC power-grubbing and all the rest ... and that is certainly a step in the right direction. But it can never be “One Iskcon” playing tiddly-winks with the devil. You say you want no part in their worldly charitable activities for the sake of getting general public approval. Is that all you object to?

Is that all you want to disassociate yourself with? How about bringing to light the need for public repentance by the GBC and an accountable renunciation of all their power and money-grubbing just to mention a few items. At what point can it be “One Iskcon” with all the culprits still holding Iskcon hostage to their heavy-handed domination? What “One Iskcon” are you talking about with all the cronies up on top still dictating their false doctrines to the unsuspecting newcomers?

I personally don’t want any part of a “One Iskcon” that includes any of those presently in GBC power occupying any position of power and authority in Iskcon. Since they, or should I say, you all claim to be so advanced due to the positions you have usurped by devious maneuvers, why don’t you prove your advancement by stepping down and acknowledging your mismanagement. Or is all this business of “One Iskcon” just a little pat on the head so that those that accuse you will say you’re OK to go ahead and continue your tyrranical and mundane rule over a spiritual society over which you cannot rule and which you insist on ravaging and exploiting to the last dregs as far as you can go?

No, there cannot be “One Iskcon” on that basis. There can only be “Real Iskcon” with all the rascal GBCs out of their present positions and all management done strictly according to Prabhupada’s directions subject to the review of all devotees, not just the perpetually self-appointed ones. Sooner or later these will be defeated by Krsna’s directive, so best to be right with Prabhupada or face the consequences of having displeased the pure devotee ...a terrible fate to consider.

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