Saturday, March 17, 2012

How the Prabhupadanugas will win

The rtiviks are winning this whole dispute anyway. Look at the first  living guru maniac on the block, Tamal Krishna Goswami. Does anyone worship him now? Hardly no one does. OK maybe a few people do. Does anyone even discuss him now? Hardly ever, except to say he is the founder father of the homosexual meassiahs program. Has anyone hardly even heard Tamal's name lately? Nope. He is irrelevant, personna non grata. Nobody now cares for him because he preached that you need a living person, so when he died, people abandoned his program an went elsewhere. His program fizzled.

Gaura Govinda maharaha? I saw e-mails from his group recently, he has maybe fifty followers there, who were calling each other names and complaining their group is "small and always fighting." Does anyone care about him anymore? Nope. Discuss him anymore etc.? Nope. And how many worship him now? Hardly nobody. Look at most of these other gurus like Harikesha, Ramesvara, Bhagavan, Satsvarupa, Ravindra swarupa, Prithu, Rohini Kumar, Trivrikrama and so many others, do they have any substantial following? Hardly any.

Do they have a large following? No way Jose! Look at the empty USA temples, there is hardly anyone there. Berkeley has maybe ten people for the past 15 years, its a ghost town. San Francisco has no temple at all. Los Angeles has some imported people from Latin America the former Soviet Union, even then -- there is not many folks there either. Westerners from the USA are not joining in any numbers, maybey they get a few here and there. OK its dead as a doornail. New York has to run a Bingo hall to collect money, there is not enough devotees there to collect funds (ok book distribution is down to a trickle).

Satsvarupa was living atop a shop in a small apartment with a few people who were writing that "no one is donating funds to the Satsvarupa maintenence program." Duh. Nobody cares for him either. Who wants to donate money to print books like "Sanitorium, how me and my therapist became sexual lovers." Nobody cares. Boston temple has reportly got rats in the basement and not enough money to clean the place up. New Vrndavana is falling aprt, Gita Nagari looks like a trash heap, and one farm sold their cows for slaughter because there was no one left. Their program is dying. Our program is growing because we do not worhip one temporary person for a few years, we worship the eternal pure devotee Srila Prabhupada. So we will  continue to grow, they will continue to die, and when their leaders die look at what happen, their program fizzles, so its just a question of time and we win. ys pd  


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  2. Right, this is present ISKCON, unless false gurus die nothing happens. And when such a "guru" dies, they immediately hurry to another living "guru". Wonder what these folks are good for anyway?
    As soon you tell them to worship Prabhupada they are gone for another maha-kalpa (311.04 trillion human years)...

  3. I wonder what was the comments written which was removed by the author and why ?

  4. Yes! The ritviks are winning because the truth always wins out in the end. Our choices are to be a bystander, to be on the losing team (the ritvik bashers), or to be on the winning team (the ritviks)! :-)


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