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Gaura Govinda folks 03/07/12

Dear Puranjan: Hari Haribol. Well, it seems that we are progressing. We simply have to use some logic and sound intellectual honesty. The first thing to be understood is that NOBODY SUPPORTS ILLICIT CONNECTIONS WITH MEN OR WOMEN, AND ALL THE MORE WITH CHILDREN... except maybe for those who are doing the same thing and think it is right.

[PADA: Sorry, the GBC has penned many documents since 1977 explaining their idea: that vaishnava gurus in our parampara are falling down (ok, and into illicit sex). And this has gone on since 1979, with the Jayatirtha event (I was there), then the Ramesvara with Rukmini event, then the Bhavananada with taxi drivers event, and many similar "falling down acharyas" events have been going on. Indeed, by now most of the post-1978 "gurus" that the GBC "voted in" are now gone, in case you have not noticed. If this corrupt policy of "making conditioned souls into acharyas" is not supported by the majority of folks in official ISKCON today, why is this deviation still going on full tilt, and the Prabhavishnu event is still unraveling as we speak? And why does no one seem to know that it is an offense to say the eternally pure guru chain (parampara) from Krishna is contaminated with illicit sex in the first place? And why are you saying this is all old news from 30 years ago, when the Prabhavishnu scandal is just brewing up today as we speak? (Many other related corruptions in Australia are now being exposed on the web site). How can we say God's successor gurus are debauchees? Is this not an grevious insult to God?

Anyway fair enough, maybe "not everyone" supports their documents, or their "guru by 2/3 show of hands votes" process etc., but clearly the majority of official ISKCON members do -- or this deviation would have been contained long ago. Nor do we see written "counterpoint position papers" being written -- to explain that this policy of "falling down acharyas" is the mad elephant offense -- to consider that gurus are conditioned souls who fall down, where are the counterpoint papers? Which people disagree? How do we know they disagree, since we do not see opposing documents stating that they disagree? If this were an actual court case, the judge would ask you to provide evidence that any of these people disagree with the GBC's numerous documents? I am not seeing counterpoint documents? Perhaps you could show us where they are? You claim people disagree with the GBC policy, but you cannot name them? This is not solid reasoning at all.

As for the GBC's written documents, for example in 1980 the GBC authorized Satsvarupa, Jaggaisha and Jayadvaita swami to put together the GBC's first major "Guru Tattva" paper entitled "The Mahajanas Have Difficulties" wherein they basically said the failure of the various 11 is not a surprise since the mahajanas are often having similar failures. No one (except us Prabhupadanugas?) ever even bothered to refute that paper that I know of? And instead of refuting such bogus documents, GGM has been "working with" the same people who write these bogus insults and attacks on the mahajanas? It seems you are also working with that party? It does not matter if the paper was written in the past, no one has ever countered it ever, except us? No one has addressed the main content of these papers, that the GBC has been saying since 1978 that acharyas and mahajanas are in material illusion because they are materially conditioned souls? Where is this being countered, by saying the GBC is bogus to state these things?

As far as we know, merely this one mahajana paper example -- out of numerous similar odious papers -- has never been refuted, corrected, withdrawn, recanted, and in sum nothing was ever done to rectify these evil ideologies. So these GBC writers are kicking the mahajanas in the head, and then GGM's idea is -- we have to "cooperate and work with" these odious position paper writing folks, who insult the mahajanas in writing? Why are we "working with" the identical people who write vicious attacks on the mahajanas? Maybe "not everyone" agrees with these odious position papers, but who is writing a refution (apart from us)? And GGM refused to write a counterpoint position paper when I asked him to. Why? If he is opposed, why is he afraid to make a public document expressing his opposition? This makes GGM appear as compromised.

So the GBC justifies all the illicit behavior within their bogus post-1977 acharyas by saying that gurus and indeed even the mahajanas, are either "sometimes" or "often" -- failing into illusion. As for the quote that the GBC's gurus often fail by engaging in illicit sex with men, women and children, this came from the GBC's top-most editor / writer / guru / spokesman Jayadvaita swami, the same author of the mahajana's attack paper. Jayadvaita is also the main editor of the ISKCON BTG which is full of deviated articles for the past 35 years. Who is opposing all this bogus propaganda? I am not seeing it?

So the mahajana attack document is merely one out of numerous written public papers, as are piles of similar GBC "annual reports" wherein they commonly say: This guru failed, that guru failed etc. They just now wrote more propaganda that Prabhupadavishnu was a guru -- and he too failed. There are literally piles of documents and letters where the GBC's members either individually or collectively claim that gurus fail. In 1986 the GBC even wrote in their "Back To Godhead" that Kirtanananda is like Jesus. Has this article ever been publicly dis-mantled, recanted and exposed as fraudulent? Is there an apology to Jesus? Where? And where is the written explanation that the author namely Satsvarupa Das Goswami and the BTG publishers in Alachua are wrong to have promoted these types of deviant writings in the first place? And what about the resultant criminal beatings, molesting of children and murders -- due to people like GGM promoting the GBC guru sabha? And why is no one taking responsibility for these reactions? Or who is?

No public explanation has ever been given that we know of? Why was Kirtanananda being advertised as another Jesus in ISKCON's primary public publications, when a few of your own GGM folks admit it was well known that some of these 11 people had homosexual tendencies before 1977? Which is why -- I was told in 1971 that Kirtanananda Swami is "Queer-tan-anda." Again, why is GGM "working with" the SAME people who are advertising false messiahs with known deviant tendencies as -- another Jesus? And in writing? Why aren't the authors of these bogus articles removed from posts of authority? Why are we "working with them" instead of exposing them? Why are you defending these people?

Sorry, the GBC not only says gurus have illicit sex with men, women and children in written documents, they cover up for these deviants just like they covered-up for Kirtanananda, Jayatirtha, Satsvarupa, Umapati, Param Gati, and for the past 12 years -- Prabhavishnu, ad infinitum. I was reporting Umapati episodes ten years ago, but he was only removed recently. So they are supporting illicit sex in the role of acharyas, and there are many examples of that, including that GGM was voted in when they were papering over "Bhavananda's illicit sex with taxi drivers" problem and GGM thus participated in that cover up attempt.

And of course, lets not forget that I get death threats all the time for my saying gurus do not engage in illicit sex, and these threats come from the same group of people GGM has been cooperating with and which he supported. I am still getting these threats as of last week. Who authorized you folks to cooperate with the people who are beating, killing and threatening us with death?]

*** The rest of the ISKCON as well as GBC members, which includes an immense majority of sane people, faithful to Srila Prabhupada and dedicated to his service, does not!

[PADA: Wrong. I asked GGM to write a paper saying -- gurus do not engage in illicit sex (with men, women and children) and he refused to do that. I have asked most of the other GBC members for the past 30 years, either individually or collectively, to write such counter papers, they never do. In fact, they have never even wrote an apology for their 1980s mahajana's attack paper, their first rattle out of the box? If any GBC has wrote a paper saying gurus do not engage in illicit sex, and the rest of the GBC is thus bogus to promote these odious ideas and position papers, I have never seen such documents? You say many people disagree, but you show no evidence that they do?

Show me these alleged counter papers if any exist? I think you are bluffing, I have never seen individual GBCs, or the whole body, write a paper saying the GBC is bogus to say gurus engage in illicit sex, except perhaps someone like Hanasadutta who wrote that -- after I preached to him for five years -- to do so. Of course he was excommunicated for writing that gurus do not engage in illicit sex. Which GBC has wrote a paper refuting the preaching that gurus have illicit sex, or refuting the 1980 mahajana's attack paper, or refuting the stacks of GBC reports which say that vaishnava gurus fall down left, right and center etc? Where are these counter point position papers or documents found? And why are you not showing us where they are, and telling us who penned them? You claim people do not agree with all these GBC documents, who are they? And why does GGM cooperate with the authors of these bogus documents?]

*** So, after 1977, the lie which was prevailing within ISKCON was that Srila Prabhupada had nominated 11 successors, called zonal acaryas, who were actually the 11 rittviks, whom he had nominated to perform the initiation ceremonies, when Srila Prabhupada couldn't travel so much anymore (except for Vrindavana, since he was present in the Dhama). This lie was imposed by the 11, upon other GBC members and then to the whole of ISKCON.

[PADA: Right, and I stood up right at the start in 1979 and said this guru appointment is a big lie, because Jayatirtha is engaged in illicit sex and drugs, so he is not a guru. Whereas GGM was still propping up this "big lie" of the guru appointment all the way up to 1993 by saying the biggest liar Tamal has to stay. Why do the liars have to stay and those of us who are truthful have to be beaten with shoes and excommunicated, like I was? I said Jayatirtha is engaged in illicit sex and drugs, so he is not a guru, but GGM supported the people who kept him in that post. And GGM continued to support these liars and supporters of debauchees as acharyas until 1993, and probably past then.

Then again, GGM wrote a "Guru Tattva" paper for the GBC saying that (GBC) gurus are sometimes demons. I know, since his followers handed me that document when I met with him and they told me GGM wrote that for the GBC. So why is GGM promoting people who are making demons into gurus, and writing papers to help them? And GGM is thus supporting what he himself says is a -- demon guru sabha? And he advises in his document, that when you find out the gurus (that he is working with) are demons, pray to Krishna to save you. Krishna has to save us from GGM and his bogus guru sabha? So I can rob banks, shoot at people, and tell these people "just pray to God to save you," while I am shooting at them? You people make no sense at all? Where in the Vedas are we told to cooperate with bogus gurus and then tell the victims to pray for relief? This is like blaming God for their victimization.]

*** Again, kindly remember that Srila Gour Govinda Maharaja was allowed to accept disciples (and not voted in as guru) in 1985 and not in 1986, which is only the year when he was invited to become part of the GBC. Hence, it is understandable that as a new member, he didn't have much say at that time. So you cannot blame him for decisions that were made that year, by a majority of members, without the approval of the minority.

[PADA: I am blaming GGM for "cooperating and working with" with the recoronation of a known homosexual posing as an acharya project? I was in the minority, and I still complained, he could have done what I did? This was a test of leadership, and he failed the test. The GBC in 1986 re-instated a person who was widely known to be having oral sex with taxi drivers in the holy dham. It does not matter if one is a "new" or "old" member of the oral sex with taxi drivers guru sabha?
Sorry, shastra says one have to be independent and oppose these odious deviations, as I was doing in 1986. Of course the thanks I got for my opposing the GGM illicit sex guru sabha was -- that Sulochana was killed and the FBI saved my life at the last moment by alerting the Berkeley police "Puranjana is next on their hit list." The police had to save me from being chased with baseball bats etc.

GGM has no authority to cooperate with these people who are killing us, period. There are also no examples of any bona fide devotee in all the Vedic shastras who "cooperated" with the people who are recoronating illicit sex with taxi drivers into the post of Vishnupada acharyas. No bona fide devotees, nor acharyas, nor sudra vaishnavas, indeed even the worst drunkards in Vedic times, they never cooperated with the worship of illicit sex with taxi driver acharya sabhas like GGM does.]

*** You have to understand that the GBC works in a so called democratic way, which means that they vote to make decisions... If a majority is in favor of a resolution, then it passes. Otherwise, it doesn't!

[PADA: I have no interest in democratic resolutions by people who are writing attacks on the mahajanas and recoronating homosexuals as their Vishnupadas? Who cares what these people say, write or vote for? Who cares what the illicit sex with men, women and children acharyas program says, at all? I simply repeat what Srila Prabhupada says, and he says -- this illicit sex guru process is a deviation. A sannyasa is supposed to be independent so he can speak the truth, but GGM told me he could not write a paper because he was muzzled due to cooperating with the evil doers. So GGM told me, he was unable to write, whereas I have been writing the whole time and many people accept these writings now. Of course at this point I can be justifiably critical of GGM because he is a prime example of a person who: Cooperates with the evil messiahs program; And he gets voted in by them; And he assisted their recoronating of their worst Andy Warhol-pada; And he wrote papers for them; And GGM stood up to keep them in power, and we were getting beaten and killed as a result etc. I can easily say GGM was wrong because, he could easily have done what I did, write counter papers?]

*** However, as everywhere else, charismatic personalities may influence a number of weaker or less decisive members...

[PADA: Mundane charisma? This has no bearing on repeating what the acharya says? I am repeating what the acharya says and am thus getting results. I have no interest in mundane charisma, or not charisma, this has no bearing on us repeating what the acharyas say. And the acharyas say: that GGM's illicit sex acharyas club is bogus, period. There are big gurus in India with millions of followers, they have more charisma than all the GBC put together, but they do not have the absolute truth. So we do not care for charisma, we care for the words of the acharyas. In fact there are rock and roll stars who have more followers than the GBC ever will have, so what?]

*** Hence, even though the system may appear to be imperfect, as most devotees, including yourself, are still conditioned souls, this is nevertheless the system Srila Prabhupada has set in place to administrate ISKCON.

[PADA: OK, you keep saying the GBC "administers" their acharyas, starting with -- voting them in, and then there are censures, temporary suspensions, monitoring groups, even excommunications and so on. Sorry, the GBC is not the boss of the acharyas? Worse you are saying the bosses of the acharyas are imperfect? This makes no sense, the acharya is beyond defects, so he has to get his marching orders from the illicit sex with men, women and children acharya's sabha, which you say herein is imperfect? How can the perfect take orders from the imperfect? And why was GGM basically telling me he was muzzled from writing because he is under the authority of these imperfect beings? Which previous acharyas said they had to operate under the authority of a managerial body of materially conditioned souls? GGM is a guru, so he has to cooperate and work with and be subordinated to -- conditioned souls who are recoronating homosexuals as Vishnupada? Even my trash man would never cooperate with the recoronation of homosexuals as messiahs.]

*** Srila Bhaktisiddantha wanted to do the same, but his disciples disobeyed him and rather chose a successor acarya, who fell down later on. As a result, the Gaudiya Math was dismantled and so many smaller independent mathas were created, under the jurisdiction of different disciples of Srila Bhaktisiddantha Sarasvati Thakur Maharaja Prabhupada.

[PADA: Right, an administration council is like for example the Protestant church council. The members of that council "vote in" local priests, regional managers, and other members, as well as -- censure them, suspend them, and so on, ... how does this apply to gurus and acharyas? Sometimes a church council makes a blunder and re-instates a deviant priest and they get chastised and even sued for that, but under the GGM plan, it is the acharyas and messiahs who are deviating and getting re-instated? That means GGM is saying the priest and the acharyas are on the same level?]

*** So, rather than seeing ISKCON split up, as the Gaudiya Matha did, in so many mathas, Srila Prabhupada did want all of us to work under the jurisdiction of the GBC, which is a collective managerial board.

[PADA: Which previous acharyas worked under a managerial body? And why have none of you answered this for the past 35 years? ISKCON has also ALREADY split up: Jayatirtha ran off with hundreds of followers; Most of Harikesha's followers blooped; Many people ran off to Narayana Maharaja; Then we have BV Tripurari, Paramadvaita, Govinda maharaja and many others who have their own independent programs, and thousands just blooped, some became Christians, and so forth. The temples are basically empty in the USA, as Lokanatha swami said in 1988 "the temples are skeleton crew." Of course now we have the ritvik camp, and we are being attacked and sued because of our view that acharyas are not debauchees.]

[PADA: Now you are arguing with yourself: (A) The GBC votes in acharyas and parampara members. (B) These acharyas write papers. (C) Most people do not accept the words of these acharyas, and this is because the words of the acharyas are defective. (D) Therefore you are saying the words of the acharyas are defective and can be accepted and rejected because the words of the acharyas are mundane words? (E) Therefore you are commiting the mad elephant offense of saying acharyas are ordinary men whose words are full of defects.
You have turned the Vedic process upside down, the Isopanisad says Vedic knowledge DESCENDS from the acharyas, you are saying that Vedic knowledge ASCENDS from the layman, the rank and file, who determine whether "what the acharya says" is true or not? This makes no sense? The temple pot washer is higher than the acharyas because he decides whether the acharyas are speaking correctly? How can we run a society where every layman in the society can challenge what the acharyas are saying, and pick and choose their statements? This is sahajiya, the sahajiyas pick and choose quotes from the Vedas and they follow what they want and discard the rest, Srila Rupa Goswami calls this selective citations "utpat" -- a disturbance.

OK, and this is what the GBC says all along. Jayatirtha is a guru, but you had better not follow his idea to smoke pot! Meanwhile -- anyone who says he is not a guru, is excommunicated? Why are you people working with these twisted and concoted ideas about the parampara? Where is any of this found in our parampara? The acharya is pure, the acharya is writing papers, but anyone who accepts his words or his papers is a fool who should be excommunicated? Where do you find any of this in the Vedas?

Anyway, this is good progress, now you are saying gurus are mundane men and we can accept or reject their words because the words of guru are mundane and defective. You say, in ISKCON some people accept the words of the GBC's acharyas, some do not, because the words of the acharyas are relative mundane truth. Accepting and rejecting is of course the main process of mundane speculation. Now you are saying anyone can pick and choose whatever words he wants to from the acharyas, its all mundane speculation in the first place. Some accept, some do not, because this is all relative truth. Srila Prabhupada says this is mental speculation -- which is a form of gambling, some of your gurus words are true, some are not, but no one is allowed to discriminate because then they will be banned?
The brand new devotees and bhaktas can cherry pick and chose whatever words they want to from the acharyas, because you say some can accept and some do not have to, then that means -- the individual bhakta is a higher authority than the acharya? Where is any of this mentioned in the Vedas? To sum, you say some people can accept and some can reject the words of guru, this means "some people" are now the higher authority than the acharyas? The mass of rank and file bhaktas are higher than the acharya? You are defeating the entire authority of the Vedas, the bhaktas can select what they want to accept, and reject the rest? And how can we manage a society wherein each individual can reject the acharya's words and make himself a higher authority than the acharyas?

And your other idea is that the acharya is now all of a sudden subordinated to the mundane influenced, charismatic, conditioned souls, ok and even illicit sex and drugs, -- managerial body? This is of course, blasphemy against the Vedic culture. In Vedic culture no one is allowed to say that the words of guru are something we can disagree with, discard, argue with, reject, and so forth. Yet you also have not shown any evidence that the GBC individually or collectively disagrees with their theme (and your theme) that the words of guru are defective and can be discarded? And lets take one example, Jayadvaita swami, he says gurus engage in illicit sex with men, women and children, and now his followers are becomming his guru successors, so that means they will also be preaching that gurus are debauchees, why is this being allowed by individual GBCs or their group? OK a few of you disagree, but the main society is forced to accept while you remain acquiescing?

Where is your counter paper to the bogus mahajanas paper even? You have not shown me where these bogus documents have been formally rejected, and corrected? How do we know people do not accept these ideas unless they make a formal statement to that effect? And what difference does it make if they disagree, but they never say so? Suppose a crowd of people watches silently as the hang-man is hanging me? They know I am innocent, but they never speak up? What difference to me does that make? I will die by their silence. Maunam samyam raksati. Silence means protection (of evil). You claim many do not agree, but if we see no documented evidence of that, what is the use? The common man thinks they agree because they see no evidence they disagree?]

*** Nevertheless, we have to tolerate, for some time, what we may consider (or what may objectively be at times), wrong decisions, till we can reform them IN A VAISHNAVA WAY, within the institution, with the help and by the grace of Srila Prabhupada and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

[PADA: ISKCON is not being reformed from within, rather their gurus keep falling left, right and center, and then pressure on these deviations is exerted by folks like us from outside. This pattern is not being changed by the GBC gurus from within. Even Badrinarayan dasa wrote recently -- that as long as our gurus keep falling, we GBC will have no credibility. He is right. Rather we Prabhupadanugas are the ones who are reforming ISKCON by making a paralell ISKCON which worships the pure devotees and not the GBC and their debauchees guru process. Everyone is talking about us ritviks nowadays because we are making headway, and we are forcing many in ISKCON to admit that their guru process is defective.]

*** That is our austerity. For that we also have to develop both tolerance and humility, both qualities which are required to chant the Holy Name purely and thereby become eligible to go back home, back to Godhead...

[PADA: Draupadi complained in the bogus Kaurava assembly of her time: that the people who remain silent and tolerate her being insulted are fully implicated in her being insulted. Srila Prabhupada says, that is when Krishna decided all of those Kauravas and their assistants who remained silent and tolerated her insult, they would all have to die for such sinful "silent acquiescing." We are not supposed to sit back and allow people to insult the acharyas. This is sinful. This makes Krishna angry. So when GGM says we have to cooperate and tolerate the people who are attacking the mahajanas etc., this is the same principle as offending Draupadi.]

*** Otherwise, it is easy to fight like cats and dogs, all the more in this age of quarrel and hypocrisy, Kali yuga. This requires no qualifications. In this way, it is very easy to blame and insult everyone around, become a separatist and create some havoc...

[PADA: Right, well we are not only getting blamed and insulted, we are getting beaten, chased with baseball bats, and assassinated.]

*** You know that ISKCON has been operating for many years Food For Life on a worldwide scale. ISKCON is also distributing millions of meals in Indian schools, through the midday meal program. So, there is no question of not supporting or stopping the distribution of prasadam, both to the children and the needy, or whoever else can be graced in this way.

[PADA: No, the leaders of ISKCON have spent $12,000,000 dollars on lawsuits, which they could have used instead to have fixed all their rotting out temples over here in the usa with that money. They have a clear policy of making mansions for lawyers and ghettos for the deities. They also said they wanted to put the managers of Akshaya Patra in jail, which would destroy the food program. You are not feeding those children and so, if our program collapses, you are not going to be able to take it over. Just look what happens when your party takes over temples here in the USA, immediately there is broken plumbing, leaking roofs, rats in the basement, cows being sold for slaughter, etc.

Your party simply kicks everyone out and then cannot manage. Now you want to kick even more people out, so there will be even more rats on the altars. And you will ruin our free food program and break that program down to destruction, like your party broke everything else down and ruined it. You cannot manage things after you kick everyone out and we all know that. Thus, the children we are feeding will starve, just like there are rats on the altars, this is what happens when you folks remove our people, the program crashes, as we have seen repeatedly.

You do not have the manpower, resources and capabilities of these devotees, so our free food program will simply be ruined and these children will starve, and we all know that. Just look at the run down mess of all the other programs your people "took over." Incidentally, someone from your FFL wrote to complain there is not even enough people to run the FFL in India. He said, there is no manpower to even make a kirtan at many of your food programs. You ALREADY do not have enough people for that program, and you want to take over ours? No, you want to ruin ours and shut it down. Then the children will starve, that is all.]

*** Again, to admit that requires a minimum intellectual honesty.
So, there is a large majority of devotees who have chosen to remain within ISKCON and cooperate with each other, as Srila Prabhupada wanted and instructed us to do, and a minority who has left, some for Maya, some for other Mathas, some to create their own path (as the supporter of the rittvik system).

[PADA: Large numbers where? The temples in the USA are almost empty. My friend drives all accross the USA for his job and he visits temples all the time, and he says there is only a skeleton there, that's all. The majority of devotees are outside of ISKCON. Just like here in the San Francisco bay area, we have maybe ten people in the temple and 400 outside the temple. The good news is that we just opened our own ritvik center in Sunnyvale, and it is doing great. However, the vast majority are outside, and this is true all over the USA, the temples are dead. I spoke with some ISKCON leaders recently and they told me their temples are "empty shells." Most of the devotees live outside. The vast majority have rejected the process of illicit sex gurus, plain and simple. Bakti Caru has said the same thing in some of his talks, the temples are being emptied out because we are not emphasizing Srila Prabhupada.]

*** Since you often refer to the Vaishnava tradition, which you seem to be knowing to some extent, then you should also know that there never was such a rittvik process pertaining after the departure of the acarya. Rather, the Parampara system always prevailed... Evam Parampara praptam, imam rajarsayo viddhu...

[PADA: Cooperating with the worship of illicit sex is in the parampara? No, its not! Ever!]

*** Srila Bhaktisiddantha asserted that the Parampara would always keep going on and that whoever considered that it would stop, was to be recognized as an atheist...

[PADA: Yes, even the atheists do not worship illicit sex acharyas?]

*** So, please understand that the GBC doesn't "vote in" gurus. Rather, it is a "no objection" vote which allows one to initiate... That's all.

[PADA: Well ok, you said it not me, the GBC has no objection to appointing messiahs who still have mundane anarthas such as illicit sex. And worse, you do not even "object" to the policy of rubber stamping people with anarthas as acharyas! That is correct, you do not object to creating mundane acharyas. You only object to those of us who say acharyas are not full of anarthas?]
*** It is true that this filter didn't exist in the past.

[PADA: Right, since 1977 they are filtering IN illicit sex with men, women and children, even as their acharyas, and they are filtering OUT those of us who do not worship that, and kicking out those of us who tried to protect ISKCON's children from that deviation. We get the boots in face treatment, whereas the molester messiahs program gets to stay. And as a result of their filtering in their pedophile pooja program, thousands of children were molested while those of us who objected were banned, beaten and shot.]
*** But the purpose is to avoid grossly unqualified devotees to be allowed to accept disciples within ISKCON. The same goes for taking sannyasa. One has to fulfill a certain amount of requisites. However, there is no guarantee that one may not fall down in the future, be it as per one's own earlier conditioning or as a result of offenses, or both... Nevertheless, the proportion of fall downs has diminished both for gurus and sannyasis, since this filter has been set up.

As Srila Prabhupada often said "a blind uncle is better than no uncle at all...". So, there is hope and things get better, as other security measure are put in place, such a the devotee care committee, some devotees being also especially given the service of looking after the welfare of children, etc. So, you should not get stuck back in history, and keep raving on and on, for the next ten thousand years, about the mishaps and the sins of so and so, which took place some 30 or 40 years back already. Hence, we hope you will join the joyful chanting of the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra and will keep purifying the mirror of your mind... Ceto darpana marjanam bhava...  Hare Krishna
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
Das dasanudasa
Puskaraksa das

[PADA: Sorry, the GBC documents still stand today, they have never been corrected. No one in authority has ever recanted them. Prabhavishnu people are still being told gurus fall down as of today, etc. This is not 30 years ago, it is now. As for your voting in people who are not grossly deviating, that is not the qualification of acharya. As Srila Prabhupada says, even a pigeon is a vegetarian. A guru is a self realized soul, he is not a person who just avoids the gross deviations. Of course artificially posing as guru is a deviation, and the NOI says it will cause you to degrade, so your gurus are destined to degrade, at least so says shastra. This is why we see your acharyas fall to such odious abominations, anyone who imitates -- he will eventually become degraded. Of course promoting them is also a deviation. Just because one follows the smarta vidhi process, does not mean he will not go to hell for supporting bogus people as acharyas. The Isopanisad says these false gurus are destined for the most obnoxious regions, of course those who cooperate and work with them share the karma, its pretty clear. Anyway thanks for your reply. I think this is a good start. ys pd]

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  1. Amazing, Tamohara says, ritvik is false, GGM is Prabhupada's successor and the Prabhupadanugas are a bunch of idiots. Sending all day tons of hate-mails to prabhupadanuga websites.
    When someone says, why don't you rejoin ISKCON, there is all this what you believe, living appointed gurus, GGM sympathizers, ritvik bashers, etc etc..."No, this I dont want".

    Hmmm, not sure what is his problem? Any idea? Saint or demon?


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