Sunday, March 18, 2012

Occupy ISKCON gaining membership


Mar 17, 2012 — USA INDIA (SUN) — It has been several months since Mahapurusha dasa published his revolutionary article, "#Occupyiskcon". Since then, other devotees have also written different position papers in regard to the Occupy ISKCON Movement. The main theme of these articles is that a lack of checks and balances of power in ISKCON has plunged our devotional society into chaos and corruption. The leaders in our movement have had too much power and the resulting product is a leadership culture pervading with entitlement and elitism. These qualities, of course, are totally contrary to the general culture of Krishna Consciousness, which emphasizes spiritual equality and servitorship. There are several main social websites dedicated to the Occupy ISKCON Movement that are actively discussing these issues:

Occupy Iskcon Twitter
Occupy Iskcon Causes
Occupy Iskcon Facebook

I think these discussions are extremely healthy for our devotional community. The Occupy Movement around the world is something I never would have believed I would see in this life: people coming together to protest the exploitation, corruption, greed and materialism of society. I, and many other devotees believe that this is being inspired by Krishna and is an incredible opportunity for His Sankirtan Movement.

The corruption and dis-empowerment of ISKCON is something that we need to deal with because we have to be ready to deliver our message of servitorship to the general masses. If our movement is plagued by corruption and entitlement, how can we teach others the culture of servitorship. Devotees everywhere should be inspired by the Occupy ISKCON Movement. It is the first time in a long time that I felt inspired that real change might begin within ISKCON. We have to address our own corruption and instill a working level of spiritual democracy. This is necessary if we are to push on the Sankirtan Movement and fight the general corruption, materialism and entitlement of society. Devotees everywhere, therefore, should feel inspired to write their own Occupy ISKCON position papers and add philosophically to this movement of servitorship and equality.

Your Servant,
Dwarkadisha dasa


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  1. ISKCON policy: Die early

    Mar 19, 2012 — LONDON, ENGLAND, UK (SUN) — Bhakta Chris from the UK left his body in Mayapur Dham last week. He was a very likeable character, definitely a character. He never missed a festival and he will be greatly missed. He loved Vraj Mandala Parikram, always involved in prasad distribution and has done a lot of service in Varanasi. He suffered a lot in this lifetime, but just see how Krishna arranged for him to get the mercy of leaving his body in the Dham. It is proof that the Lord is very kind to his devotees.

    "If Caitanya Mahaprabhu is pleased, then he can give Krsna-prema, love of Krsna, to anyone, doesn't matter what is his qualification. He gives. If a person who is giving in charity, he can select any man: "You take," That is the power of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Otherwise Krsna-prema, to understand Krsna is very, very difficult job."
    (Srila Prabhupada)

    your servant,
    Parasuram das


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