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Devotees orchestrating violence on -- devotees?

"When senior Guadiyas were asked the same questions they termed ritvik a dangerous deviation (B.P. Puri Goswami) and well intended but misinformed (B.R. Sridhara Deva Goswami)."

PADA: The word "ritvik" literally means "priest." So a "rtvik follower" is a person who worships a pure devotee like Jesus through a priest, as is done all over the world in the Christian churches. Notice that the bogus ISKCON leaders, and since 1977 their vociferous assistants -- such as the Sridhara maharaja and Narayana maharaja camps, they ALL seem to say things like: "the ritviks are offenders." Yet Srila Prabhupada never said the duty of the devotees of Krishna is to deride and challenge the Christian faith and their worship of Jesus as some odious deviation? Rather Srila Prabhupada said just the opposite, it is the duty of ALL Krishna devotees to show respect to Jesus, and he furthermore said that their system of Jesus being worshiped by priests (ritviks) is bona fide. In fact Srila Prabhupada says "Jesus is our guru," he never said we should attack the worship of Jesus, or the system used to worship Jesus?

And of course these people say things like "the ritvik system is like the Christians." Read: the worship of Jesus is BAD, BAD, BAD for you! BAD deviation here! That bogus worship of Jesus idea must be stopped! Instead, why not worship the bogus gurus promoted by the 1936 Gaudiya Matha and the GBC gurus they supported after 1978, this is GOOD for you!

Of course the bogus post-1977 ISKCON messiahs and their "advisors" like the -- Sridhara -- Narayana maharaja folks et al. are "lumping in" not only us individually -- as "offenders" -- but also our families, children, friends, and the thousands of ritviks worldwide, and ALL the Christians in the world who are ALL ritviks (the Christians have a system of ritvik priests to worship Jesus). Yet all of a sudden, ALL of us are "ritvik deviant offenders"? Except, Srila Prabhupada said just the opposite, he said the Sridhara Maharaja Bagh Bazaar camp are the: 
"severe offenders"

for their promoting bogus gurus and messiahs. In short, Srila Prabhupada never said the Christians are all ritvik deviants, rather he said we all join the Christians to worship Jesus because "Jesus is my brother" so it is not the Christians who are to be attacked, it is -- Sridhara Maharaja's false guru program which he said is the: "Kill guru and become guru" program; The "homosex and sex" guru program; The "less than sudra" guru program etc. -- all deviations.

Notice what our collective "offense" is? We want to worship a pure devotee and not the debauchees that have been promoted as messiahs by the ISKCON leaders and their "shiksha guru advisors" like the Sridhara and Narayana maharaja programs that assisted the GBC gurus? To sum, (A) worship of Jesus (or Srila Prabhupada or similar pure devotees) is the bogus "rtivik idea" because; (B) We need to worship the ISKCON gurus who are many times falling and "engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children" (at least so says their spokesman Jayadvaita swami); Or we have to worship the founder fathers of that program; Or the Gaudiya Matha "advisors" of that program -- all of the assembled members of the worship of various debauchees as messiah's programs are superior to the worship of someone like Jesus? Where does Srila Prabhupada say that? Narayana Maharaja even wrote a Guru Tattva book citing that "there was nothing wrong" with the Ananta Vasudeva acharya program. There is nothing wrong with the worship of homosexuals as messiahs?

Of course we all know that "offenders" can be beaten and killed in the ISKCON environment. Why would someone claim to be a devotee of Krishna, and simultaneously make propaganda that the other Krishna devotees are for example: against shastra, aparadhis, barking dogs, dangerous, deadly, dead meat on a hook, demented, demons, devious, dog stools, egotistical, envious, evil, garbage, malicious, offenders to God, poison, puffed-up, psychotic, rabid, Satanic, snakes, toxic, wrong, ad infinitum, ... the very types of words we have heard from these types of "devotees" for the past 35 years, ok from the bogus ISKCON leadership campus and -- or -- the members of the Sridhara and Narayana maharaja camps? These are examples of the general slogans their members have used against us, of course some of what they have called me cannot be printed in a family forum.

Are these the types of words we would use to describe fellow Krishna devotees and vaishnavas? No, these are words that are used to foment violence against the devotees of Krishna. Just look at any place on earth where there is a lot of violence, and these are the types of words we will find being used to make it seem authorized to attack others. No surprise then -- that these words have got Krishna's devotees beaten and killed, going back to 1936 when Sridhara started his false guru's program and "dissenters" were branded as evil aparadhis, and they were beaten or killed. No suprise these words are STILL being used then, we all know what the potential outcome is: violence, as we have seen practically since 1977, that this rhetoric foments violence.

So this is the question we get all the time, why are the members of the so-called devotees of Krishna religion, ok such as the ISKCON leader's group and the Sridhara and Narayana groups, sometimes or all the time calling other devotees these vile names, knowing that this has sometimes caused the victims of this rhetoric to be beaten and killed? What kinds of devotees are these? Why do they want to see other devotees assaulted and killed by using this rhetoric? Or what else is this rhetoric being used for?  

Incidentally, it is easy to find many types of negative and offensive comments about "the ritviks" on web sites citing the followers of the bogus ISKCON leaders and / or the Sridhara and Narayana maharaja folks, or their "vaishnava forums" where these folks post articles and so forth. Some of the followers of Narayana Maharaja once told me he had said the ritviks are "poison." Anyway, this type of language is not used amongst vaishnavas. 

Worse, they are setting up another young and new generation of banning, beating, death threats and murders by using this rhetoric against us and our circle of vaishnava associates, including the small children of our associates? For example, since ALL ritviks are being branded this way, that means even the little babies of our associates are already being branded as "ritvik aparadhis" by some in their party, right from birth. That means in future, these children can become future targets for assassination by using this rhetoric against them now? They are setting up future assassinations of the current vaishnava babies? OK this is why we are always asked, what kind of people would do these things? Notice, Sridhara set up violence against the devotees of Krishna by branding a fool as the next acharya, and then he did the same exact thing post 1977, supported more bogus "acharyas," .... surprise! People were beaten and killed. And now some of the leaders of the Sridhara camp are still calling us aparadhis recently, surprised? No, that is their whole idea since 1936. Or what?

This "violence against vaishnavas" has gone on for generations and decades. For example, the "dissenters" (ok people like us) of Sridhara's Gaudiya Matha "guru" in 1936, as well as the GBC "gurus" he endorsed after 1978, were often painted as "offenders," and thus (no surprise) some of them were beaten or killed. That means the Sridhara maharaja process and policy "passed on" the odious problem of having God's devotees beaten and killed from one generation to the next. And now they are training a whole new generation to bring forward more of these vile rhetoric attacks, meant to incite violence -- or if not, then what else are they doing that for?

Is there any other good reason to call the devotees of Krishna -- aparadhis, if not evil dog stools and vile poison, other than, to get them beaten or assassinated? What other purpose is there for this type of language? And some of the Gaura Govinda folks recently wrote to tell me, my head should be chopped off by the Sudarsan charkra, in other words they are AUTHORIZED TO KILL THE DEVOTEES OF KRISHNA. How did you guess, they are in love with some of these Gaudiya Matha leaders.

And this is the history of their use of that rhetoric, Sridhara Maharaja said that a false guru should be supported in 1936. He basically said none should object, this is the new messiah of the jagat. Hence, those who objected were challenging God's messiah and so they were --  subject to being beaten and killed. Then is the same Sridhara maharaja who then supported the GBC's 11 gurus as the next wave of Vishnupada messiahs, and -- as a direct result of his POLICY of support for false gurus -- our people were beaten and killed as a result. No surprise here, he already knew that had happened post 1936. Or what? And some of their group are still calling us aparadhis, knowing this can result in our being beaten and killed? This is vaishnava?, calling the other vaishnavas names that they know in advance can get the other vaishnavas killed?

So they are supporting the: 

POLICY of demonizing the vaishnavas, 

which causes the violence in the first place? Their POLICY is demonizing us, and they know this can lead to violence, the only question is, why do they think they are authorized to incite violence on other vaishnavas? And if they are inciting violence on the vaishnavas, are they vaishnavas themselves? Srila Prabhupada says, no they are not. The Gaudiya Matha people who posed as gurus after 1936 were often described by him as: envious, snakes, black snakes, poison, fourth class, sudras, cock roach acharyas, bugs biting the king and so many other things said by Srila Prabhupada. Incidentally, when we went to Mayapura in 1970, Srila Prabhupada said, post a guard at my door with a gun, my God brothers might try to HAVE ME KILLED.

What kind of vaishnavas do these things? And the answer is, none of them ever do, this is not vaishnava behavior. Hah hah, also notice -- some of these Gaudiya Matha people talk about their higher "love of God" rasika-ness -- yet -- they are using rhetoric designed to kill the devotees of Krishna? And then they claim to be the servants of Radha? The way to serve Radha is, to foment violence on the other servants of Radha? This is why Srila Prabhupada says, anyone who foments violence on the vaishnavas will have to go into the stone crushing rollers of Yamaraja, and he will be passed through there REPEATEDLY. He will get NO MERCY. Srila Prabhupada says, no one can save this person. He cannot escape this punishment by any means, not even Krishna will save him, he is doomed.

The only good news here, if there is any, it is that the same people (Gaudiya Matha) Srila Prabhupada wanted to have a guard posted since they would kill him, are the identical people who want to kill us. We are in excellent company here, and I am ecstatic to be in that company. ys pd


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