Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Christians are all ritviks

PADA: Thanks for your question Charles. Yes, when the GBC and their ilk say that the ritviks (worship of a pure devotee by priests system) are all demons, pasandis, aparadhis, and allegedly Narayana Maharaja said the rtiviks are poison, yes you are quite right, ... they are also ATTACKING all of the Christians in the world since; ALL of the Christians in the world worship Jesus by their system of priests (ritviks).

ALL of the CHRISTIANS follow the ritvik system. This is another reason these GBC and Gaudiya Matha leaders are being rejected by the Christians, these leaders were never told to make a wholesale attack on Jesus and / or his Christian religion and keep saying the whole idea of worship of Jesus is the bogus "ritvik" deviant system and so on.

Worse, these attackers of Jesus and the Prabhupadanugas often say we need to worship their living guru, and yet quite often the living persons they forward as their idea of messiahs -- are later proven to be debauchees, just look at the list of fallen gurus in ISKCON. Worse, they said when we refused to worship their debauchees were were aparadhis, and then some of us were killed. In any case you are correct, anyone who says the ritviks are bogus is attacking Lord Jesus and His entire religion.  

Tripurari swami: Oh come now prophet. As you speak it is ritvikvada that is withering and dying. Indeed, it can only flourish in a spiritual vaccuum. There are hundreds of Gaudiya sects following the Bhagavad gita’s solution to spiritual deficit -- guru parampara -- and they are not all going to fold as ritivkvada comes to dominate the landscape as the new adjusted true form of Gaudiya Vasinavsm. Talk about gurus suffering from grandiosity!

[PADA: Sorry, but ALL the Christians are ALL ritviks and there is no evidence they are "withering and dying," rather they have got billions of followers all over the planet, and they are growing exponentially worldwide, and they are building huge churches, raising millions of dollars to print Bibles and so on. The Christians just bought a huge warehouse in the Bay area where they are making a giant Church and center, there is parking for 2,000 cars there. Does Tripurari have even a small center here? No. Who is withering on the vine? Even the Prabhupada devotees have a center in Sunnyvale. Notice however that Srila Prabhupada never attacked the "ritvik sytsem" of the Christians, rather he said they are bona fide to have their worship of Jesus conducted by priests. Srila Prabhupada said Jesus is my brother, he never said Jesus is the founder of the bogus ritvik system? Why are we attacking the religion of Lord Jesus? And in public?

Anyway, maybe there are hundreds of Vaisvava sects all over the place in India with all kinds of gurus, but they are certainly not prominent in the USA. There are hundreds of sahajiyas and babajis all over the place in India, but Srila Prabhupada did not recognize them as authorized. As Srila Prabhupada says -- in India there is an avatar on every street corner, but Srila Prabhupada also said -- amongst my God brothers no one is qualified to be acharya. So which of these hundreds are we supposed to follow? And why have we not heard about their sects here in the USA, except for maybe a few Gaudiya Matha temples, with hardly any following or substance.

Srila Prabhupada never said there are hundreds of bona fide acharyas in India, rather he said that India has mostly bogus acharyas. In any case, who has ever heard of these hundreds of acharyas? Hardly no one? Who has heard of Jesus? Everyone! When did Srila Prabhupada discuss these hundreds of bona fide gurus in India? He did not. He did say the worship of Jesus is bona fide however (the ritvik system).

So when these GBC and Gaudiya Matha leaders say the Christians are bogus and these alleged hundreds of gurus are overtaking the ritviks aka the worship of Jesus, they are the ones who are suffering from grandiosity! Hah hah, these hundreds of sects are overtaking Jesus and his ritvik system? They are really disconnected from reality. Perhaps one reason some of these leaders do not like the Christians and their ritvik system is -- that the Christians and their FBI and police kept me alive from being squashed by their "hundreds of gurus." ys pd]    


  1. GM/ISKCON took steps to ally with right wing Indian groups and to arouse fanaticism against Christianity. The opposite what Prabhupada was preaching.

    Prabhupada considered Christians as Vaishnavas and was thankful for them having prepared the West so that Lord Caitanya's Sankirtan Movement can be established. Prabhupada: "So I think you may explain to them how this Krishna Consciousness movement will help them advance to be better Christians." (Letter to Upendra)

    Since GM/ISKCON cannot explain why Lord Jesus still can initiate and Prabhupada cannot, they shoot forward stating that Christianity as a whole is, humbug.

    Of course they dont have the courage to say it in public. But their anti-Christianity coding is more and more leaking out.

    So they foolishly created for themselves a real huge enemy. Finally this will result in christianity-based Western civilization will throw them out with one kick. It is happening already. See the Russian attempt to ban Bhagavad-gita.

    On the other side, Prabhupada warned his disciples not to commit Vaishnava aparadha aginst Lord Jesus,
    "When Lord Jesus Christ presented himself, for instance, he was greatly afflicted by the miserable conditions of the people. Regardless of which country or sect they belong to, all Vaishnavas, or devotees — any people who are God conscious, or Krishna conscious — are thus compassionate. Therefore to blaspheme a Vaishnava, a preacher of God's glories, is a great offense.
    Krishna, God, is never tolerant of offenses committed at the lotus feet of a Vaishnava."

    Meanwhile in the West, Christians adopted Prabhupada's strategy how to successfully preach - Intelligent Design, Creationism - PETA introducing to stop killing of animals etc.

    Do you hear anything of ISKCON/GM boldly preaching in the West? Nope. Western intellectuals dont recognize how presence of ISKCON/GM is a spiritual upliftment after 2000 years of Christianity.

    Instead, Germany, GM calls their temples now, "Hindu Mandir".
    So the rank&file even realize that from spiritual point of view, they lost all influence. Nobody wants to listen what the Hare Krishnas have to say. Therefore, switch to Hindu welfare org for collecting funds.

    Intellectuals, prominent people, artists, politicians, newspapers, tv, nowhere you find anything mentioned of bold Vaishnava preaching.

    Isnt this another meaning of guru, having the capability of convincing all type of people? So what the heck these folks are actually preaching nowadays, it's all silent?

    Prabhupada: The qualification of a spiritual master is that he must have realized the conclusion of the scriptures by deliberation and arguments and thus be able to convince others of these conclusions.

  2. A devotee first approached me in New Orleans when I was 20.He sold me Science of Self Realization.This was during a period when I was rejecting Protestant(heretical/unorthodox)Christianity and was feeling drawn towards and beginning to study far-East spirituality..I eventually made my way to the Berkeley,CA temple and moved in.I almost immediatly found myself being pulled from two sides of a religious schism that I knew nothing about nor wanted anything to do with.The temple devotees who were warning me of some sort of deviant false-vaisnavas seemed largely pharasaical(hypocritical,etc. - not very pleasant in general) while the supposed deviants I met seemed real and nice and down to earth and cool.I preffered their company.But for mysterious reasons they suggested to go get trained up at the LA ISKCON asrama (Srila Prabhupada's world headquarters/bahkta training program)...And so I did and there I was trained to fear and hate "rtviks"...Well actually i was carefully taught by the bahkta leader never to aparhada anyone at all whatsoever nor to so much as allow myself to hear aparhada being spoken - wich of course by default meant to fear "rtviks" lest my spiritual life be ruined - wich of course by default meant to HATE RVTVIKS AND WANT TO CUT OUT THERE TONGUES!!!(my miserable,desperate miserbale conclusion I almost came to later)...Growing up amongst heretical/unorthodox(Protestant) Christianity(wich is disconnected from the disciplic succession established by Christ and His apostles in an unbroken line of priests and bishops in the Orthodox Christian Church) in the Bible Belt - I had a very serious fear of hell instilled into me as a child and so supposedly learning of vaisnava aparhada made me a very paranoid,fanatical and desperately miserable person especially seeing as how most people including higher-up devotees around the LA temple (and most people in and out of the temple/on the fringes - rtvik and non-rtvik)...TO BE CONTINUED


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