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Is BP Puri swami a pure devotee?

[PADA: First of all, there are quotes where Srila Prabhupada said that amongst his God brothers NONE are qualified to be acharyas, that they have deviated, that they are envious, and so forth. Certainly there are no examples of any letters that Srila Prabhupada ordered to be circulated to the ISKCON society wherein Srila Prabhupada said (Bhaki Pramode) aka BP Puri was supposed to be considered as a pure devotee or consulted after his departure? Unfortunately, some GBC gurus  tossed around the name of BP Puri as one of their advocates shortly after Srila Prabhupada had departed, apparently forgetting that he had said -- do not consult with these Gaudiya Matha folks (like BP Puri). Why did the GBC go there? And didn't BP Puri know that these GBC gurus were having fall downs left, right and center, and so may other problems, and yet he apparently continued to encourage them despite knowing all the mayhem that was going on? And now, as it turns out, Tripurari swami is also considering BP Puri as an authority and pure devotee and so forth. Where is the authorization to consult with these Gaudiya Matha leaders?] 

swami bv tripurari says:
March 8, 2012 at 12:34 pm

Pujyapada B.R. Sridhara Maharaja was an uttama adhikari. 

[PADA: OK, but that is merely one quote, taken out of the context of what Srila Prabhupada had also said in numerous other quotes: -- for example: amongst my God brothers no one is qualified to be acharya, and moreover Sridhara Maharaja is an important founder father of the 1936 Bagh Bazzaar homosexual guru cult. Srila Prabhupada said one time, in one letter, that BR Sridhara is a great person, but he did not make that the policy of his society. This letter was only meant to help the one person is was sent to, namely Acyutananada. This letter was never circulated as the policy for the society. We never heard of this letter until way after 1977, it was not being circulated as the order of Srila Prabhupada, to consult with Sridhara maharaja, or BP Puri, or any of these Gaudiya Matha folks.] 

Tripurari swami: Pujyapada B.P. Puri Goswami was also and uttama adhikari.

[PADA: Pujyapada BP Puri maharaja? Wasn't he another person that the GBC gurus had made into another consultant and advisor? Weren't some of the GBC leaders (like Jayapataka swami) visiting him on a regular basis? Wasn't BP Puri saying that the GBC "gurus" are authorized and the Prabhupadanugas are not? Here below we find a disciple of Jayapataka describing some of the meetings between Jayapataka and BP Puri. Lest we forget, the Mayapura temple where Jayapataka has been in charge has been the subject of many complaints of various child abuses. Kala dasa, a teacher who was there, told me personally he was kicked out for complaining about abuses there. 

Why was BP Puri apparently promoting these GBC gurus at all, knowing there were so many spectacular failures? Especially since Mayapura is a place where many children complained of mistreatment? Why was BP Puri supporting the leaders of that place? And why is Tripurari supporting BP Puri as well, since he was seemingly a supporter of these bogus GBC gurus? Below we find that Jayapataka was allegedly ordered to "take over" the BP Puri mission. (?) We do not know what was really ordered, but we do know that there were discussions about BP Puri and his role as consultant / advisor / advocate to these leaders. And we do know the leaders were meeting with folks like BV Puri, BP Puri, Sridhara and Narayana maharajas, and all of them said our idea of worship of Srila Prabhupada is a "ritvik" deviation, and they basically propped up the GBC guru system. Why was this system being promoted since it was filled with so many grevious deviations? ys pd]

Dear Guru Maharaja (Jayapataka swami),

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
All glories to You. During the April 1999 Jagannatha Puri safari, You had an extraordinary meeting with HH.B.P.Puri Maharaja, where He requested Your Divine Grace to please take care of His disciples after His departure back to the the eternal abode.

Unfortunately and for reason that only Lord Nityananda knows, Your secretary had forgotten the video camera, the digital photo camera and not even a tape recorder was available. So there is no historical record of this transcendental and important meeting. Ironically, when You presented the last wish of Srila Bhakti Promode Puri Goswami to some of His disciples after His glorious departure from this world in October 21, 1999, it turned into a critical issue and many disciples of His Holiness committed unmentionable offenses to Your lotus feet accusing You of things which is better not to say in an assemble of Vaisvanas.

Later on in the year of 2001, in the transcendental above of Sri Gaura Candra, Mayapur Dham, I personally inquired from Your Divine Grace about the factuality of this meeting and the consequent request HH.B.P. Puri Maharaja did to You. With a humility which is the characteristic of a liberated soul, You confirmed it to me and to some other devotees who had the good fortune to hear it directly from Your lotus lips.

Therefore, since there is not even a written statement telling about this event, I have decided to write it down in the form of a short story. It will be too pretentious from my side to call this writing a 'historical record', because technically speaking it lacks of precise dates and names of the places where the facts occurred.

Nevertheless, if those devotees who were present that morning could add some details or write down some comments, surely this story will have historical value to some extent. I have written the story exactly as I have heard it from devotees who were with You that morning. And I present it to Your lotus feet in the name of my wife, Rasa rasini devi dasi and our little daughter, Radha Madhava dasi. I hope that this humble attempt could at least provoke one small smile to Your lotus lips on Your divine appearance day.

How did You know I was in Jagannatha Puri? That morning, HH BP Puri Maharaja woke up with a renewed energy and as soon as He opened His lotus eyes cry out the name of His servant. For the last months, Puri Maharaja had been feeling very sick and feeble so much, that even drinking water was a difficult task for Him. Therefore, when the servant saw His sudden recovery was astonished.

The servant; a humble Bengali devotee who had serve Him for many years, remained still, like a statue with an open mouth, and, as if the shock of seen His miraculous recovery was not enough, he received an unusual order that completely overwhelmed him with amazement. With a beautiful smile in His lotus lips Puri Maharaja ordered him: 'Go and bring Jayapataka Maharaja here!' The servant, shocked with wonder and still astounded was scratching his head as a clear sing of total confusion and consternation. He knew very well that HH Jayapataka Swami was one of the busiest person on the planet. Recently he had been listed number one for two consecutive years in the Guinness Record Book as the person who has travelled the most in commercial airlines.

He had such a tight and changeable schedule that His own secretaries could only predict ambiguously were He could possible be after fifteen days. And sometimes not even Himself knew His next destiny, because on occasions He had to change His whole flight schedule two days before departing. So the servant thought to himself:  'How am I going to be able to fulfill this order?'

He tried to persuade His spiritual master by saying that HH Jayapataka Swami must be in some South American country, perhaps in the Amazonian jungle or in Siberia or who knows may be He was in Ukraine or in the best of the cases He could be in Malaysia, which is relatively close to India. 'But Guru Maharaja' He said 'Please tell me how am I going to bring Jayapataka Swami here today?'

Puri Maharaja kept that sweet and pure smile in His lotus lips and confident responded: 'Just go, and don't come back without Him!' Left with any other option, the servant went out to Jagannatha Puri in search for Jayapataka Maharaja, more as a matter of duty, personally he thought that Maharaja was far far away.
After having circumambulated the whole city four times, the servant was about to return empty handed back to the temple. When suddenly, he saw a group of foreign devotees and that brought hope to his dazed heart. With a humble attitude he asked to them if Jayapataka Swami was in Jagannatha Puri as well. The positive answer of the devotees almost caused a heart attack to him.

'Please tell me where can I find Him' he asked again. But there was no need of an answer. H.H. Jayapataka Swami appeared shining like the morning sun, with His saffron sannyasi clothes, His turban and the walking stick in His hand, which He knew how to use as a lethal weapon. The servant immediately threw himself to His lotus feet and cry out: 'Please Maharaja come with me. Puri Maharaja wants to talk to you!'

Jayapataka Swami told the servant that He was very busy leading the devotees in the Jagannatha parikrama, however, the servant insisted so  much that He finally agreed. Back to the temple, HH Puri Maharaja was waiting for Him anxiously, He had prepared a garland remnants from the Deities for Him. When Jayapataka Swami entered the temple, Puri Maharaja's eyes were filled with tears and after Jayapataka Swami offered obeisances He embraced Him like a father embraces a very dear son.

They spoke for a while about His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and all of a sudden Puri's Maharaja's tone of voice become sober. 'Maharaja, I want to ask something very special from You' he said 'Please Maharaja, I will do anything I can to satisfy You' Jayapataka Swami replayed. Puri Maharaja continued: 'By the will of Sri Krsna I will give up this mortal world soon, and when that day come, please Maharaja, I want you to shelter my disciples, they are very neophyte and I worry about their spiritual welfare after my departure.' HH Jayapataka Swami did not know what to say. He was stunned and remained speechless for a while. The silence was so deep that the melodious chirping of some seasonal birds and a little bell ringing could be heard from far away.

They kept hold their hands for a long time. In His heart, Jayapataka Swami could perceive that actually that moment of association with him was going to be the last one on this earth and His eyes became full of tears, as if a dear son were saying the last farewell to His beloved father. Suddenly, Puri Maharaja broke the trance and said again: 'Please Maharaja, promise to me that you will give shelter to my disciples'
Jayapataka Swami said: 'Maharaja, I am a fallen soul, how could I fulfill Your desire, besides that I have many disciple too and so many responsibilities, but I will do that as a service to Your lotus feet'.

After taking prasadam and when Jayapataka Swami was leaving the room, He turned back and asked HH Puri Maharaja how did he know that He was in Jagannatha Puri, because He had not told that to anyone. Puri Maharaja gaze at Him from His bed and with a beautiful and peaceful smile in his lotus lips said: 'Maharaja, the scriptures say that the very presence of a pure devotee can relieve all kinds of pains, mental and physical. I was feeling very sick yesterday, my whole body was in pain and hardly I could even drink water. But when I woke up today the pain had gone and I felt relieved and happy. Then I told to myself: 'Oh, a pure devotee must have arrived to Jagannatha Puri, and You are that pure devotee Maharaja'. 'That is how I knew you were Here'.

Your servant: Jaya Govinda caran das.


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  2. Disciples of HH.B.P.Puri Maharaja don’t believe that this is what happened, HH.B.P.Puri Maharaja asking JPS to take care of his "neophyte disciples" after the derparture of HH.B.P.Puri Maharaja.
    They say this is a fabrication and no where documented or actually circulated as order of HH.B.P.Puri Maharaja.
    What de facto is documented is HH.B.P.Puri Maharaja's video message where he explains how Srila Prabhupada did not appoint diksa-gurus, but only ritviks.
    That HH.B.P.Puri Maharaja believed that JPS is a pure devotee is rather questionable. There were just too many fallen ISKCON gurus and sannyasis. ISKCON got the reputation of endless falldowns among the leaders. Danurdhara, Bhavananda, Jagadisha, Gurudas, Acyutananda, Gargamuni, Karandhar, Rupanauga, etc etc - JPS's closest friends all fallen. Then of course, Harikesa scandal, Bhagavan scandal, Jayathirtha scandal, Kirtananda scandal, Hansadutta scandal, Ramesvara scandal.
    If HH.B.P.Puri Maharaja would have really said this, HH.B.P.Puri Maharaja would have spoken it into a video cam or notarially certified transcript.
    JPS in Puri, followed by his accompaniment of at least 50 devotees. Nowadays they all have camcorders, even their phones having video function.
    But suddenly nobody was recording when HH.B.P.Puri Maharaja makes this statement about the future of his 10,000 disiciples before he left this world? And nothing written down?
    So this is once again all humbug ISKCON rumor mill no sane man can accept.

  3. B P Puri Maharaj might have had very high realizations, in his own spiritual life but when it came to appointing his successor he failed miserably. Bhakti Bibudha Bodhyana Maharaj, B P Puri's successor is not qualified to taken on the leadership of Sri Gopinatha Gaudiya Matha and does not have preaching capabilities.

    His god brother Bhakti Vidhagt Bhagavat Maharaj is more qualified than him, but unfortunately, due to his slandering and ridiculing Srila A C Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupada at one point of time, when the B V Narayana threat posed to ISKCON was huge, he couldn't emerge successful despite having talents as B P Puri withdrew his blessings upon him.

    So what ACBSP said was true, none of his God Brothers of the Gaudiya Matha are qualified to be Acharyas, and the GBC has committed a great offense at ACBSP's feet by seeking advise from them post 1977. ACBSP has given whatever he wanted to give via his books, lectures, letters, tapes which are more than sufficient for an average person to study understand and contemplate for 10 life times. So I never saw the merit or sense in seeking siksha outside of his teachings.

    At the most if one wanted to understand ACBSP's teachings they could have had knowledge of other philosophies and about basic Hinduism but nothing more than this.

    Colonel Zaysen



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