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Gauru Govinda folks reply 03/02/12

Re: My question not answered for 30 years
Puranjan Prabhu

*** With regard to the ATTACHMENT in my previous mail, it's obvious you have deliberately avoided commenting on the REAL TATTVA concerning your gross blasphemy of a pure devotee mentiond therein.

[PADA: GGM's "Cooperating" with the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children is not found in any tattva or any shastra. As a matter of fact, even the cannibal witch doctors do not engage in that behavior, nor do they worship that deviation. Nor would they "cooperate" with that deviation, it is below their dignity. This deviation is never found in human society, it is only found in GGM's society.]


[PADA: Well we Prabhupadanugas now have thousands of people who worship Srila Prabhupada, so I am not bragging, but we are doing that and its a fact. And we are training them that GGM and his idea that we need to cooperate with the worship of deviants is bogus, and they are accepting.]

KILL YOU FOR YOUR ABOMINABLE OFFENCES, and you imagine that other people are trying to kill you .... HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET???

[PADA: OK let me get this straight, I am the one saying acharyas are not engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children, I am saying the GBC is wrong to say that and GGM is wrong to cooperate with that deviation, and Krishna wants to kill me? That means you think you are authorized to have me killed, my point exactly.]

*** So Dear Prabhuji, in a nutshell you are saying you doubt the words of Jagadguru Srila Prabhupada who is the Spiritual Master of yourself and the victim of your blasphemous 30-tear-long attacks, HDG Srila Gour
Govinda Swami, my most compassionate Gurudeva.

[PADA: No I am not doubting Srila Prabhupada. He said Ramesvara is the only intelligent devotee he has, ok so I should take sannyasa, quit sannyasa, and marry a New York lawyer? He said Jayatirtha is my tirtha, so I should take LSD and have illicit sex with the wives of others? He said all of us are pure devotees, so I should eat hamburgers like some of these "pure devotees" are doing now? You are saying that when Srila Prabhupada makes a statement of encouragement, I should accept that as an eternal fact? This makes no sense. Srila Prabhupada says we never compromise, so when a person tells me he has to work with deviation, he has lost his connection to Prabhupada.]

*** You not only doubt Prabhupada's declaration that GGS is a pure devotee from birth, but you go to the extent of describing him as a lowest of sinners hand-in-glove with other debauchees.

[PADA: GGM described himself that way to me, he said he is cooperating, tolerating and working with the debauchees posing as Vishnupada. I told him some of his party's Vishnupada are homosexuals and he agreed they are, so you folks can cooperate with the worship of oral sex with taxi drivers posing as Vishnupada in the holy dham, that is your choice. Its not mine. That does not give you the right to orchestrate having me beaten and killed just because I do not want to worship illicit sex with taxi drivers in the holy dham? And GGM was voted in as guru when they recoronated illicit sex with taxi drivers in the holy dham. So you folks can get voted in along with oral sex with taxi driver's alleged Vishnupadas, why should I be threatened with death for disagreeing?]

*** As i said, you are a nitya-baddha, mleccha, yavana. How is it possible for such a debauchee as you to be able to understand the words, actions, and intentions of any nitya-siddha-suddha-bhakata- sadhu like GGS ot even Prabhupada.

[PADA: Prabhupada said anyone who cooperates with the worship of deviants is himself a deviant. He said that Gaudiya Matha folks who promoted Ananata Vasudeva are deviants, and so is Ananta Vasudeva. OF course this is called collective karma, you support deviants, you become a deviant.]


[PADA: I am being honest, you imply that when Srila Prabhupada says Jayatirtha is Srila Prabhupada's tirtha, that means I have to follow Jayatirtha. This is foolish. We have to know that when a statement of encouragement is being made, it is not absolute. Srila Prabhupada said all of us are pure as well, so you want me to start to eat hamburgers?]

*** If you discredit your guru's words as bogus, you are foolishly deluding yourself into proclaiming that Krsna is so favourable to you that he is personally protecting you, as you loudly claim. KRSNA DOES

[PADA: So now you are saying I should be killed, that means I am right, you folks wanted to see me die. You are promoting the GBC because they are assassins of us Prabhupadanugas, and you are their hand maidens.]

*** Don't change the subject. Address the above specific points without misinterpreting my simple, direct poiunts. LET'S SEE HOW HONEST YOU ARE IN THIS MATTER.

Thank you.
yhs in the protection of my Gurudev's integrity
gourgovindsevak senan / 02.03.2012

[PADA: I am being honest, Srila Prabhupada said so many things to so many devotees, they are pure, they are former associates of Lord Chaitanya, etc. -- to encourage them. But when they deviate, we have to discard them and move along. We cannot cooperate, tolerate and work with hamburgers eating, just because at one time we were told these people are all pure. In any case you have answered my question, you think you are authorized to have me killed, you are vaishnava hatya supporters. You want to see the blood of devotees on your boots, you want to see dead vaishnavas. You are blood thirsty and so are the GBC gurus, they all wanted me dead. And so do you. You are murderers in the dress of devotees, you answered me nicely. You want to cooperate with the murderers, because you are one of them. ys pd]

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  1. Thats yet another camp who claims to be the only bona fide Prabhupada followers, Tamohara at

    Everything he writes is kind of a declaration of war. If someone quotes Prabhupada he simply ignores it. When presenting things using your own words he right away states you are a demon.

    Meanwhile ISKCON's GBC has realized that there is no more unity among Prabhupadanugas, the word spreads fast. Thats what they tell their disciples, Prabhupanugas are those who all day fight against each other.

    On the other hand the GBC is relieved about this. Their biggest headache always was how to drive out senior devotees and make them stay away from new disciples. So, it seems the problem has sorted itself out.
    No unsettledness about being exposed either.


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