Friday, March 2, 2012

Letter from Suvarna manjari dd

Suvarna_manjari: I do respect all persons who chant Hare Krsna and who try despite their faults to spread the Holy Names, but I'd like to share how I felt when Indradyumna came to a temple that I was serving in with his Le Carnaval Spirituel.

First up all "his" girls dress very inapropriately. They prance around the temple with Russian like gopi skirts and small transparent scarves that barely cover them up with loads of make up. Very provocative. While the temple girls are covered head to toe and never allowed any flesh to show.

Harinama samkirtana, which for me are usually fun and exciting -- became stressful. The Russian girls get all painted up and as dolled up as possible while us temple devotees looked very plain. Then trying to fit in with all there dance moves stressful. Of course because you are not Russian or a disciple of "gurumaharaj" you are an unsightly outcaste and should'nt really be there. The harinam became more of an advertisement for Indradyumna's Carnaval. 

No doubt it is pretty, but it really misses the point. People just stare at the pretty girls and it does'nt feel like nama sankirtan. Eventually many temple devotees just did'nt go on Harinamas anymore while they were there, we just did not fit in. Only some of the really young girls stuck it out and finally some of the russian girls painted their faces for them....guess you've really got to show how sincere you are before you can go on harinama with them.

If you are not young, slim or pretty you really don't fit in. If you are old or have kids, sorry, you can't come on these harinamas. Since when has harinamas become an ad for the circus show? As for the carnaval show, it was ok, more entertainment than anything else and Indradyumna gives a short talk from the edited  Bhagavad Gita, at that point many people find the exit because all the entertainment is over.

Back at the temple for Bhagavatam class Indradyumna for one or two classes did'nt even read from the Bhagavatam, but read from his journal - nice advertisement. If any baby even squeeks, the Russian girls turn around all at once and give the mothers the stare of death and say "MATAJI!!!!SSSSHHHHHH! GURUMAHARAJ IS TALKING."

"Maharaj" has "his" beautiful girls coming in and out of his room serving His dieties. They all get treated like royalty while some of the single men of the group flirt with the temple devotees. When Indradyumna left, all "his girls" cry in uncontrollable separation and go into their rooms to eat their chocolate bars and paint their toe nails. I put it down to me just being an envious and bitter demon because I was not confident enough to stick it out on the harinams. But to me harinams are meant to be full of energy, spontaneous energy..of course with some structure and with a heart to give the Holy Names to others, with a mood of serving Srila Prabhupada, Gaura Nitai and Radha Krsna. It is a joyfull experience. It does'nt matter if you are young, old, fat, thin, man, woman, ugly, beautiful, qualified or unqualified. 

Harinama is for everyone for all time, all races, ages etc. I guess at the end of the day that's the harinama for Indradyumna and "his girls". It is not on the highest platform, but at least they are going out on harinama - that is something to give respect for. Many things do not correspond to what Srila Prabhupada wanted, and it is very sad. It is disturbing that mis-leaders allow themselves to have followers and allow them to believe that they are pure devotees and these people should be corrected. It is a shame that the GBC have let things get so out of hand.


  1. I was totally envious when I wrote this comment. I'm sorry and embarrassed for what I said. Please forgive my offenses Maharaj.

  2. Well the point is, Indradyumna is not embarrassed for his behavior, including his promoting foolish people like Fakir Mohan, so, we have to be embarrassed on his behalf. As a sannyasa he should be acting a little more maturely. At the same time we have to ask why he supports the bogus GBC guru process. ys pd


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