Friday, March 9, 2012

GBC taking note of our exposes

Krsnacandra dasa: Well it appears that the GBC at the Mayapura GBC meetings are reading this article (about the problems in Australia) and some are not happy that this cat is let out of the bag. Well what can they expect really? How can they expect that everyone is going to sit quiet and say nothing or not express their opinion? Srila Prabhupada clearly explains:

Satyam: he is truthful. In any circumstances he will be truthful. Even to an enemy he will disclose the secret, “This is the fact.” That is truthfulness, not that I am very truthful, but when my interest is jeopardized, I tell lie. That is not truthfulness. Truthfulness means at any circumstances one will speak the plain truth. That is truthfulness.

So let the truthful devotees speak up and should they prove correct and true then the onus is on the GBC to listen and rectify the situation. They are servants after all. Servants of the Vaisnava's. So lets see them serve the community of devotees instead of force them and/or ignore them and cover up all their problems - like they have done for decades.

Sure they are upset embarrassed angry whatever, but if they are sincere, if they are truthful, and honest they we shall see them listen to the devotees of the devotional community and let them have a say and stop trying to cover everything up and pretend that it did not or is not happening!

The Australian Yatra has had two huge catastrophic failures in GBC leadership with Bhavananda and now Prabhavisnu being exposed for engaging in gross sexual activity and I think that it is about time the GBC did some serious soul searching and acted with integrity and intelligence and listen to the devotional community for a change.

The fascist leadership approach is not going to work anymore. The world of ISKCON is watching how the GBC will handle this situation. No one is holding their breath that the GBC will act properly. But it is way about time they did.

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