Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gaura Govinda maharaja folks reply 03/04/12

Puranjana das,

Well, as far as I am concerned, I think I have to end here this exchange with you, as you are adamant on committing vaishnava aparadha against a pure devotee of Krishna, i.e. Srila Gour Govinda Maharaja, who came straight down from the spiritual world out of his mercy to save the fallen souls, which Srila Prabhupada testified by stating that he was a pure devotee from birth.

Besides, you have a very unfair way of debating, as you twist other people's words and pretend to make them say what they have not said and mean what they do not mean. Moreover, you have a very unhealthy way of making everything and everyone dirty ... This is very contaminating...

Because you keep meditating on the sinful behaviour of a few, you tend to become so polluted that you become as sinful as them, if not more, while asserting that everyone has been or is supporting them. This is nothing but lies and calomny!

[PADA: Not really, GGM confirmed to me in person that he is "working with" the GBC's guru party; You own folks just admitted to me that GGM had been supporting Tamal in 1993 (the founder father of Andy Warhol pada); And you folks are still saying the GBC has gurus, meaning you are defending their big lie that they were appointed as gurus, and so on.]

*** So, I am mercifully warning you that you will keep suffering if you do not reform yourself and do not start seeing the good in others, rather than seeing only the bad, all the more that you have to concoct it yourself from A to Z for some, as in the case of a spotless pure devotee, such as Srila Gour Govinda Maharaja...

[PADA: I am not suffering at all? We are making good progress creating many new Prabhupadanugas, and we are expanding and increasing. More new web sites are being made that present the same ideas we are giving, and so on, so our idea is increasing. The GGM idea that we need to cooperate with deviants posing as gurus/ acharyas / messiahs is dwindling and is being rejected.]

*** Srila Prabhupada stated "if you love me, cooperate with each other", which seems to be, in your contaminated interpretation, the utmost sin for anyone who did or does so.

[PADA: No bona fide vaishnava has ever cooperated with the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children, nor have you provided me with the name of any from shastra. There is none. GGM did that, but there is no precedent for that.]

*** No wonder you are out of ISKCON, as you are unfortunately full of hatred for all ISKCON members, i.e. all of Srila Prabhupada's family! Sad!

[PADA: Well we have our own ISKCON in India and we are feeding 1.5 million poor children over there in India. Of course, as soon as we do that, your gurus spend 12 million dollars suing us, because they want these 1.5 million children to starve to death and not be fed by us. So your gurus want to starve our poor children's program beneficiaries to death, after just losing a $400m lawsuit in Dallas for starving the ISKCON children. Your gurus are simply always meditating on how they can starve children, and spending millions to defend that process, sorry -- this is what is sad.]

*** Lord Jesus stated "you will recognize my true disciples, by the love they exchange with each other...". Unfortunately, there is only bitterness and venima coming out of you... Please, amend yourself! At last, I can only advise you to chant Hare Krishna and pray for your atonement...
Hare Krishna
Your well-wisher
Puskaraksa das

[PADA: OK, so when are the gurus GGM folks "cooperate with" going to quit banning, beating, threatening and suing the vaishnavas? This is not the end at all, the GBC folks told my associate they plan to "sue us repeatedly for the next 100 years." They are just getting started attacking the vaishnavas. Of course, they also have holes in the roofs in some of their temples, right over the deity's, so they want Krishna to live in a ghetto and their lawyers to live in a mansion. What kind of gurus are you folks working with here? ys pd]

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