Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Being afraid of ISKCON leaders by Payonidhi dasa


 I see -- again and again -- how some devotees are scared of ISKCON leaders. I have never feared anyone of them, though they have tried so many times to intimidate me. They have always just wanted my money, and hard labor. If a woman so-called Mataji has chased me in the temple, I have been falsly accused. I have been lied too, I have been threatened with violence. So many false accusations. I have worked with ISKCON leaders that where having illicit sex, and being too lazy to do Harinama and book distribution. They just want to sit in the temple and think they are as good as Lord Visnu, with a lotus growing from their navel, and that we are their Brahma sitting in darkness, waiting for them to say "Do Tapa" go and collect money for them.

Every day I talk to devotees that have a sad story to tell but simply are too scared to come forward. Mostly they are all about money and sex, and abuse and scandals, some Guru grappling a female disciples breasts or buying the female disciple lingerie's. When will it end ? When do I not have to hear these things?

They will not step up to the plate, because they are scared, is this vaisnava aparadha if the Guru touched my breasts? Such foolishness and brainwashing and indoctrination.This is making ISKCON into a cult. Absolute power corrupts. ISKCON is all about absolute power, not about spreading KC. It is that simple. Use the KC philosophy for a comfortable living and not preach KC.

I told this one devotee either step up to the plate or are you spreading false rumors? Things often get denied in ISKCON. Institutional politics and all. I just worry about my own KC and stay aloof from the madness. But there is a sense of fear that if I expose anything wrong in ISKCON, even when it is supremely wrong, I will be the next Monkey on the stick.

I will never forget when Niranjana Swami did not chastise a couple that was having illicit sex in the temple, and his female disciple got pregnant right there in the Boston temple. And then he is such a rascal he came to me and pressured me to get married, because he did not want anyone to expose this couple. Such dirty things goes on in ISKCON. (Boston temple has a history of illicit sex in the past anyway one after the other).

I have been to hundreds of temples in ISKCON where grhastha "grhamedhis" engage in illicit sex and do not preach and use the temple simply for making money. Doing hindu pujas, car pujas, Satya Narayana pujas, wedding of non devotees. Well if "Monkey on the stick" not for real, think again, ISKCON leaders make an example of you if you expose their nonsense.

They chew you up and spit you out. Sulocana was killed when he exposed Kirtananda....I say bulldoze all ISKCON Samadhis except Srila Prabhupadas and make Sulocana Prabhus memory stick out, here lies the devotee who was made a Monkey on a stick. Some call me so many names, sensationalist etc. No these are facts. I preach pure KC and so many persons thinks I am their enemy because they do not like fasting from grains on Janmastami, they do not like to follow 4 regs and chant even minimum 16 rounds. They refuse to distribute Srila Prabhupadas books, doing their Visnu meditation, tat tvam asmi.

I know what my solution is to become a pure devotee of Krsna and Srila Prabhupada. I have no fears of any ISKCON leader that act in a bogus way. Govinda Datta asked me why I was so heavy with Ramabhadra, even calling him names, because he has offended so many vaisnavas with his improper behavior (including Puru Prabhu and Locanananda Prabhu), and allowing even the Brooklyn temple's Bingo hall and gambling and meat-eating, and so many crazy things always goes on in ISKCON Brooklyn. I used to chastise him; Why he is always chasing women in the temple, then he had one lusty bhaktin chase me, even all the way to LA, this is raksasa style. He can not be trusted because he is a demon. Not sure what is worse, the temple or the Zoo? To me when Ramabhadra organizes Ratha yatra it becomes Raksasa yatra because he is just doing it to make money and because he has too.... to uphold his false prestige. 

Isvaro aham bhogi siddhavan balavan sukhi.....


Paramananda das

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