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Bhavananda account by Dwarkadish prabhu

Dear devotees
Please accept my humble obeisences. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Most have probably seen the picture of Dwakadish as a child where Srila Prabhupada holds his hand to teach him sanskrit. Srila Prabhupada loved the children, and I am very sad about the abuse many of them had to suffer.Some idiots may say well it was just his karma prabhu .This is just rascaldom.There is simply no good excuses. That his God brothers covered up for Bhavanandas homosexual activities and these past sins is the greatest sin in itself, and to this day, Bhavanada is more welcome in Mayapure than most of us.What has the GBC done to reach out to Dwarakadish Prabhu and try to help him.And the many other children abused in the past? I have also met a Guru kuli boy Acuyta from Nepal in Kakinnada AP, 1986 staying with a devotee family, that was previously in the Gurukula in Mayapura and told me about the sexual molestations of Nitai Chand, Bhavananda and Satadhanya of indian and nepali Gurukulis. The CPO and GBC has not done nothing to remove Bhavananda and Satadhanya from Mayapura and to this day share the support of Jayapataka Swami and Bhakti Caru Swami. Today on this holy appearance day of Lord Ramachandra, I ask justice be served for these past Gurukulis.In the court of Lord Ramachandra such crimes would have been punished severely. your servant Paramananda


Dear Paramanda,

Here the stuff I reported on Bhavs. This is pretty much the stuff I already posted. New York Gurukula 1970 This was my first encounter with Bhavananda. I remember an incident when he took both boys and girls down to the basement at the New York temple and made us take our dhotis and dresses down and paddled us with no clothes on. I can't remember for what reason.

Mayapur, 1975 It was very difficult to live here because of the facilities lacking such as running water and the heat. Bhavs ran a fear campaign. All the Bengali boys used to say, "If you don't work no prasad." Bhavs had it in for me. He loved to pick on me since I was skinny and shy. He would punch me in my arm every time I would walk by him chanting my japa in the temple room. This must have gone on for months. I had black and blue bruises up and down my arms. I told Jagadish das and Hrdayananda M about it when they came to visit and I had no sympathy from them.

Bhavs would love to play the gong at Sundar arotika evening worship. For those of us that he saw spacing out or not chanting would get a nice whack on the head leaving bumps. I must have gotten this treatment repeatedly since I was always so tired.

Your Friend Dwarkadish


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  1. Dwarakadish Prabhu told me he was born in 1963 so the abuses took place when he was between 7 and 12, very sad...indeed ,it brakes your heart!
    Paramananda das


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