Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What did Srila Prabhupada "order"?

Dear Evil das, yes indeed, let us stick with what Prabhupada wanted. What he said he wanted on January 7, 1977 was for the leaders to suspend sannyasa because they are making a laughing stock out of that renounced order. He said, since his followers are not fit for sannyasa they should start varnasrama, farm communities and so on, based on married householders. He said furthermore, those lusty sannyasa should just get married and get it over with. Instead, what happened is that the GBC never followed that direct order to suspend sannyasa. Nor do they even mention that order. And all of the farms turned into ghost towns and we heard one of their farms sold the remaining cows for slaughter because there was no one there anymore. Where are the farms he ordered? Worse, what the GBC said one year later (January of 1978) was that: (a) Just after he had suspended sannyasa in January of 1977, then (b) What he ordered just a few months later, on May 28th of 1977, is that he wanted the SAME people unfit for sannyasa to be his acharya successors and Vishnupada's "sum total of the demigods" messiahs? Why would he say they are unfit for sannyasa, but fit to be worshiped as Krishna's successors and acharyas? Srila Prabhupada had ordered "no more sannyasa," then the GBC made hundreds of more sannyasa after 1978, and they even said these sannyasas are Vishnupada messiahs. So they are not following what he said. And now the GBC spokesman simply says, gurus have illicit sex with men, women and children, to cover up their mistake of ignoring the order to suspend sannyasa, make farms, and get these lusty dogs married. So now you are avoiding my original question, why are you creating a religion that has acharyas with lower standards that the cannibal with doctor's standards? You are avoiding the first question with more smokescreen. ys pd

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  1. BIF now on insane gun rampage:


    "Nevertheless, and in spite of his attempts to mitigate the 'pedophile parampara' image of his Iskcon cult, he was unsuccessful. Bhavananda, one of ACBS' favorite disciples was caught in a barn in Mayapur (Bengal) having sex with an under aged boy. When the matter was reported to ACBS he did not turn the pedophile over to police as he should have. As far as he was concerned no crime had been committed."


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