Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bad flourish when good people are silent

Potatoe Pakora says: The time to have stepped up was back in 1977 when the Tamal’s power group was rising. Whats the old saying? Evil men prosper when good men fail to act. The question is where were all the good men in Isckon in 1977? Why did they not stop this crime? That time has long gone, Iskcon is a massive powerful religious institution now, you get in the way of that institution and you will end up dead. I still don’t accept the death of Aindra Das’s as an accidental gas explosion, he had been warned not to publish his book and many more murders have taken place in Mayapur and were setup to look like suicides. Make no mistake this is a serious institution that has more than money, power and wealth it has control of the masses that support it.

Attmempted murders also took place in Australia instigated by Bhavananda and the sick sycophants and cronies that supported him and those sychophants are still with us, they just swap allegiance to whoever holds the power base.

I left Iskcon along time ago and worship my deities in seculsion, I visit India and the holy dhams and I can freely move about associating with Bhakta’s without any regard for institutional boundries because they are all in the family tree of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Iskcon is one little branch on that massive tree.


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