Monday, March 26, 2012

"Another guru line" imbroglio

PADA: The July 9th letter is a continuation of the May 28th tape conversation where he said that he was going to appoint ritviks to conduct initiations for after his departure. The July 9th letter simply verifies what was already discussed, there would be ritivks after his departure. Evil Das is now saying that we have to go to another line because there are many lines, ok none of that was mentioned or discussed. Nor has he identified what line is authorized in his opinion. Another line is like saying there is a pot of gold in a dumpster in Los Angeles, but I am not going to tell you which one? You can spend you whole life looking, and that is what Evil Dasa wants people to do, he has no intention of telling them where the gold is, because there is none, he is bluffing. That is all we get from these people for the past 35 years, there is a real guru somewhere, but who knows where and we are not going to tell you, in other words, they do not want Prabhupada to be worshipped, they would rather you worship no one than him, they just hate to see him being offered the pooja. ys pd  

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