Thursday, March 15, 2012

Worship Jesus: "vacuous" "no philosophy"

Sridhara folks: The rivik theory itself has little or no philosophical content. 

[PADA: Worship of a pure devotee is not the philosphy of the Krishna religion? We need to worship the conditioned souls, deviants, "self-appointed" gurus of the GBC and Gaudiya Matha? First, we needed to worship Sridhara's homosexual guru in 1936? Then, we needed to worship the GBC's "illicit sex with men, women and children" guru - messiahs process (supported by Sridhara maharaja) after 1978? Even the cannibal witch doctor "philosophy" knows ... you cannot worship illicit sex?] 

SF: But I certainly agree that the GBC can be philosophically vacuous at times. 

[PADA: But the GBC is following Sridhara and his idea that conditioned souls are gurus? And that conditioned souls can vote in more messiahs. Now the Sridhara people are saying the Sridhara idea is not bona fide? Or what?]

SF: I never read their resolution, but on this issue I am surprised they needed one.

[PADA: The GBC writes resolutions saying the worship of pure devotees like Jesus (the ritviks) is the bogus  ritvik idea, and the Sridhara folks are suprised they had to state that? Its obvious, worship of Jesus by the ritvik idea is bogus? Where was this stated by Srila Prabhupada?]

SF: Rather than being a philosophy unto itself, ritvik is a deletion of an aspect of an existing philosophy: the solution to yoga nasta–parampara or literally, “one after another.” 

[PADA: Right, the Sridhara idea made one bogus guru, then Srila Prabhupada said the result was, another man comes, then another and another to be guru, and this is the result of the Sridhara idea: One bogus messiah after another. And those who object can be beaten and killed. And this is what Sridhara promoted after 1978, one bogus wave of gurus after another, he said the first wave can vote in another wave, and those who dissented, were beaten and killed. So Sridhara is making this deviation one wave after another, yes "one after another" one more wave of bogus gurus, one more wave of beatings and murders of dissenters. Right!]

SF: They have deleted the Gita’s solution to the problem they perceive. And their interpretation of an imagined absolute “final order” reads more like a legal document than a philosophical one.

[PADA: The "Final Order" is, my disciples are not fit for sannyasa, so they are not fit to be gurus and messiahs. Srila Prabhupada said Sridhara made "unfit persons" into gurus, and the result was: dissenters (anyone who wanted to worship a bona fide pure devotee) were banned, beaten and killed. Why are we making it that the worshipers of the pure devotee are banned, beaten and killed? And the worship of Jesus is the poison, bogus, rascal, odious deviation too? Go and worship homosexuals or whomever all you want, fine, go attend the Marilyn Monroe look alike contest in the Castro where the homosexuals go, find one of them, and worship him as your next messiah, we have no objection, we applaud that, this would be honest, just quit trying to get us killed for our worship of the pure devotee. Move your cult elsewhere please! ys pd]

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