Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why the secrecy over GBC minutes?


PADA: No doubt the GBC’s minutes are: Censored; Re-written several times to edit out what might make them look bad; Made more palatable for the masses; And most of what goes on remains private since there is no doubt a lot of political strategy sessions for holding onto power at all costs. They self-evidently really did not care if tens of thousands of people leave, they only wanted the money and the property all along and that is still all they care about. Its sad to say this, but they are apparently corrupt to the bone, by all evidence and appearances, by their devious actions, and by their lack of concern for ISKCON and its citizens. Trivrikrama swami said to me at Rathayatra, the most shocking thing to him was — that I was still alive after writing the way I do, in other words, he was sad that no one had bumped me off by now and got rid of their worst case squeaky wheel problem. Trivrikrama’s main concern was, why are the people who expose us still alive (read: can’t we fix that somehow)? Hee hee, well Krishna kept us alive anyway, it seems Krishna does not take orders from them so He kept us alive. Basically, they are like school yard bullies, and when you run from the school yard bullies, they take your lunch money the next day too, either you fight back, or you get bullied the next day as well. Personally, I’d rather fight and maybe get beat to death, than to not fight and have to hand over my lunch money every day. Live free or die, yes, I’d rather die. ys pd

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