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Gaura Govinda folks exchange 03/03/12


Well, you are, at least, right on one point. The acarya doesn't need to be voted in; neither should he be subjected to the approval of some conditioned souls.

[PADA: OK, so you are agreeing with me. The whole idea that there is going to be an acharya board of 11 condiditoned souls who dictate to the acharyas, vote in the acharyas, and over-ride the acharyas is foolish. Moreover we also knew that they had homosexual and other deviant tendencies. Why was I saying this is foolish and GGM was getting voted in by that bogus sabha?]

*** But our ISKCON Movement is still at its pioneering stage and was certainly even more so, 30 or 40 years back.

[PADA: No, this has nothing to do with pioneering. This is an eternal principle, Srila Prabhupada could not have appointed 11 successor who were conditioned souls, because conditioned souls cannot be acharyas. No acharya has ever appointed conditioned souls as acharyas and you are making an offense to Srila Prabhupada to imply he was so blind he appointed conditioned souls as acharyas. Moreover, he had just said in January 1977 they are not fit for sannyasa, why would he say they are gurus on May 28th 1977? Sorry this means you appointed the 11 as gurus.]

*** So, there were different phases in guruship within ISKCON. After many of the 11 first so called "zonal acaryas" had already been exposed and it had been made clear that they were not 11 pure devotees, the protest Movement grew within ISKCON and it became clear that these 11 who were still strong at the time, had to unlock the situation, so as to also be able to maintain themselves, somehow or other...

[PADA: I unlocked the situation right at the start, conditioned souls cannot be gurus. And Srila Prabhupada was not a conditioned soul so he did not make the mistake of appointing conditioned souls as gurus. There is no such thing as "different phases of guruship," this is not mentioned anywhere. There is no such thing as acharya board, zonal gurus, homosexual tendency gurus, etc. you people are making all this up. The reason all this became clear is that we started to expose it right at the start. I got booted out of ISKCON for challenging the 11, this means you are right, I woke up right at the start and you folks were all asleep and it took you years to realize this was a hoax. Except even in 1993 GGM was propping up the hoax by saying hoax meister Tamal needs to stay, the founder of Andy Warhol sampradaya has to stay. That means he was still propping up the bogus appointment idea.]

*** So, they and the GBC as a whole, gradually allowed some other devotees to become guru... It is not that they necessarily decided that someone was fit, in the sense that he was recognized as an uttama adhikari... But, at least, he was not declared unfit, for some known obvious reasons...

[PADA: OK, so the first wave of deviants "decided" that other deviants were gurus. Where is this mentioned in the Vedas, that the first wave of non-appointed gurus who are falling down are going to vote in the next wave of gurus by appointing them? Some deviants recognized some others as uttama, but most of them turned out to be more deviants like Vipramukhya, Pritu, Atreya, Rohini Kumar, and many others who were bogus. So they were not appointed themselves, and they appointed others? Where is this found in shastra? The first wave was not appointed because Srila Prabhupada had said he was not going to appoint the next leader, and moreover they were not qualified. So this means you are accepting that they are qualified to appoint gurus, simultaneous, you say they are bogus because they are falling left, right and center? You cannot have it both ways?]

*** In this way, Srila Gour Govinda Maharaja was authorized in 1985 to become guru... He didn't set up this system. Srila Prabhupada did set up the GBC and, up until now, the GBC Body has taken up, as one of its prerogatives, to filter candidates to guruship and allow them or not, to perform that seva...

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada did not appoint any gurus. He said they are not fit for sannyasa, how can they be gurus? You said yourself they had homosexual tendency, why are you saying those with homosexual tendency are the appointed gurus in the parampara? Srila Prabhupada did not set this up, he did not appoint gurus, he did not say the GBC could appoint gurus, you made up this system and you attributed it to him. This is a serious offense to Srila Prabhupada, you are saying he appointed fools as gurus and he wanted these fools to vote in more fools as acharyas. No, you folks wanted that, he never "set this up" -- you folks did!]

*** Thta's the way it works, and any devotee, be he really fit to become guru, has to go through that process of approval, before he can perform this seva.

[PADA: Where does Srila Prabhupada "set up" this guru by votes system? Where is this guru by votes system found in our parampara? Why are you saying people with homosexual tendency can vote in acharyas?]

*** At least, it may avoid some grossly unfit candidates to climb their way up to that level, for obviously wrong reasons... Still, the process of approval, or non disapproval, has proven to be fallible, as per the judgement of conditioned souls!

[PADA: The 11 were known to be fallible right at the start, because I was in UK when Jayatirtha was smoking pot, having illicit sex, and the GBC re-instated him as guru. And kicked me out for protesting. This was known to everyone, that the GBC was making illicit sex and drugs into acharyas. This was known, and then Ramesvara wanted to resign (he liked to hang out with the little girls in his guru school) and so on, all this was known right out of the box. How can these people be gurus?]

*** Besides that, you keep raving on and on, about the fact Srila Gour Govinda Maharaja didn't do what you had asked him to do at the time.... But, everyone has a choice, right? Plus you were not an authority over Srila Gour Govinda Maharaja to be in a position to impose him to do anything.

[PADA: Well he never did the right thing, he re-instated Tamal when everyone knew Tamal was bogus. He was voted in when they re-instated Bhavananda, he went along with them and told me he was going along with them. So yes, that was his choice.]

*** So, at the time, when he became guru in 1985, plus GBC member in 1986, the zonal acarya system was over... Other devotees had been allowed to initiate even before Srila Gour Govinda Maharaja... So, why do you insist on trying to make him a supporter of a handful pedophile or homosexual so called "acaryas"...?

[PADA: The GBC still gives gurus zones even today? Look at the GBC reports, GBC are assigned zones even now. Please do not lie to me! And the fact is, he was cooperating, tolerating and working with them, and he was writing papers for them. Who are the them? The promoters of the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children, that is who he was cooperating with.]

*** When Srila Gour Govinda Maharaja came to the West for the first time in 1985, after he had been allowed to perform the seva of guru and been able to initiate a number of devotees in Orissa, who had been waiting for years to become his disciples, when asked about Bhagavan das (before his fall), he told the story of the "blue jackal", which you may know, which illustrates the fact that pretenders will, sooner or later, be exposed and will have to leave their post...

[PADA: Bhagavan was one of the people who kicked me out. Anyway, eventually after thousands of children were molested, people were beaten and killed, the movement was destroyed, then eventually this became known, the problem is GGM should have helped me try to save all these victims way before they became victims by joining my protest in 1978. Why is he waiting for thousands of kids to get molested and so on? Baffling.]

*** So, I guess that if you so kindly wish, you open your jaws and release the offensive bite against such a pure saddhu as Srila Gour Govinda Maharaja... That will do you good, and will be conducive for your spiritual progress and even your salavation, as Vaishnava aparadha is a definite and permanent obstacle, on one's way back home back to Godhead...

[PADA: I do not consider the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children as acharyas to be vaishnava, nor do I consider those who are compromised with it to be vaishnava, nor is there any record in the Vedas of any vaishnava cooperating with these sorts of deviants.]

*** I am sure that you have better things to do that just try and release your frustrations and anger over him, all the more when he is not physically present anymore... If not, that will be the end of our conversation...

Hare Krishna

Das dasanudasa
Puskaraksa das


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