Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mayapura: Not Very Safe For Devotees?

SD: Recently an older devotee was repeatedly stabbed here in Mayapur. Sadhu das from Argentina was attacked five five goondas sent by a so-called devotee to kill him. Sadhu prabhu is recovering in a Kolkata hospital. The culprits have been arrested. Unfortunately Mayapur is becoming more and more like a ghetto and the land mafia is prospering. Very unsafe place at the moment.


PADA: We also heard that some pilgrims' riding on a bus were attacked, going to Mayapura. Then again a woman was killed in Vrndavana in order to take over her property. Yep, post-1977 ISKCON has become a haven for criminals, and this attracts more criminals, etc. Meanwhile, the building in Mayapura is not hardly being built since they are using the money to sue us. That means, the GBC gurus are not going to spend money to increase the security over there.  

A CNN news woman recently did a segment on their International news broadcast, how she was groped and fondled by a large group of men while making a news program over there. She was shocked that no one was helping her. In sum, it seems that travel safety in India is deteriorating. And it seems the GBC guru program has no apparent interest or ability to improve the safety of its pilgrims. Then again, there are those who say some of these GBC gurus are in cahoots with local India thugs, gangs and MAFIA guys over there. Anyway, a bit of caution should be used while making a pilgrimage over there. ys pd  


  1. Mayapur has become INCREDIBLY dangerous. There is widespread corruption both inside and outside ISKCON.

    There are a lot of bogus apartments there that will steal your money, kick you out of your own house, and if you protest, they will make a false charge against you and get you arrested.

    And the apartment owners are all at war with each other, a few months ago, some indian apartment owner planted a bomb outside of the house of another apartment owner and it made a big explosion, luckily no one was killed. This happened near Sadhu dasa's apartment near the Polyclinic.

    By now, 99 percent of western devotees have left Mayapur, as they are not stupid enough to stay there. The only people still dumb enough to stay there are the uneducated local bengali villagers and a few Russians/South Americans. Otherwise, Mayapur is becoming a ghost town, both inside and outside the ISKCON property.

    I don't recommend anyone travelling there anymore, it's simply too dangerous and corrupt, both inside and out. It is supposed to be the holiest of holy places, but it's become a hell on earth, especially for all of those poor young gurukulis that are still trapped in the gurukula system there. God help them.

  2. "Then again, there are those who say some of these GBC gurus are in cahoots with local India thugs, gangs and MAFIA guys over there."

    The "local indian thugs and mafia" guys ARE ISKCON's members. There are so many local bengali villagers who have been initiated by Jayapataka, and at least 50 percent of them are very corrupt people. So it's not that ISKCON's leaders are associated with the local mafia, the local mafia IS ISKCON's members and leaders. There is no different between the two. ISKCON is running a criminal cartel in Mayapur.

  3. Just found this on the following site:

    "Ricardo Antonio being taken to a Kolkata based private hospital from Saktinagar district hospital on Friday night. Reicardo, a Argentine National and a Iskcon devotee was attacked by armed miscreants at his rented apartment located at Gournagar colony near Iskcon campus. The miscreants hacked him at random creating ten deep injuries over a contention with another local Iskcon devotee identified as Manik Das over a land dealing and pending house rent. Police have arrested Manik and three hired miscreant who were engaged to launch the attack."

    So while the other articles did not name the person whom Sadhu was in conflict with, this one did, and it sounds like the name of a local bengali. Does anyone know who this "Manik das" is?

    The Gournagar area which houses a few large apartment buildings, there's been a few corrupt dealings going on there with the local bengalis who rent apartments to western devotees and then extort money from them, and if the western devotee refuses to pay, the local bengalis will either make a false case against them, or have them attacked by thugs.

    Living INSIDE the ISKCON campus property is no better either. Many devotees prefer to live outside of the ISKCON property because there are a lot less politics to deal with. But then you have to deal with the local criminal bengalis. Either way, Mayapur is not a safe place at all.

  4. Ah, found a full description here.

    It names everyone involved in the case, including the thugs who did the attack. Please post this and make it known far and wide.

  5. His name is Mahabandhu. He is in Jail now.
    Mayapur is a safe place as long as you live simple like Srila Prabhupada wanted us to live.

  6. Please describe 'simple' for the benefit of readers here and perhaps for the gurus, GBC's benefit, too? Seems the definition of 'simple living and high thinking' has changed over the years. Now it's get what you can by hook or crook, no pun intended! And don't give a hoot for all the humble peons who work day and night to provide these Iskcon leaders with their high falooting castles, vehicles and flights around the world. Where are the farms that Srila Prabhupada wanted to house his devotees and followers? Name one that you would live on and recommend to your own family that's safe and fair to all, not just 'Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others." (quote from the book, Animal Farm)

  7. This is why I finally got it clear that Jesus is the real savior of the world and truely the image of the invisible God by whom we are all saved if we will reallized we have all been seduced by deceiving spirits imitating the true God.Jesus taught that a good tree does not produce bad fruit and bad tree does not produce good fruit. Good pious sincere devotees are serving the wrong God and look what fruit is dropping from such a corrupt tree that is deceptively taught to us to be so wonderful

    [PADA: Dear Gaura hari prabhu, you have been a ritvik, a Christian, a promoter of Naryana Maharaja, an attacker of NM, a promoter of Radhanath, and now a person who says Jesus is the only way, can you just get on one path and stick to it for more than two weeks? ys pd]

  8. krishna1008, is most probably right. The Jesus is sent to teach peoples to become good peoples - to develop divine character and not to become a yogis like Lord Krishna is teaching Arjuna how to become a Yogi. But Arjuna was very very religious man before he was advised by Lord Krishna to become a Yogi (that's the best platform He says). But we are not very very religious like Arjuna was I think. For example how many religious rules do we truly follow and for how long? Only 4 which is very funny. No smoking, no sex out of marriage, no meat eating, no gambling (thought who is gambling at all? - that rule is very funny should be replaced with some more serious rule I think). So the point is that unless we following some decent religious rules/principles we can not develop divine character under no conditions. Simply by following 4 rules is theoretically impossible to develop good character and allow peoples to call you good man and God to be proud of you. More rules better. It means my Krishna child will later after following 4 religious rules still lying, cheating and be very proud... :), but he will certainly not eat meat and not gamble and sometimes will have sex out of marriage because he will unknowingly associate with some bogus brahmacari (I'm lightly joking)...
    It is the truth that no one truly realized the importance of proper religious rules/principles into detail... """To make newborns good citizens and develop divine character to not trouble neither humans neither animals or even bugs and become candidates for elevation to higher existence -> other planets including spiritual world."""
    The King was first very religious person to understand this clearly and the citizens of his kingdom had to follow this religious rules as government rules. Over a time the real King was gone and so the real religious rules/principles were gone. The rules like to not kill or to not cheat this rules remained all over the world and are considered punishable offense. It seems when the King was gone the proper religious principles/rules were gone also and newborns developing bad character/demoniac and society is degrading surely...
    The newly established religious institutions are mostly funny ones. Yet the God is one and is probably arranging to make fixes to this issue soon in the future I believe... More religious rules we follow better quality man we become the way God is proud of me that I'm such a good man and good man is recognized by the good actions only. That is what is important that we become HQ humans so the God will like us and arrange some higher fortune for us. That I believe personally very much. And what I like to see of the man are his good qualities. This is what makes a person spiritually attractive - good qualities seen/realized....
    I my self I was quite lost spiritually lost but I think now-days the best is to take best of all religious rules found around and follow what is possible and not become violent in no sense... That's it. Oh I forgot to mention - there was King rule also to not pretend or imitate under no circumstance now this rule was gone and world is full of GURU and science teachers who as usually knows all about and make their own books of truth which denies previous one for sure :), if King do not allow pretending imitating who would perform this abusive behavior today? No one since they are affraid of dangerous King... hehehe.....

    My self: searching for the point or """oooo God why did you put me into such a strange circumstance? please give me some answer at least???!""" Thank you for reading and time. Just a tought....

  9. Is there any safe place to live in Mayapura? How much does it cost in US dollars to stay in Mayapura for one month?

  10. Mayapur is perfect. Crybabies are not willing to accept their karma. Of course you always should use your intelligence when making a decision. As always, not a blade of grass moves without the will of the Lord. The thing is to figure out where the blade actually moves since the true self, the spirit soul, is kuta stha, fixed.


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