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Sruta Kirti Knew GBC Not Qualified for Guru the Whole Time?

Sruta Kirti dasa


PADA: Lots of other God brothers also knew what was going on, and they were also part of the "silent majority". That is why various victims (including abuse victims) called this "The Conspiracy of Silence."


[PADA: I do not have a copy of his actual book. Hopefully this is an accurate part of his diary which someone sent me:]
(Sruta Kirti diary, Tuesday, March 20, 2012)

Sruta kirti dasa: "The mood was very sombre and intense. I've already described how he asked his disciples not to touch his feet saying, 'By their touching my feet I have to suffer. They may not be trying to achieve some goal by touching my feet, still the spiritual master has to suffer by accepting their sinful reactions.' 

[PADA: That means people like Sruta Kirti knew that we should NOT allow the GBC's neophytes to be gurus and take sins, because they will have suffer reactions, as they are suffering. Why would he not alert the GBC gurus to avoid taking that post, knowing they would have to suffer badly if they did?

Why was this point not brought out by him at the start in 1978? 

And a number of these "gurus" also went criminally insane and psychotic, and that created: mass purges of the devotees, assorted mayhem, crimes, lawsuits, police raids and all sorts of public media scandals for the ISKCON society, which means allowing them to become overwhelmed with sins enabled all this madness to occur.]

Now Srila Prabhupada said things to me that I did not comprehend. It was very disturbing. The words cut through my heart.

He mentioned it to me on two separate occasions during his illness saying, 'One of my disciples is simply waiting -- when will the old man die so that I can become guru.' I could not believe what I was hearing.

I never imagined that day that Srila Prabhupada would not be with us. I was young and naive and thought Srila Prabhupada would be with us until he was 100 years old. Thoughts of his being gone and others giving initiation had never been a subject of conversation. He sat up in his bed and looking at me said, "This illness is because EIGHTY PERCENT OF THE LEADERS ARE NOT FOLLOWING."

[PADA: There is a leader within the society who hates me so much, he wants me to die so he can REPLACE me, take over, and become the guru. And that leader helped make a program of making many others into false gurus, which spread the problem all over the society. 

That means, the person who hated Srila Prabhupada so much he wanted him to die, was then made the guru of ISKCON and leader of the GBC sabha. And we are surprised at the subsequent results of scandals, banning, beating, molesting, police raids, lawsuits and bad media? 

And if the leaders are 80 percent not following then they are collectively zero percent qualified to be gurus. Why was none of this brought out in 1978? Sitting on this information enabled, empowered and allowed the guru take over process. So we think the people who enabled this are going to join in the collective karma of facilitating this entire karmic ball of wax, and self evident betrayal, if not intentional poisoning, of the pure devotee of Krishna. ys pd]  

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