Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Jayapataka speaks on Karma Question

Self appointed karma vacuum cleaner, Jayapataka swami 


Its implications:

Question: Hare Krsna guru maharaj, 

Maharaj said: Accepted. 

If someone eats remnants of my food does my bhakti go to that person? No matter how much I try to avoid, usually someone eats or drinks from my plate. Is my bhakti lost? Kajal Srivastava

HH: Kajal Srivastava – one way you can avoid having people eat from your plate, don’t leave any remnants! Eat everything! Or when they are serving out don’t accept more than you can eat! If you do then you are asking for it for people to take your remnants. 

Eating remnants means they give you their karma and take your good qualities. So if you have any bhakti as good quality, then they may share that. If they have any sins, they give you, free! You are very merciful! The guru is supposed to give remnants, but the other devotees, they eat all their prasadam.

Excerpt from yesterday's class by HH Jayapataka Swami.

[PADA: Wow! So Jayapataka started a process of offering bhogha to conditioned souls, in fact -- his illicit sex and drugs conditioned souls acharyas, and he claimed that is "prasadam." OK its not prasadam, it remains bhogha. And if the bhogha then takes on the qualities of the people its offered to, then that means his bhogha is infused with material contamination, since its being offered to people full of such contamination.  

That also means -- JPS is co-responsible for making hundreds of thousands of people around the world eat bhogha and not prasadam. Its interesting that he understands that the guru takes karma, and he is taking a boat load from tens of thousands of people. So this is why these false gurus go to the lowest regions, they are surrounded on the subtle plane with a huge dark cloud of sins they have taken from their followers. This acts like a stone weight that takes them down to the bottom of the universe -- at the time of death ... 

Did I forget to mention -- a lot of these GBC gurus are getting sick, falling down, and dying from taking karma? One devotee said in fact -- its an epidemic of their falling down, getting sick and dying in their camp.

OK! ONLY the guru is supposed to give remnants, but suppose he is not qualified to be guru? And suppose he is then giving people his remnants? And suppose he is doing that massively, by people offering the bhogha to him? Then he is taking massive karma. And these false guru will then have to -- suffer. Agreed! ys pd]  

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