Sunday, July 28, 2019

Conversation About ISKCON Children (w / Comment Update) VIDEO

[PADA: An ex-child victim of the abuse said that no one was helping them, including often the parents themselves, and that is what lead to them having a sour attitude. Yep, many parents and people like Mukunda UK etc. told me to keep a lid on my protest of the abuse, they wanted to silence us dissenters and keep status quo. 

So it was a conspiracy of silence on one level, of course some folks were not silent, they defended the regime. A victim also wrote to tell me that when the victims see people like Radhanath being glorified, its re-victimizing them. Anyway, a victim says there is a special place in hell for all those involved in this abuse regime, and we would be in sympathy with that victim. ys pd] 


  1. Yes, Pratyatosa's wife is Urmila, she was one of the in charge people of the gurukula administration apparently. He has not fully understood all the ramifications of all this, but at least he felt bad that all this molesting was going on and he felt compelled to take action. Even Mukunda agrees there was a lot of molesting going on, but Mukunda was the first person to really publicly defend the molesting in 1998, which shocked many victims then (and still shocks some people now). ys pd

  2. Many ex-child victims said that they appreciate that we gave their cause "a voice." One of the reasons there was a growing suicide problem, and a problem with a number of cases of ex-youth drugs, illicit sex, and other desperate "bad" behaviors is, the ex-children were suffering badly and "no one cared" was the common complaint. So as a group they deteriorated and sort of fell down behavior-wise, and then how did you guess, they were even more shunned, cast out, unwanted and "useless" if not despised, because they were not able to follow the religion, or worse they blamed the religion for their abuse. So it was a downward spiralling process. Some parents even told their children that if they signed up for some financial relief in the court case, they would be dis-owned etc. so there was a lot of pressure not to complain. Then Narayan Maharaja said, the children are just getting their own karma and so on, in sum there was no one really taking responsibility for the damage. The Dallas court case was the only way to even put the issue on the map, and it did. All of a sudden everyone was talking about "the child abuse problem" when previously it was not even being noticed. A number of ex-youth still have problems adjusting to life after this mess, and a few of them that we know started eating meat, some of them got into serious drugs, and of course there was the suicide process. In short, the society failed these children. So when the courts have to save your children from your society, there is a big problem. That many of the leaders of the abuse regime like Jayapataka, Radhanath etc are still big leaders means, ISKCON has not learned much from all this. ys pd


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