Monday, July 22, 2019

No Girl Babies Reported in 132 Villages of India

PADA: Yes, there are places where there are mostly males -- and hardly any females -- due to aborting of the female fetus. More than a few devotee ladies told me the result is: this sometimes produces extra sexually frustrated males. They know they will never find a female mate because there are not enough of them to go around. They said its sometimes a little creepy to be in certain places where there are mainly men and few women. 

Worse! Some of them are then attacking women viciously, which accounts for the groping / teasing / rape problem. And more than a few of the men are turning to homosexuality. In other words, they think they are getting rid of one problem, but its producing other problems. Never mind the karma of aborting the babies. So this is a big problem overall for India / Bharat Varsha, they are supposed to be setting the standards for good behavior, and instead its deteriorating. ys pd  

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