Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Jaden Smith's Vegan Food Truck Feeds L.A. Homeless

[PADA: OK some devotees say, "hey, feeding people is mundane social work." Well fine, but Srila Prabhupada said devotees are actually supposed to feed people free prasadam in various venues. And nowadays, its not being done hardly anywhere in the USA, and even then -- often not regularly but rarely. We used to give out free cookies, sweet balls, maybe samosas, at college campuses in the old days, but hey why continue something -- that works good and people really like it? 

He also wanted our own farms and restaurants etc. Personally, I think feeding people free prasadam is something devotees might WANT TO TRY anyway, just to get back into the good books of the public and improve the broken down image of the devotees. 

Anyway, free vegetarian food is evidently a popular hit topic, and its too bad we are not getting much credit for it. Meanwhile, people like Jaden Smith are getting credit for helping others. And giving them healthy food is actually helping them better than most other types of "help" the homeless get.]   

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