Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein's A-List Pals Distance Themselves

[PADA: Of course the ex-associates of Jeffrey Epstein will now try to make it look like they never knew the guy. That shows at least some integrity and remorse. 

Except with the GBC, they instead make their known sexual predator gurus like Kirtanananda into some sort of big messiahs, and place him in a worshipful samadhi. And they make that predator's regime's leaders the "new wave of managers" like Kuladri, Devamrita, Umapati, Tapah Punja, and of course Radhanath swami. Instead of distancing themselves from these deviants, they place them in samadhis to be worshiped as they also did with porno swami Gunagahi. 

At the same time, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta was very sad when a person fell victim to the "arrows of cupid" and overall illusions of Maya, and he had become fallen being allured by illicit sex attraction. This attraction even happens to neophyte spiritual aspirants. After taking birth in 8,400,000 species of life we evolve to the human platform, only to go back to "animal - like" illicit sex attraction and that is very sad for everyone involved, including Krishna who is not very happy when His children go astray from the path of following His orders. 

So apparently, its simply another person getting shot by cupid's arrows and falling back into the material pool of repeated birth and death in the bigger picture of things.  

In this case, there was apparently a whole webs and nests empire going on of having a number of young girls fed over to Mr. Epstein's lusty program. If true, that means there were a lot of other folks implicated in his crimes, and that is why some have said he was running a sort of "cult" of exploiting young girls. There was a large scale network of webs and nests involved here, and its now surfacing that a lot of other people at least knew in theory this was going on since his airplane was called "the lolita express" and so forth.

In other words, others would be implicated from the point of view that some may have directly helped recruit victims. Some of his helpers perhaps suppressed victims and witnesses, and / or threatened them with lawsuits or worse if they exposed this process. 

Others were evidently simply idle witnesses who were in knowledge of the crimes but they did not speak up out of fear of reprisals, social rejection, or money they might lose from businesses they were doing with the regime. Others maybe knew "something was off" but they did not want to "make waves" and so on. If any of this sounds familiar, it is. These same patterns evolved in the ISKCON society, which created its own webs and nests of sexual exploiting of minors using similar patterns. 

So we should all learn from this, here is what happens when these type things are overlooked, if not enabled and empowered. ys pd 


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