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Bhakta Peter / Kamsahanta / ISKCON God brothers / The Kauravas

(Prahlad's pal) Bhakta Peter: Too bad PADA is a pathological liar, he has his facts all twisted up and makes up stories about people for some reason. He basically shoots himself in the foot. Its hard for people to take him seriously when they reserach what he says and discovers his claims are fact and fiction mixed together. Yes, the info about the bogus gurus is correct, but so many other things are not right. 

So many details about what happened in the past all wrong. Call Kamsahanta on the phone and talk to him yourself if you want.... Kamsahanta himself has pointed out many of your errors and holes in your stories. We have concluded you are on the payroll of Bangalore / Madhu bandit program or possibly even the FBI. I know they wont pay more then a couple hundred dollars a week... a cheap price to sell out.

[PADA: Thanks Bhakta Peter. Kamsahanta simply mirrors what many of my other God brothers had said about me for quite some time, i.e. that our complaints about: (A) The bogus appointed acharya's program, (B) the child molesting, (C) the changed books, (D) the poison issue and (E) the exploiting women process and etc. are "all fabricated lies." Its what the false guru's program's helpers, including many of my God brothers, had said almost the whole time.

Meanwhile this begs the question, since many senior brothers of ours knew way more than us about the excesses if not deviations of "gurus" like Hansadutta, Kirtanananda, Bhagavan, Bhavananda, Harikesha, Tamal and so on, why didn't our other senior brothers come out and protest as soon as these people sat in Srila Prabhupada's vyasa seat? Why did they sit around and wait for us to say something in public about all this, years after the fact? And where were Kamsahanta and some of these other "brother" folks when me and Sulochana were the main visible public protest (according to the police and media). 

My senior God brother Naranarayan das wrote about all the horrible things he knew about Kirtanananda from the 1960s recently, ok why was this not brought out in 1978 when it could have squashed these gurus, and saved a lot of people from a lot of grief, never mind all the police raids, lawsuits, bad publicity, murders and etc.?    

The good news? At this point, a number of these God brothers have recanted and told me -- they made a mistake supporting this process. Yes, there are STILL various compromised types, odds and ends hold outs here and there, who are attacking me even today, ok fine. 

As for Kamsahanta, he (and a number of similar ilk God brothers) were against my idea of suing the GBC over the changed books. Kamsahanta said this would upset his plan to "make a deal over the books" with the GBC. In short, Kamsahanta and many other brothers did not even understand the significance of having original books, never mind  other important things. And they also mistakenly thought the GBC would act reasonably on this and many other issues.

The good news? Many of our God brothers have now said, we are right, the changed books issue is a HUGE deviation and even -- an aparadha to Srila Prabhupada. Many God brothers, like Kamsahanta, have meanwhile had no plan AT ALL for saving these books, and they still do not. They simply did what most of the Gaudiya Matha's rank and file did, they left and did not help defend the mission, the books, the children ... or anything else.    

Then, Kamsahanta (and a number of other God brothers) were even more upset at our addressing the child molesting issue. Kamsahanta and Krishna Kanta (and ilk) said this was going to make us "lose buildings" over the expense of the lawsuit. That means Kamsahanta (and many other God brothers) wanted to toss children into a wood chipper to "save" their precious buildings program from an expense burden (buildings where the molester messiahs program will be worshiped?). 

Kamsahanta's pal Prahlad even quotes Krishna Kanta's complaints about the lawsuit, because self-evidently they wanted the molesting of children process to continue. So children have to suffer and maybe even die, so you folks can save -- some bricks and stones buildings? People have no value, money and assets do? Why are you any different than the GBC's process? I worship, a brick?

So Kamsahanta and his ilk apparently worship money, bricks and stones. Or what? Did I forget to mention that due to so many God brothers dragging their feet on these issues, this why it went to court in the first place? These God brothers should have banded together with us and resolved this deviation themselves -- AGES -- before it came to court. 

Oh forsooth! Our biggest fear is, the molester messiahs program will not have a place to be worshiped? Thus, people are expendable, even children can be tossed into a wood chipper. Children can all suffer terribly to maintain Kamsahanta and associates' bricks and stones empire? That is how you people gave Krishna a bad name, having this anti-children attitude was eventually exposed in the public.

This is essentially also what happened in the Gaudiya Matha too, at least according to Srila Prabhupada, the leaders kicked out devotees and then the leaders "fought over the bricks and stones." The suffering citizens no longer really mattered, what matters most is -- the material assets. And Kamsahanta ilk wants to help these bogus leaders in their fight for the bricks and stones?

Did I forget to mention, we cannot take our precious bricks and stones wealth with us in our next life? Yep! All kinds of our devotee associates told me the same thing, well prabhu, sure there is a molesting program, but we cannot lose -- our bricks and stones? OK the children are expendable. Save the buildings! And! Let the children inside the buildings get burnt to toast. Is that human society? Why are our brothers like Kamsahanta with that agenda, at all?

And now, they are upset someone had hundreds of children pulled out of their agenda? Why has Kamsahanta and ilk wanted the hundreds of kids that we helped get pulled out of these "GBC managed programs" -- be forced -- to stay in that situation? And why is Peter apparently with that agenda alongside them?

And then Kamsahanta said he was going to physically restrain me from going out to introduce the poison issue. He was standing at my door blocking me from leaving. OK, he was worried "we are going to lose some buildings" if this issue surfaces, especially in India. So he does not even want justice for his guru's poison complaint, and worse, he wants the poisoners to have nice buildings where they will be worshiped. Worse, he and other brothers are acting as  goondas to stop me from exposing the poison complaint. Or what? 

They want Judas to have a nice building to be worshiped in? And Peter, you are with that process? Yep, many other brothers told me the same thing, sure prabhu, there is a poison complaint, but if we forward that -- we will lose our bricks and stones, the India government will seize the buildings. Justice for the guru's complaint is not important, the bricks and stones are?  

As for the Bangalore folks, over the past years various of their congregation members have been video chat and writing me -- saying they are agreeing with PADA on: (A) The bogus acharya's program, (B) the child molesting, (C) the changed books, (D) the poison issue and (E) the exploiting women process and etc. And they are helping others understand some of this information. Yep, whenever people are waking up, Kamsahanta and ilk wants them to go back to sleep. 

Why does Kamsahanta want people to stop, and sit around like a hermit as he is doing, and not be educating other people on these issues? What is he even doing to educate others? And then the HKC Jaipur where Kamsahanta hangs out sends me links to listen to Bhakta das, a huge cheer leader of the GBC gurus. OK Bhakta das is another God brother who supports the Kauravas.  

And Bangalore folks created a wonderful temple here, and in New Jersey and they are branching to Boston now. What are my other big important God brothers doing? What is Kamsahanta doing? Oh he is hanging out in India, hiding from the boogey man GBC, and so are many other brothers? What good does that do for the universe? 

Krishna Balaram Deities Sunnyvale

As soon as Kamsahanta ilk sees that we have a temple here where thousands of people come for Janmasthami to worship Srila Prabhupada and Krishna, he is at once angry and envious. Why is that? Yes Bangalore program has faults, so did ISKCON the whole time Srila Prabhupada was here, but the overall process of making temples and getting people to worship Krishna was determined to be a success -- by Srila Prabhupada.

So anyone who agrees with our points is a deviant, and that means, this is protecting the evil doers. Why is Kamsahanta so upset that people are agreeing with our points, and there are thousands of people coming to chant the holy name here and see the deity of Srila Prabhupada and Krishna? OK he wanted to have everyone stay in illusion and not wake up. That means, he is siding with the evil doers, and he has de facto sided with them all along. 

Worse, he is envious that people are coming to worship Srila Prabhupada and Krishna here, he is against having such a process. What makes Kamsahanta different that Tamal, who also did not want us to have a program? 

As for me working with the FBI? Well yes, I had to go to them to be saved from my illusioned God brother's, i.e. Kamsahanta program, because -- their program has been trying to have me killed. The IRM says that our forwarding these issues is bogus, hello -- same thing the GBC says! Defending the GBC over the poison issue can get people like us KILLED, as "offenders." And that is what some of these God brothers have done to me, trying to discredit what is really a poison complaint FROM SRILA PRABHUPADA. Its NOT my complaint!

To sum:

*** Many God brothers became self-appointed gurus.

*** Many God brothers went along with the self-appointed guru deviation, and they dragged their children into that imbroglio.

*** The self appointed gurus also went off to the Gaudiya Matha, and made a mass exodus from ISKCON to people like Sridhara Maharaja, and many of our brothers went along with that deviation alongside the GBC, and they dragged their children into this mess.

*** Many other brothers ran off to another GBC guru cheer leader, Narayana Maharaja, and they dragged their children into their process of worshiping the biggest cheer leader of the sex with taxi driver's guru parampara.

*** Many other brothers ran off to babajis and who knows what else.

*** Many other brothers started taking intoxicants and watching football.

*** Other brothers became henchmen of the GBC's gurus and they wanted to have me assassinated just as badly as the GBC's worst case "disciples."

*** Many brothers painted me and Sulochana as isolated cranks, to demonize us to get us killed. (It worked).

*** Many brothers (ok Kamsahanta types) thought we could make a compromise deal with the GBC's gurus, and that influenced Krishna Kanta to be in the illusion that this is possible. So the IRM / Kamsahanta crew told me the GBC agreed to pay for me to go live in a beach hotel in the Caribbean and go on a permanent vacation. I'd be sitting on the beach drinking coconut juice and they would pay me to live there, as long as I stopped writing. And the IRM / Kamsahanta guys thought that was a great plan.

OK I'd very likely be killed if I went off to live on the beach in the Caribbean. These God brothers of mine are very naive. Even the police told me that I would be in grave danger from these people. OK! Even the mundane men crew of people are often way smarter than a lot of my brothers, at least on these issues, and that is all there is to it. 

Now if Kamsahanta has direct evidence some of our articles are wrong, fine, he needs to tell us which specific articles he objects to and we can try to fix that. For him to say I have to call him up to find out what the issues are is very silly, he needs to make a specific written and detailed account of what needs to be fixed and why, then we can deal with it. 

To simply say, this PADA guy is a liar, with no way for me to even defend myself without knowing the specifics, is exactly how Tamal and the GBC goondas deal with me for decades. "This guy is a liar," why is Kamsahanta behaving exactly like them? And now he has joined a number of our ex-pat brothers living like a hermit crab hiding out in India.

OK that means he cannot make a nice temple here, or in New Jersey or anywhere else like the Bangalore people are doing. He is simply unable to help others advance to Krishna with a nice temple and program. Srila Prabhupada said he wanted things to be done in the West, and we should not hang out in India except for short periods. 

In any case, lets see what Kamsahanta's problem is. I have honestly no idea what he is objecting to since, he has not even got the decency to inform us. As one ex-kuli says, these people just sit around yapping behind other people's back like a bunch of gossiping old grand mothers. And to say that I am being paid by the FBI and all that -- is simply another example of how you gossiping grand mothers behave.  

A newer bhakta wrote to tell me, my God brothers who did not help our program of protest are just like the Kauravas. They ALL had a duty to speak out and defend Draupadi. That means, they ALL had a duty to help us in this protest. They often not only did not help, and worse -- a number tried in many cases to drag down our protest. That means, they are with the insulting of Draupadi party and they will have to suffer the same result as the Kauravas, they will be vanquished. That is not an opinion from us, its what other people outside the situation are seeing going on here.

ys pd


  1. krishna1008July 30, 2018 at 4:14 PM
    B A Dasi: This reminds me of Srila Prabhupada's story of the maid who polishes and dusts off the outside of the bird cage, but forgets to feed the birds inside and then the birds inside die. Way too much emphasis on money, property, power, position and so many material things. And not enough emphasis on the people inside. No wonder Srila Prabhupada told us this story, its exactly what he does not want to happen in his ISKCON. How true and how sad.


    PADA: Yes, same thing applies to the fire department, they save the people first and if the building has to be sacrificed, so be it. Ironically, despite all this effort of protection of the buildings, most of the original devotees could not live in the buildings and they had to leave. The buildings ended up being of little use to them in any case. More ironically, despite trying to save the buildings the society was sued for $400,000,000 and had to declare bankrupt, because their policy of saving the buildings and sacrificing the people eventually caught up to them. How true and how sad, exactly. ys pd

  2. Yes, this is a common problem even in the Catholic church. Abusers and sexual predators etc. are often not reported so as to "save the mother church." Thus GBC's folks / Krishna Kanta's IRM folks / Kamsahanta / Prahlad das and his HKC Jaipur disciples / their guru Bhakta das / Mukunda UK and others including many God brothers are often saying "PADA is destroying ISKCON" when we object to the abuse and molesting webs and nests, false gurus, apparent poisoning of the founder, changing the books, murders and countless other deviations.

    They mistake the external shell of the institution as the actual body of the religion. Its not the main element. Its the people inside that form the institution primarily. And if institutionalized abuse,
    sexual predators, exploiting, what to speak of murders ... is facilitated, then the external shell has to be jettisoned, just like the fire fighters break down the burning down shell of the house to save the people inside.

    The external shell is always secondary consideration, the people are the primary. These "institution worship" people seem to have collectively forgot that. I call them vapu vadis, they worship a mundane body, whether a false guru or a false institution, and not the internal spiritual essence. And the result of their focus on saving the external shell is, the people inside burn to death while they try to save the building. And then the building becomes almost useless, because its an empty shell, as Lokanatha swami pointed out in 1988, the buildings have become ghost towns. So they saved, what exactly? Yes, they are saving the bird cage while the birds inside are dying, exactly as Srila Prabhupada's story points out. ys pd

  3. I agree prabhu, its very odd that (A) PADA's information is widely available; and thus PADA's info is used by: the media, TV shows, the FBI, police, Federal Marshals, a number of books, and many, many devotees.

    However (B) if we want to find Kamsahanta's "real history of ISKCON" we have to go through all sorts of hoops and hurdles to find Kamsahanta, and then call him to get the real facts, but there are no written documents, so we cannot fact check his version easily?

    If he knows the real history, why is he hiding it? And many media people told me the same thing, the fact that so many devotees are hiding info is how all of this mess was created in the first place. They should have bought out all the info and had it discussed threadbare a long time ago. Yes, the fact that we make our info public, and they are hiding info -- pretty much says it all. This is another reason the media folks told me they like to consult with me, they can readily see our writings and they tell me, our PADA version checks out as factual, while the general story they get from others is -- the false version. In other words, they cannot trust Kamsahanta's ilk and their version, that is, if they can even find this guy. Yep, hiding out, hiding info, that is what made this mess from square one. Agreed. ys pd

  4. Yes good point. Bhakta Peter, Prahlad das, Kamsahanta, HKC Jaipur and all these type folks, should quit being my "editor in chief advisor" and get together and start their own web sites and tell people the real history. Why don't they do that in all this time?

    Kamsahanta was complaining about me bringing out the poison issue, ok fine, then what is the real story on that issue? We have to find this person ourselves, call him up, and ask for the real story? Since he alone knows the real story, and we do not, why is he hiding the real story in the first place? Yes, this make no sense at all. Devotees are suffering all over the place due to ignorance of the real history, and these guys alone know the real facts, but they are not liberating the real facts for the benefit of others.

    Or what? Anyway, that means our version goes forward de facto, since they are not presenting a better version? Yep, makes no sense at all. They alone have the real facts, but they are hiding the real facts? And that is what caused this whole mess in the fist place, people knew things, and they remained silent, hence the gurukuli's video about their conspiracy of silence. That is what causes criminals to prosper, when the people who know about these things do not speak up, you got it prabhu! ys pd

  5. Yep. If we want the real news, we have to find Kamsahanta who is always hiding out somewhere in Jaipur -- or who knows where, and call him up. He does not even bother to make a web site to explain to people the "real facts." So he alone knows the "real facts," but he does not help the citizens by presenting the real facts.

    So that means he does not give a hoot about helping others. Then Peter prabhu says that Prahlad is no longer promoting Hitler pada, but then Prahlad recently posts an article by Hitler pada on his blog, so they are still advertising Hitler pada. Why don't these people even know that probably at least 100 devotees have complained to me about Prahlad's Hitler pada program, telling me their linking Hitler to Krishna is giving Krishna a BAD NAME on purpose.

    So yes, first of all, they need to get their story straight, then they should tell us what it is, then we can deal with it from there.
    Did If forget to mention many kulis were already upset with these guys for saying PADA should not have stopped their abuse in the GBC's program? Why not consult some of these victims if we wanted "the real story." ys pd


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