Friday, July 27, 2018

Spanish Fork Temple Re-zoning for Commercial

Utah County Planning Department is considering a rezoning of land around and including the Krishna Temple Complex in Spanish Fork. If passed it will allow the following commercial enterprises to locate right next to the Temple as well as jam up the hitherto beautiful rural views with possible a) slaughter house b) meat packing plant c) commercial dog kennel d) mechanics shop e) shooting range f) cattle feed lot g) windmills
To date the Krishna Temple's allure has come in large part to its green rural setting, and pleasing panoramic views from the elevated property. It is the number one tourist attraction south of Provo, drawing more than 100,000 visitors and festival goers, as well as 3,000 school kids on fields trip per annum.
We the temple managers feel this zoning change will undo much of our labor of love from the past 35 years and significantly degrade the experiences of the many visitors who come here for a little peace and beauty.
If you would like to voice your objections to this change for the worse, please email the following ideally by this Friday July 27 or latest Monday July 30.
Namaste, Caru and Vai

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